Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 15

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Princess and The Magic Swordsman Lived Together

“I never thought the day I would live in the Imperial Palace would come,” I muttered, looking at my new home. It was one of the rooms inside the Imperial Palace, right next to Princess Philia’s room.  

“Even maids sleep in rooms inside the Imperial Palace,” Philia said.

“Well, that’s right.”

However, Clarice and the other maids used the rooms in the servant’s resident area. On the other hand, my room was located next to the princess’s room. Even if it was on the far corner in the Imperial Palace, it was definitely a room for aristocrats. 

There were reasons why I could use such a place. One of them was to prevent an incident like before from occurring, because it was possible the enemy would use more direct ways to aim for Philia’s life. It wasn’t strange that there were people who were hostile towards Philia, the devil’s daughter. The imperial guards seemed reluctant to protect her either and they didn’t want to spend too much manpower on her. So, it was better for me to stay next to Philia and protect her. 

And regarding the reason why Lucy-sensei made me Philia’s instructor, it was probably because she wanted me to protect Philia. I didn’t know why, but it seemed like Lucy-sensei was the one supporting Philia. The other reason why I could use one of the rooms in the Imperial Palace was because Lucy-sensei, a daughter of an aristocrat, wrote a recommendation letter for me. Also, there was another reason, Philia. 

“I thought it would be good to have Solon stay beside me.”

“Well, from a security point of view, then I think it’s a good idea.”

“It isn’t like that. Shouldn’t an instructor and their disciple live together?”

“That is the case sometimes.”

But it wasn’t always. Even in the Imperial Magic School, with the instructors and disciples studying magic, many of the students were living in student dorms rather than being live-in disciples.  

Then Philia bowed her head, “Um, was that too selfish?”

“If Your Highness wishes that, I will gladly obey,” I said with a smile.

Well, if you were living in the same room with a girl your age, it would become a problem. But this wasn’t the case, because I was only here as her roommate. Because of that, I shouldn’t be troubled by it. 

It was exactly what I expected of the Imperial Palace, the room was very comfortable. But there was something strange. There were two beds inside the room, I thought perhaps it was a double room.

As I thought that, Philia giggled. “That’s Solon’s bed and this is my bed.”


I became flustered and stared at Princess Philia earnestly. I thought it was okay for me to use one of the two beds, but why was Philia using the other?

“Haven’t I already said it? That we will be living together?” Philia said.

“But, isn’t Philia-sama’s room the next room?”

“I want to use a room together with Solon, but my room only has a single bed. Because of that, I decided to use this room.”

Misunderstandings were horrifying. I thought I would stay in an extra room beside Philia’s. But it was literally that Philia was going to live in the same room as me. I held my head with both hands.

“But, as one would expect, isn’t it bad to stay in the same room?”


“I am a man and Philia-sama is a woman, there is an ethical issue with that. And doesn’t Philia-sama also dislike being in the same room as a man?” 

“But if it’s Solon, then there won’t be a problem.”

“Um, I’m happy to hear that but…”

Even if Philia said it was okay, I was still troubled. Then Philia glanced at me upwardly and asked, “Does Solon hate to stay in the same room with me?”

“It’s not like I hate it.”

“Then there’s no problem, right?”

Well, it might be so. If Philia said it was good, then it should be fine. Also, the guards were unreliable, so putting Philia’s safety as a top priority, it was better to stay by Philia’s side without leaving her even for a second. 

“What do you think?” Philia asked me with her eyes shining brightly.

When I almost said I agreed with her, we suddenly heard a knocking sound on the door.

Philia muttered disappointedly, “It was such a nice mood.” Then she replied to the person behind the door, “You could come in.”

I thought Clarice would be the one coming in, but the person who stood there was an armor-clad middle-aged man with a rigid expression. 

“It would be trouble for me if Your Highness keeps doing as you pleased.” The name of the man who said that with a cool face was Julian. He was the vice-captain of the imperial guards.


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