The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-aged Man

The Adventure of a Boy with the Mind of a Middle-Aged Man Chapter 53

Translator/Editor: TastefulSardine

Unlucky Words

While a storm of delight swept over the battlefield in north Sutherland, I forced my languid body up and began to return to my comrades.

“Yo, o child of disorder.”


Suddenly, a voice reverberated within my head. I scanned my surroundings but didn’t see anything other than the burnt lands via the fiery flames a short while ago.

“I thank you for releasing my soul.”

I tried focusing my vision and saw a blue speck floating just in front of me.

Release, huh. That means—.

“You’re that undead blue dragon?”

“Yeah, that’s me. It’s pitiful, but I was defeated by that flame monster and turned into an undead.”

“I see. My condolences.”

Most things hit by that attack would have probably been burned to a crisp without offering any resistance. The dragon was just unlucky.

“No. That body was reaching its limit, so it was about time it was destroyed.”

“Oh, That’s quite the subjective statement.”

An ancient dragon. I’m really interested in how they function.

“That’s also wrong. We are not very attached to life or death. In fact, as long as we have our soul, we could create another body given a couple dozen years.”

“So you’re eternally immortal. That’s sounds too good to be true.”

“That’s not quite right either. If we’re turned into an undead and our soul bound, the strong our soul is, the worse it gets. This incident has drilled that into me.”

“I see. So, if you have no business, then I’m going to go back. I’m quite tired, you see.”

I was seriously on my last legs. I had casted the grand spells,【Crimson Meteors】and【Birdcage】after all—I was out of gas, so to speak. I wanted to refrain from any useless banter. If he wanted to go to heaven then just go.

“Then let me ask you one thing.”


“What are you trying to accomplish with that much power?”

“I’m trying to open truth’s door of knowledge.”


The blue dragon was speechless at my prompt response.

“……Are you saying that despite understanding the weight of your words?”

“I probably understand more than you.”

Magic opens up new windows into the unknown, but those windows are merely vague outlines. And the other side of those seemingly close yet far windows might even lead to destruction. Even still, it’s infinitely better than stagnating. The other side contains knowledge that would tingle my unknowing soul, after all.

And I—.

“……I see. That sounds interesting.”

Ever since, that voice never came again. He probably ascended to heaven or something. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about what had happened to the ancient dragon.

Now, there was no reason to stay here any longer. I’d like for my participation in this battle to be kept as much of a secret as possible. It would be much more convenient to keep myself hidden while I conducted my schemes, after all. More precisely, I’d be under the appearance of keeping myself hidden.

I casted【Wind Manipulation】and floated into the air, gliding over the castle gates all the way to my room in Straheim’s Sagami Co. before diving into my bed.

“Just like always, it’s an old bed.” I thought. “This goes on the checklist too……”

And with that idiotic thought, I crashed.

After a familiarly unfulfilled sleep, I opened my eyes to see my maid, clutching me in her sleep like I was a hug pillow. On top of that, Drahachi was snoring while attached to my stomach.

I’m not a hug pillow. Well, they were a child and a dragon; it was useless to try to persuade them.

“And you are?” I asked the beautiful woman who was reclining on the chair while curiously observing me.

“Me? Guess.”

Really? My head was pounding like I had a hangover, and I really didn’t want to use my brain at the moment.

“A pervert?” I guessed.

“Look here……”

She kept her usual smile, but a vein bulged on her forehead.

“Hm. That’s what people in society call those who regularly enter another’s room without their permission. Forgive me.”

“The cat’s already out of the bag!”

“You could say that.”

I had just recently heard her clear voice, and there was her blue hair to boot. I had noticed mid-sentence.”

“What an inconsiderate guy,” she huffed.

“So? How did you get that body?”

“Trade secret.”


I was already at my worst condition, and I wanted at least a smooth conversation.

“I mean, you’ll definitely get angry if I tell you.”

She crossed her arms and fidgeted, averting her eyes away.

I have a terrible feeling about this.

“What did you do?”

