I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 86

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Extreme Magic

“Are you okay!?”

Due to the explosion caused by the battle between the Dragon King and Titan, every single one of us was blasted off. Even though we had done just as Wan had told us and got pretty far away, we still got hit by the impact of the massive battle.

“Leo… Did Titan really take down the Dragon King!?”

Was the question Luke asked me after struggling to get up and looking around his surroundings. It was true that the enormous axe that Titan wielded did in fact pass through the Dragon King, however due to the huge impact after the attack it wasn’t clear what had actually happened afterwards.

Currently in the distance I could only see traces of Titan. Which logically would mean that he’s the one that won. 

‘A fight between monsters… That is definitely not a realm in which people are allowed to step foot into.’

After all of us steadied ourselves, we couldn’t do anything else but only wait and look at the scorching scene unfolding in front of us.


‘For christ sake, it was good that we retreated further away just as Wan told us. If I were to participate in a battle like that it wouldn’t even matter if they had an infinite number of lives.’

“Carlo, Ryu! Did you see!? Gojo defeated that huge Dragon!! I knew he’d be able to do it.”

While watching the excited Wan I somehow felt strength slowly leaving my body.

“You sure are energetic Wan. Currently I don’t even want to move a muscle. It also seems like Ryu over there is on the verge of dying so could you please go cast some Healing Magic on him.”

‘Still that Gojo… Rather than that Dragon, he might turn out to be an even larger threat.’


“He actually defeated the Dragon King…”

In front of my eyes there was currently the sight of an enormous Giant holding onto its enormous axe. In the place where the Dragon King had just been at there was nothing.

The Dragon King was nowhere to be found.

Without even realizing it my tears began to fall down. 

‘It’s over… Gojo did it.’

Right next to me was the Flying Dragon who had fought alongside me this whole time. Looking closely at it I could see that its whole body was covered in wounds.

Even though I hated the Dragons from the bottom of my heart I still felt sorry for it…

After all this was the Flying Dragon that had opened its heart to me… Up until now I was reluctant to give it a name, however I decided that after this subjugation was completely over with I would finally name it.

Alongside my Dragon I headed towards Leo and the others.


Titan pulled out his axe from the ground and slowly stood up. He looked down at the now scorching earth and turned into beads of light just like that.

“It’s over…”

Even though Titan had disappeared the lava covering the whole area still remained. I figured it would probably stay like this for a decent period of time… Afterwards I headed for the place where the Dragon King had been.

And as I had expected it was really there. The Dragon King’s Magic Core. The core that wasn’t originally supposed to even exist. It wouldn’t be until later that I would actually find out the true meaning behind these Magic Cores.

I took the Magic Core in my hand and appraised it――

Dragon King’s Coffin SSR

Increases the user’s Wisdom by 10 times.

‘Dragon King’s Coffin huh. I guess with this now I’ll be able to drastically increase the power of my magic…’ 

After wiping it clean I ate it.

Up until now due to there being a cap on the magic power I could use even though I had Infinite Magic Power I couldn’t use it to its full potential. From now that cap should have risen which in turn would allow me to use even stronger magic.

Looking at my status I noticed that I had maxed out the Paladin. Considering I had just taken down the Dragon BOSS it was to be expected… The Paladin’s Class Skill Protection had also risen to rank C.

Seeing that I decided that I would pick the Paladin Class again. It was mostly because I looked forward to what would happen when I raised the rank of Protection even more. So I stretched my hand into the space region taking out another one of the Paladin Class Slates and touching it.

Afterwards I headed towards the place where everyone else was. Upon getting there Wan immediately came to greet me.

“Gojo you did it! You actually defeated that huge Dragon right?”

“Yea, it’s all over.”

Following her Ryu and The Sanctuary Knights all came. Everyone was looking at me with strange expressions which gave off the feeling that none of them knew what to say. In the midst of that Leo suddenly spoke.

“Gojo… There are numerous things that I want to ask, but before that I want to express my gratitude for saving us. Thank you. If it wasn’t for you not just Freya but every single one of us would have probably died.”

Hearing Leo’s words Carlo nodded and spoke as well.

“That’s right. If it wasn’t for that stupidly huge Giant of yours there was no way we could have beaten the Dragon’s BOSS.”

After Carlo finished speaking Freya suddenly showed up with her Dragon. Looking at her it seemed like she was just about to say something, however Leo stretched out his hand and stopped her.

“Gojo there is something I must necessarily ask you. How did you obtain your current strength? You aren’t a normal ability user like the rest of us, right?”

Hearing Leo’s question, everyone currently here was looking straight at me…

“I got it. I’ll tell you everything… But first.”

I raised my right hand towards the skies.

“I need to take care of the remaining Earth Dragons in the area!”

‘After all it will be hard for Leo and the others to take care of them.’ 

I thought I’d quickly just take care of the ones in sight so I began pouring my magic power towards the skies.

“What the?”

The clouds split and as the sun rays began penetrating through and brightening the surroundings Leo and the others were left speechless. My magic power rose to the stratosphere and slowly began forming into pebbles of ice.

The pebbles slowly turned bigger, turning into pillars of ice that were boasting more than a hundred meters in length. The hundreds of enormous spear-like ice pillars were floating in the stratosphere as if waiting for their orders.


After I lowered my hand the spears of ice, as if finally beginning to feel the pull from the gravity began charging towards the ground. The ice pillars falling from far above in the skies pierced through the hard carapaces of the Earth Dragons, embedding themselves in the earth!

Accompanied by death of agony, hundreds of Earth Dragons died just like that.

The hundreds of enormous ice pillars currently protruding from the ground formed a spectacular sight that was hard to describe.

“Some missed huh…”

Not all of the ice pillars had hit their mark, and currently there were tens of Earth Dragon running for their lives. So that I wouldn’t miss a second time I placed both of my hands on the ground and began letting out magic power.

The earth beneath the feet of the Earth Dragons opened, and huge mouths appeared from within. The mouths swallowed the Earth Dragons and began crushing their seemingly indestructible shells. Afterwards the mouths began crawling out of the ground. What appeared were enormous Earth Worms that I had created with Earth Magic.

Within the mouths of the Earth Worm there were numerous hard teeth, and deep within its mouth there were even more mouths.

The several Earth Worms began crawling on the ground attacking the remaining Earth Dragons. After a while all of the Earth Dragons had been eaten.

I was finally able to deploy extreme types of magic so I kind of let it get to my head and went out with everything I had. However the scenery created by the numerous enormous Earth Worms and the hundreds of ice pillars was nothing short of hell.

Turning around I could see the faces of everyone had turned completely pale.

‘Oh well, what’s done is done… I guess they’ll understand when I explain it to them later.’ 

Just as optimistic thoughts were running through my mind and I had turned to go back to Wan, Leo and the others I suddenly felt a response from my Hostility Detection.

‘What the… This is the first time I’m getting a response such as this.’

Looking down at my fingertips I could see them shaking lightly. I immediately turned to look at The Abyss.

Something was currently making its way to the surface――

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