I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 85

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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Scorching Giant

Accompanying the huge boom, from within the enormous pillar of light Titan appeared. Lava began flowing out of his body covering the whole area in a scorching heat.

Titan continued walking forward, changing the earth into a scorching magma with each step he took. He slowly approached the Dragon King, looking down towards his new found enemy.

Underneath Titan’s feet there were still the numerous Earth Dragons that had been gathered by the Dragon King’s roar, however without even batting them an eye Titan lifted up his leg and crushed them all!

Shell pieces began flying everywhere and upon falling on the ground immediately became part of the sea of lava.



I was thrown off by the sudden wind blast. After Gojo approached the Dragon King suddenly from a mysterious pillar of light an enormous shadow appeared.

I managed to grab a hold of the reins of my Dragon and retain my balance, however as I looked back, out of nowhere an enormous wall formed of magma and rock had appeared in front of me.

I flew away creating more distance between me and that mountain-like wall, however when I later turned to look back at it again I realised that the wall actually had the shape of a human.

“A Giant…!?”

I was completely lost for words at the sight that was in front of me. 

‘What in the world happened with Gojo…?’


“What in the world that…?”

Suddenly a strong gale of wind came blowing towards us. Even though we were separated by quite a lot, the force of that gale was still strong enough to almost blow us away.

When I looked up I saw the standing in front of the Dragon King there was an enormous red Giant that had magma coming out of its body.

“Leo! What in the world did Gojo do!?”

Luke was yelling at me. However I had no clue as to what Gojo had done as well. Just as I saw him heading towards the Dragon King, in the next moment that Giant suddenly appeared.

In a place slightly separated from me I could see Gress slumped on the ground, seemingly having lost all of the strength in his legs.

“…Titan… He really brought him out…”

I somehow overheard Gress’ words… 

‘Titan? Does he mean the Giant Titan!? That Titan that brought America to the brink of collapse! Does he mean that it just suddenly appeared here… Did Gojo somehow summon it!? Can a person really do something like that?’ 

Normally if the monster you were trying to tame wasn’t weaker than you, then Tame wouldn’t work. If someone had a special item, like for example Carlo’s Circe Staff then it’s a different story, however Gojo didn’t have any such items…

‘If he really doesn’t have any such items then does that mean that he actually… defeated it!? Is that why Titan suddenly disappeared from America!? Gojo, who in the world are you…’


“Whoa. Even the ground here is turning into lava! Wan, why didn’t you tell me Gojo could do stuff like that as well!?”

“It’s my first time seeing it as well. I don’t quite get it, but can it be that Gojo transformed into that thing?”

“Like hell he did! He obviously summoned it. That stupidly enormous Giant that is!!”

‘Is Wan actually be a top of the line airhead? It wouldn’t be strange if one were to die after summoning something like that due to the lack of MP…’

“Either way it’s Gojo we’re talking about so it’s natural! Let’s get out of here so that we don’t get caught in the mess. Carlo take everyone!”

Just as Wan suggested it would be for the best to hurriedly get further away. And the Flying Dragons who were originally coming towards us also changed their direction trying to flee as well.

The Earth Dragons were completely stomped down to the ground as well. In all truth I was completely frightened by that Giant as well.

It’s not like I wanted to put my hopes in it, but there was no other way… 

‘Gojo do your best.’


Was it due to the pressure given off by Titan that was standing behind me I didn’t know, however I could see the Dragon King took a step backwards in retreat.

As if following it Titan took one forward. With his step the earth crumbled and magma began flowing out instantly raising the surrounding temperature way beyond what the Dragon King had originally risen it with his appearance.

The Dragon King roared towards Titan. It closed its mouth and raised its head beginning to gather magic power within its mouth. It once again opened its enormous mouth and a fireball hot enough to even melt cities down to nothingness shot towards Titan!

I somehow managed to dodge it with teleportation however Titan standing behind me took the hit directly.

Numerous huge blasts sounded out and the whole area was enveloped in light and heat. I had teleported to quite a distance away however the piercing wind still reached me.

The soil and flames from the explosion rose several kilometres up in the air.

I could see that even Leo and the others who were even farther away from me were about to be blown off by the impact. Still they were all ability users so I believed that they’d be fine…

I still couldn’t clearly see Titan due to the curtain of dust that had formed, however I knew that he was originally resistant to magic attacks. 

‘Still I doubt that he’s even taken a hit as strong as this one before.’

Just as I was starting to worry――

From within the curtain of dust a huge enormous shadow appeared. Accompanied by the tremor of the earth Titan was once again leisurely moving forward. 

‘I guess magic attacks really don’t work on him.’

Titan plunged his hand into the earth that had by now turned into a huge sea of magma. From within he pulled out an enormous axe that was covered in an ominous red light.

From within where the axe had been pulled out the ground began to collapse and more magma began pouring out.

The Dragon King immediately spread its wings trying to fly away. However, due to its balance being disrupted it couldn’t do so.

I was currently using Atmosphere Manipulation to prevent it from flying. It was my first time using it after I had copied it from Leo with Imitation, however it appeared to have worked. On top of that I also used Gravity Manipulation on the Dragon King’s tail.

Due to its whole body being way too big I opted to use it just on its tail, where I could easily increase the gravitation by up to several times.

The Dragon King noticed the changes and turned to glare at me. Just as it did that I noticed it opening its mouth and shooting a ball of fire towards me.

Upon seeing the ball of fire I immediately dodged with teleportation. The town that was behind me in the distance upon getting into contact with the fireball was immediately melted to the ground. Now that the obstacle preventing it from flying was out of the equation the Dragon King prepared to fly off again.

However, it was already too late――

Titan had already gotten into attacking range and was beginning to lift his axe. As if trying to intimidate his opponent the Dragon King roared and began gathering magic power within its mouth again.

This time however, instead of a fire ball it shot off a fire breath towards Titan.

The heat of the breath was enough to completely melt your ordinary rock. Due to the fire attribute magic attack that completely outstripped any normal magic attack, Titan’s body as well as his axe began being engulfed in the flames.

Titan whose body was supposedly being burned however didn’t bat an eye. Without giving it a thought Titan swung down his Giant Axe of Destruction!!

The Dragon King’s outer shell which had been so hard to penetrate through before was now shattered by the Giant Axe of Destruction without offering any resistance. Just as the giant axe landed on the ground the surroundings exploded and the shock enveloped the whole area.

Just as the ground had turned to pieces and was flying in mid air I was able to confirm that the Dragon King had been successfully defeated with a single strike.


A huge magic circle appeared that in the next moment turned into a huge pillar of light.

On top of my Tame Display List I could clearly see the Flaming Dragon King’s name.

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  1. Well, I guess he now will get the chance to be internationally feared as the controller of multiple bosses. Unless he convinces the other participants to take credit for the kill.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    1. more like he will turn to a raid boss trainer….
      im pretty sure that their fear to him will drive them for betrayal and will try to kill him.
      trust me.
      i’ve read too many novels to predict what will gonna happen.
      slap me if im wrong

      1. Isn’t one of his titles the Monster Overlord or something too? XD Should just switch his class to Demon Lord I mean he already has the small army of a handful of Bosses

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    1. I’m glad that you’re enjoying it. It gets even better from here on out so be sure to stick for the rest of the ride.

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