I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 87

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Editor: Totoro

It Which Comes From The Abyss

“What the…?” 

I got a bad feeling coming from within The Abyss. After I turned to look towards it, Leo and Wan also followed my gaze.

At that time――

A blinding light appeared from within The Abyss. Leo, Freya, Wan and the others were all engulfed by the light and immediately disappeared.

Afterwards the light made its way to me. I hurriedly used Protection which immediately created two layers of defense. Due to defeating the Earth Dragons, my Paladin’s Class Skill has risen from C to B, so now it could protect me from most attacks…

However, the light didn’t stop and easily pierced through the two layers of defense, landing directly on my body. The part where the light touched immediately disappeared and didn’t heal at all.

Afterwards my whole body was covered by that mysterious light, and I could feel everything disappearing.


‘What was that just now? Did I just see the future with God Eyes!?’ 

I was completely shocked and decided to immediately stop time.

Due to that light in just a few seconds, everyone here would have been wiped out!!

Still having time stopped I carried Wan, Ryu and the remaining members of The Sanctuary Knights to a safe place. Still due to the numbers I had to do several laps.

Having to carry Freya alongside her Dragon also took quite a toll.

After I finished carrying everyone I went next to The Abyss and peaked inside. However the only thing that could be seen was complete darkness.

I couldn’t see anything, however I was completely positive that something was about to come out!  I went back to the place where I had carried everyone, and lowered my posture looking closely at what would happen next.

Upon taking care of my preparations, I resumed time――


“What the? Where are we?”

“This place is…”

Everyone had looks of shock on their faces, however now wasn’t the time to explain.

“Quiet! Something is coming from The Abyss.”

Upon hearing my words everyone became silent. Realizing that something serious was about to unfold, everyone else lowered their postures similar to me. Just as most of us were looking towards The Abyss, the light that I had seen in my vision suddenly appeared.

It completely evaporated any substances in its path and left a deep gouge inside the earth.

And following the light, it appeared from The Abyss. Did it appear because of the nukes, or Titan’s attack I didn’t know.

However nothing changed the fact that we had awoken a monster that had been sleeping deep within The Abyss…

Its whole body was covered in a dark silver color. Upon spreading its wings, it slowly rose towards the skies. It looked a bit smaller than the Dragon King. There was no doubt that it was a Dragon as well.

However, the thing different about it was that prior to any Dragon I had seen, this one had three heads. 

I tried appraising it――

God Dragon Hydra

Dragon Type Lv5593

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

‘Its level is over 5000!? That’s way over Titan’s and the Dragon King’s levels!  Is this the real Dragon BOSS? Or rather is it something even above than that…’

“Wait, wait, wait! What in the world is going on? Didn’t we just take care of the BOSS?”

“I didn’t hear anything about a second one!”

Elias and Anna were yelling with faces filled with anxiety.

“Gojo is that thing a BOSS as well? Wasn’t there supposed to be only one per country?”

Wan asked me worriedly as well.

“I don’t know… However I get an even more dangerous feeling from this one.”

I stood up and looked at Leo.

“I’ll go defeat it. You go ahead and evacuate so that you don’t get dragged into it.”

After saying that, I opened a hole in my space region. Just as I was going inside, Gress standing behind me was trying to say something however before he could say anything I was already standing in front of the Dragon.

The three headed Dragon in front of me gave me a feeling of danger that I hadn’t felt up until now.

Upon arriving there Hydra immediately turned its three heads towards me as if showing some interest in me. This was definitely a monster that we couldn’t just let roam free. Seeing it suddenly, the images of scorching America popped into my head.

I definitely had to take care of it here.

I crossed my arms in front of my chest and began amassing the largest amount of magic power that I currently could. Lightnings began to dance through the skies, and the air began shaking.

I had decided to use my full power!!

I raised my hand high above and began pouring out magic power. The sky lit up and Hydra also twitched a bit.


“Lightning Sovereign!!!”

An enormous lightning pierced the heavens and headed towards the ground. This was the strongest Lightning Magic that I had used to date. The ground where the lightning fell was completely annihilated.

But… From within the lightning, Hydra slowly came out and headed towards me. 

‘It didn’t take any damage?’

In order to dodge it, I began circling left at high speed. However that didn’t stop Hydra from following me. It faced its three heads towards me ready to shoot off that devastating light!

‘That light is trouble. On top of not being able to defend against it I also can’t heal the parts it has touched.’

While dodging the light, I began looking for a gap where I could use magic. However this Dragon was faster than I had thought! Still due to the support of God Eyes and teleportation there was no way it could hit me.

And when it came to flying in the air, I had the upper hand. Due to its enormous body I managed to find a slight opportunity to attack.

I went above its head and immediately brought out a huge amount of magic power, forming it into a ball of flames. Hydra turned its three heads to look at the enormous sun-like ball that had formed above it. Afterwards I launched the ball of flames right at it――


The ball of flames landed directly on Hydra! After the impact the ball of flames turned into a huge pillar of flames, bringing ruin to everything in the surroundings. Even if it was slight, if it had only wounded it a bit, then I would have some chance of winning…

However, from within the flames three rays of light came shooting towards me! Along with the light the flames disappeared, and Hydra’s dark body appeared once again in the air. 

‘Does not even Extreme Magic work on this thing?

If that’s the case then…’

I created an enormous magic circle. 

‘Then I guess I’ll just have to bring forth strength that’s enough to break through that defense of it!!’

“Summon!! ―――― Flame Dragon King Shiva come forth!!!”

From within the magic circle, an enormous Dragon covered in bright red scales appeared.

Facing Hydra it opened its mouth and roared. The God Dragon Hydra’s and the Flaming Dragon King Shiva’s magic collided.


‘No, no, no, no matter how I look at it this is way too crazy! With Summoning Magic huge amounts of MP are required when you tame as well as when you summon. Even more so for strong monsters. Gojo has constantly been using magic that I’ve never seen before to attack that dark Dragon, and he also summoned Titan before. The only explanation would be that he has an unlimited amount of MP.’

“Carlo! Did Gojo really tame the BOSS?”

Leo asked me with a complicated expression.

“Seems like it. If he’s able to tame Titan it wouldn’t surprise me if he was able to tame the Dragon’s BOSS as well…”

‘However the thing that bothered me was his success rate… Considering those two were BOSSes, their tame success chance should have been pretty low. To be able to tame the Dragon King as well as Titan one after another must probably mean that his Class Skill rank is pretty high.’

“Carlo, that Dragon King is already dead right?”

Freya asked with a worried face. It was only natural, that Dragon was the one that killed her parents after all.

“It’s fine. It’s definitely dead. Gojo is just making it reappear using Summoning Magic.”

Hearing my words she looked like she had calmed down a tad bit, however at that time…


From next to us Gress called out to Freya with an expression devoid of blood.

“What’s wrong?”

“Can you go and bring Gojo back? It’s pointless to go on like this. We’ll all be killed.”

It did look like it was really urgent, however was Gress really expecting Freya to just go and interrupt the battle between Gojo and the Dragon? There was no way that could happen.

“What is pointless Gress. There’s no way we can just send Freya up there.”

“Even Gojo cannot win against that Dragon! There’s a good reason he can’t!!”

Upon hearing the words of Gress, the owner of the Magic Eye, everyone standing here at this time suddenly felt themselves being enveloped in a sense of urgency.

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