Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 27

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Mixed Baths and Teleportation Magic

We finally reached our destination after approximately 30 minutes of hiking.

We didn’t encounter any demons on the way, and there was no one else in the hot springs.

“No one’s here, and I’m quite sure nobody will pass around this area, but just in case.”

Halt-sama evoked a huge magical formation.

“Halt-sama, what might this be?”

“[Barrier Magic of Imperceptibility]. Outside this barrier, no one will know there is a hot spring here, nor can they see us, so you can enter with no worries.”

I know the existence of Barrier Magic. I heard it took 10 senior mages to conjure one.

Halt-sama did it all by himself.

He’s certainly of a different caliber.

There was no need for him to go that far but— 

“I… Actually, I didn’t want anyone else to see Tina’s body…”

Halt-sama mumbled.

Looks like he also has the desire to monopolize;, somehow, knowing that made me thrilled.

Finally, it’s time to enter the hot spring, but I just realized that this is the first time I’ll be in the nude in front of Halt-sama.

I took care of him since birth, so I’m already used to his nudity.

I haven’t had the chance to see that recently… in short, it’ll be my first time to be seen.

W, will it be alright?

I always took great care of myself; besides, even though I’m just a Half-Elf, I’m still part of the Elven Race, so I’m confident that my skin’s beautiful.

“I brought you a swimming suit, do you want to wear it?”

While I was caught up in my own dilemma, Halt-sama handed me a bag, which probably contains the swimwear. 

I will no longer feel shy if I’m wearing it, but I recalled Halt-sama already took a bath with Youko, Mai, and Mei.

If I’m the only one to wear a swimsuit while bathing with Halt-sama, I feel like I’ve lost.

That’s why— 

“No, it is okay, I’ll wear it next time, alright?”

I took the bag from Halt-sama. Fufufu, I got a present from him!

Halt-sama started to take off his clothes.

“Tina, you’re making me embarrassed if you stare like that.”

“Ah! I, I’m sorry!”

I admit it; I was fascinated with Halt-sama’s rippling physique – the evidence of his tireless training.

I also touched the button on my clothes. Oh, what to do, my heart is pounding so hard…

I heard a splash, so I turned and saw Halt-sama already immersed in hot water.

He was facing the opposite way; maybe it was in consideration for me, so I won’t feel embarrassed.

I hurriedly undressed, poured hot water on myself, and finally entered the hot spring.

—Ahhh.. so warm…

Perhaps, some magical force from the ground blended with the spring’s waters?

I feel my mana being replenished.

What a good onsen*.

I slowly inched towards Halt-sama’s back.

“This is so satisfying. I’m glad we came here.”

“Ahh, I’m happy you’re enjoying yourself.”

Halt-sama won’t look at me.

He knew I was feeling shy earlier – he’s so thoughtful.

It’s already a rare moment for us to be together in the bath, so I want to be more intimate with him.


I let out a puff then squeezed Halt-sama from behind.

“Tina!? I, it’s touching!”

“It’s… intentional.”

I know my face is beat-red right now. I’m embarrassed to death!

Embracing Halt-sama somehow calmed me down.

“Halt-sama, won’t you look this way?”

I let go of him and asked.

“…Are you sure?”

“Yes… I want Halt-sama to see me.”

Halt-sama turned slowly. Our eyes met. Then his line of sight dropped —

H, how is it?


I was praised. I can feel my cheeks grow hot.

“Ah, sorry… I looked too much.”

Halt-sama quickly averted his face.

“Y…You can touch it if you want… After all, I’m Halt-sama’s…”

I summoned my courage.

Halt-sama gazed at me again.

“Is it really okay to touch anywhere?”


Halt-sama’s face drew nearer— 

I was kissed.

“Touched your lips- it’s our second kiss.”

I was expecting he would explore my body, so I prepared myself mentally, but I was kissed instead.

So sneaky!

I put my finger on my lips – Halt-sama’s taste lingered.

…I wanted to do more…

“Halt- sama…”


I had a lot of lovey-dovey moments with Halt-sama.

My heart was racing all the time—this is the outdoors, you know! Even if there is a barrier, still…But it was pleasant.


We got out of the hot springs and changed. I couldn’t meet Halt-sama’s eyes. 

“Okay, let’s go home?”


Halt-sama grasped my hand even on our way back.

I thought we would walk, but Halt-sama conjured another magical formation.

“What is this?”

“I cast a magic circle so we can teleport back to the village. If we walk back, we’ll get dirty, and our trip to the hot springs will be a waste.”

Wait, I didn’t mishear it, right?

[Teleportation Circle]?

Teleportation is a type of skill that allows you to move from one point to another in a blink of an eye. It’s actually called a cheat-skill.

I heard Heroes with this skill rarely appear.

Halt-sama, however, is a Sage. I can’t recall any instance of a Sage using teleportation.

“C, can you really teleport?”

“Yup, I just learned it recently. You set a magic circle in your desired destination in advance, and you can move through the interval space. It’s like summoning yourself, or something like that, I guess?”

So it wasn’t a skill. Halt-sama was using magic to reappear. He probably learned it during his contract-binding with Mai and Mei.

“Ok, I’m done! Let’s go home!”

Halt-sama pulled my hand, and I stepped on the magic circle.

Just when I thought I passed through the circle, we already arrived at the village’s outskirts. We were standing on the road towards the forest we were in earlier.

“Are you hungry? I’m thinking it might be time for lunch.”

I was still dumbstruck, and Halt-sama suggested we eat. This might be a rural village, but they are famous for their delicious food.

Will we return after our meal?

I wanted to spend more alone-time with Halt-sama.

Oh, wait. I didn’t see our car anywhere.

“The magical car already went back.”

Halt-sama noticed I was looking around for the car.

“Oh, so will we teleport again to the mansion?”

“If you’d like, we can stay here. But if you prefer the mansion’s bed, I can teleport us back.”

I went on many adventures with the Heroes, so it’s fine for me to sleep outdoors.

Even if it’s in a cheap lodging in this village and the bed’s tattered, it’s no big deal. More than that, having our date extended until tomorrow makes me feel I’m in cloud nine.

“Let’s stay!”

I declared with no hesitations whatsoever.


I can monopolize Halt-sama for tonight!

It’s still noon, but I already started fantasizing about sleeping with Halt-sama tonight.


T/N: onsen- hotsprings in Japan


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