“Well, it’s water under the bridge, so it’s fine, right. And I swear I’m not the sort that’ll trouble you. (Although I’m not sure about now)”

No trouble, huh. If so, then it’s a trivial matter.

Besides, this headache made me not want to think too hard. Let’s go back to sleep.

I shut my eyes once again and began drifting off to sleep.

“I am Sylphid. You can call me Sylphy. I think we’ll be together for a while, so nice to meet you.”

How unlucky.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!
    Finally caught up. Probably going to try out some of the other novels on your site.

    Also, i know this is random, but i infinitely prefer to read novel on the sites where it’s originally translated.
    As you dive into the series with the people reading along with you, you exchange banter, ideas, and hopes for the direction of the novel.
    Then there’s also the translator actively engaging in the comment section, along with translator notes. It feel much more… warm? It feels much more interesting, atleast, to read it in this way.

    1. what do you mean by originally translated?
      But yeah, I agree. Binging is every once in a while is nice, but interacting with other people brings a lot as well 🙂

      1. Instead of reading it on other sites that steal the translation from the original translators site, i much prefer to read it on the original translaters site.
        ect. Those sites where they take the original translation, and re-upload them. Usually there isn’t many comments, and of course, the translator doesn’t interract with us/read our comments.

        Like how we’ve chatted throughout my reading of this novel.

        1. ah yes, it’ll be a bittersweet moment if my novel ever appears on those sites. On one hand it’ll mean it got popular enough, but on the other hand…

          1. Haaa, I don’t know how to phrase this,so I’ll be blunt.
            The internet is a giant ball of impermanence, the only things that never go away are the things you want to get rid of. Everyone should know that, but it seems like they forget.

            Can translation is a wonderful thing, I’m incredibly thankful for all the stories I wouldn’t have been able to read otherwise. However, 99% of them are unlicensed and without permission, it is “borrowed content”, if we’re to say it charitably, that they have modified via translation and contextualizing to be accessible. I’m not criticising over that, just being honest about it.

            Many of these translators, having disassociated the novel from the raw, then cry out that we must only read on their sites. Their true motives vary, though the ad density on some sites says it all, but some include interacting with the translator, control and credit over work, building reputation and promoting other novels, etc.
            Considering that the authors receive those same losses too, when their work is fan translated, makes for some interesting but highly political hypocrisy within the WN communities.

            But here’s the truly infuriating part. When translators try to make their site the only source for a translation, employing “anti-scraping measures” , they are making that novel’s translation forever dependant on them, holding future readers ransom to their continued existence.
            50 chapters of links broken because a group changed their seo settings? Think they’ll go back and fix all those after 2 years?
            Trying to read a novel and suddenly hit a walk because the next translator’s domain expired, or they moved sites, or they straight up deleted their site cause they weren’t interested in it anymore? Yeah, those are real reasons for dead group chapter holes in novels. Good luck, new readers.
            Clicked an interesting sounding story only to find that giant group somehow broke their entire production site that day, or down for maintenance? I’m sure I’ll get back to checking out that novel in a few days, maybe. (Skipped a novel a few days ago due to Cent-fin-i being down, so yeah.)

            Take a look through a few of your favourite NU pages, the novels you recommended or re-read perhaps. Consider the result of one of those translation groups from 2017, or whenever, falling off the internet. If that outcome doesn’t bother you, it really should. If it does bother you, go take a look how many hundreds or thousands of chapters certain large sites desperately want to keep exclusively on their site.

            Thus, the ultimately self-destructive and egotistical path being enthusiastically embraced by the community. The original authors and interested readers ultimately being the real victim.

            Meanwhile, certain crazy people compile chapter links, scrape, extract, restructure, clean up, format and post an epub or pdf of a novel, even with all that hostility towards format shifting tools. If they’re really dedicated they might even fix the blatant translation errors some sites don’t even try to catch.

            Of course, there is a solution, a simple one [Support our immortal souls and read this karma guide on SEE HOW ****ING ANNOYING THIS IS?!] then sit back and ask her how much a “full service” costs.

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