Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 3 – Chapter 1

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Elf Princess

It’s been a month since my match with the student council’s president.

We are on our way to Alheim, Tina and Leaffa’s hometown.

At Ifrus Academy of Magic, students are mandated to spend a month outside the school once a year.

This is an imperative set by the Headmaster to prevent students who never set a foot outside the academy grounds from creating weird notions and prejudice, and also to allow them to experience the world.

The class decides the destination, so all’s good.

Merdie’s native place—the Land of the Beastkin

Youko’s country of birth—Far Eastern Island Country

Ryuushin and Ryuka’s home town—the Dragonoid Village

—so many options, but after drawing lots, it was decided that we will go to the Elf Kingdom Alheim.

By the way, Alheim is located considerably far from Grendale. Even if we go by magical high-speed boats, it will still take approximately 10 days to reach it. Of course, the return trip also lasts for 10 days. Because of that, we’ll only have around 10 days to stay in Alheim. It’s Tina and Leaffa’s homecoming trip, so I want to enjoy and relax as much as possible. 

I decided to take everyone in our class to Alheim via the [Teleportation Magic]. I need to set-up a circle at the destination for my magic to work, so Tina and I went to Alheim the day before the class expedition. Tina used her flight magic, and it was awesome.

Even though we were flying swiftly, there was no wind resistance at all. Tina hugged me to her chest as we flew, and I was enjoying the sensation, but before I noticed we already arrived.

I set up the formation, and then we teleported back. I asked Tina if she wanted to take it slow and relax since we’ve come all the way here, but it’ll be unfair for Leaffa, and we’ll be staying for a month starting from tomorrow, so there’s really no problem.


Today’s the first day of the class trip.

When I conjured the teleportation circle, all of my classmates froze up.

“I thought we’d ride on the boat, so I purposely learned an anti-seasick spell, but…”

Seems like I did something bad for Merdie… Ah, but maybe one day, it will still be useful.

“Well, as expected of Halt.”

“That’s right. Even Heroes seldom possess the ultra-rare skill of teleportation, but since it’s Halt we’re talking about, it’s not even that surprising, I guess.”

“That’s my Master for you!”


Everyone praised me. I’m so glad I learned how to do this teleportation magic.

Afterward, we all went through the magic circle and teleported to the top of the hill overlooking the whole Alheim.

“Whoah, what an epic tree!”

Ryuushin shouted in wonder upon seeing the massive tree that’s growing right at the center of Alheim.

“That’s Yggdrasil, the World Tree that protected this Kingdom since time immemorial.”

Leaffa proudly explained.

‘You’ve come. Welcome.

“Hmm? Who is that?”

“Halt-sama, is there anything wrong?”

While gazing at Yggdrasil, I thought I heard someone speak, but apparently, Tina and the rest did not hear it.

…Ah, well, let it be.

We headed towards Alheim. Tina wore a robe, and midway, she covered her head with the hood. Apparently, it’ll be awkward if the Elves see her in this Kingdom. Of course, Tina’s not a criminal here. It’s the opposite. She’s so famous she’s considered a legendary Heroine. If it’s known that she’s here… well, I can imagine how boisterous that would be—yeah, that’s totally possible. If that happens, we won’t be able to relax anymore. That’s why Leaffa proposed that Tina cover her face with the hood. But we still need to pass the inspection and identify ourselves in order to enter Alheim.

Will Tina still be able to pass if she covers her face?

“No need to worry. I will do something about this.”

Leaffa assured us confidently.


I can see the checkpoint already. A human merchant and his goods were being inspected. The Elves of this world mingle with the other races. We’re next.

“Stop here, touch this Orb, then state your name and where you came from, as well as your purpose for-!? W, who might this lady be!?”

The person holding the [Crystal of Truth and Falsehood] stopped upon seeing Leaffa. The [Crystal of Truth and Falsehood] is a magical tool which confirms whether the person touching it is telling the truth or not. 

“Leaffa Alheim. I have returned from the Kingdom of Glendale.”

Leaffa answered while touching the sphere. The magical tool glowed blue.

Leaffa Alheim? Wait, isn’t that—

“Her Highness Leaffa has returned! Quick, send a report to the royal palace immediately!”

The checkpoint was in a flurry.

“You mean Leaffa’s the princess of this country!?”

“Yes. I am the Second Princess. Did I not tell you?”

Leaffa laughed mischievously.

“The people accompanying me now are my classmates and professor. I presume there would be no problems in granting them passage?”

“Y, yes! Since Her Highness herself has stood as their personal guarantor, there is nothing to worry about. Everyone, please enter.”

“Thank you. I will personally escort them, so there will be no need for an attendant.”


As we passed through the gates, the surrounding guards gathered.

“Her Highness Leaffa has returned! Sentinels, salute!”

The guards lined up on both sides of the road from the checkpoint leading to the city. They pulled out their swords from their waists and raised them towards the sky. Leaffa walked ahead, leading us through. 

It was spectacular.

“Everyone, I welcome you to Alheim – the Kingdom of Elves!”

When we entered the city proper, Leaffa turned to us and presented her country. The Great Yggdrasil stood in the center of the kingdom, and right next to it, a castle made of chalk (mineral) stood majestically. 

That is the castle of this Kingdom. The city was lined with white-based buildings.

“Oh, Your Highness Leaffa! You have returned!”

“Yes, I’m home.”

“Welcome back, Your Highness Leaffa!”

“I returned, everyone.”

A lot of people greeted Leaffa as we walked through the town. Leaffa also candidly replied. It’s pretty evident that Leaffa is popular in this Kingdom.

“Ahm, if it is alright with you all, will you accompany me to the castle? I would like to introduce you to Father.”

Princess Leaffa’s father is the King of this country, of course. Even though it’s a different country, I am still part of the nobility as the son of a Count, and I’m also staying in this country for a while, so it is only proper that I greet His Majesty.

“Sure, fine by me.” 

“I’ll follow wherever Master goes.” (Youko)

“It is okay with us.” (Mai and Mei)

“I want to meet the King of the Elves.” (Ryuushin)

“Ryuushin, be respectful, okay?” (Ryuka)

“Count me in.” (Luke)

“Me too.” (Luna)

“And me!!” (Merdie)

There’s no problem with everyone.

“Thank you very much. Professor Tina, will you join us?”

“Yes, it’s alright. I didn’t report after the demon king was slain; though it might be late after such a long time, I have to do so.”

“Y, yes, that is true. I entrust that to you.”

I got a feeling that this meeting will be something important. 

Leaffa led us to the castle.



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