I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 84

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Decisive Light

Everyone including Freya and Leo, still flying mid air, were looking with anticipation. However――


The roar that came out from the Dragon King instantly dispersed the clouds covering its massive body! That fearsome roar split the clouds and pierced through the skies, it shook the ground and its waves even reached the far off place where we were standing.

Just as the roar began to linger off Freya and Leo came flying down towards us.

“Gress, how is it!?”

Leo immediately asked Gress, however Gress’ face was completely rid of any color.

“Not good… It hasn’t taken almost any damage.”

Upon hearing those words depression slowly started making its way on Leo’s face. However, we still didn’t know that the true despair was yet to come. As if answering the Dragon King’s roar, the mountain like pieces across the land started shaking.

Cracks started appearing on the mountain like pieces of land in the surroundings, and for the inside of those mountains, something could be seen coming out.

The things that came out were enormous land Dragons whose bodies were covered in shells!  Their height easily went over 40 meters. Upon appearing they all simultaneously started heading towards us.

“Gress… What are those!?”

Hearing Leo’s question Gress immediately appraised the newly appeared Dragons.

“Earth Dragons… Their level is above 2000!! Their Defense is ridiculous as well. Master Leo, what should we do!?”

And it wasn’t just the Earth Dragons. From up above in the sky a black cluster was heading towards us. It was a huge flock consisting of numerous Flying Dragons advancing towards us. It felt like all of the Dragons within the United Kingdom were trying to gather here.

“Leo this is bad…! We’re gonna get trapped!!”

Hearing Luke’s words Leo made a complicated expression. After biting his lips he turned towards us and shouted!

“Retreat! We’re getting away from here before they trap us!!”

All of us nodded in agreement, except for one person that was.


Freya’s face was covered in an expression of pure anger, the likes of which I hadn’t seen before.

“Freya… please understand, for now we can only retreat. We’ll come up with something new and just wait for our next chance.”

“…No, anything but that!!”

After saying that, Freya ran off and once again jumped on her Dragon flying off in the sky!

“Freya! Don’t go!!”

Leo shouted towards Freya who was heading straight for the Dragon King.


“What is it Gojo?”

“Evacuate everyone. Make it as far as possible.”

“…Okay. Take care out there.”


I just simply flew towards the Dragon King! I didn’t have any strategy in mind. And I wasn’t foolish enough to believe that I had any chance of success as well.

It’s just that, that Dragon… the Dragon which killed my family, my friends, and even stole my country away from me… No matter what I had to kill that Dragon!! That was the thing that I had sworn to do.

Just as I got closer to the Dragon King I could feel the heat intensify, beginning to burn my whole body. Just trying to breathe burned my throat… However I didn’t mind. Even if my whole body was burned to ashes, as long as I was able to take down that Dragon then it would all be worth it!

“Georgius’ Sword… Give me your strength.”

I sent all of my magic power towards the sword in my right hand! Facing the Dragon King the sword began shining, and turned into a sword of light that was more than 10 times bigger than it originally was.

Just as I got close to the Dragon’s head I lifted up my sword straight up! Currently this was the strongest attack I could muster. It was also my last――


The sword slashed down landing directly on the Dragon’s head!! Along the collision light exploded outwards filling the whole sky with light!

Afterwards the light slowly died off and the Dragon’s head became visible again… However only a slight scratch had appeared on its head.

The Dragon King shook its head, and then opened its mouth facing me. Magic power began accumulating within its mouth and in the next instant flames began pouring out. Currently I didn’t have any strength left to dodge…

‘Ah, I blew it. I’m sorry everyone…’


I could feel like Leo was calling out to me. I closed my eyes and just waited for the end.

“For god’s sake… You’re really reckless you know.”


‘I’m still alive?’ When I opened my eyes I saw Gojo’s face.


I was completely dumbfounded by the sudden development, however I slowly managed to gather my thoughts. When I did I once again went into shock as well.


I could see that Gojo standing in front of me was floating in mid air.

‘Is it some kind of Wind Magic… No it can’t be, not even Leo can do something like that!  What in the world is this person…?’

“Still if it was just you alone then I would have been easy, but I also had to save that Dragon of yours you know.”

“…You saved me?”

“I’ll take care of it from here on out, so hurry up and get out of here Freya.”

After saying that Gojo flew up in the air and headed towards the Dragon King.


“What in the world is going on?”

Alexander said with a dumbfounded expression. And I couldn’t blame him, just as we thought that Gojo had disappeared he suddenly appeared right in front of the Dragon King and saved Freya.

‘How is he floating? How did he dodge the fire ball?’ 

I had a number of questions, however the biggest one was, how in the world did he get there in the first place!?

“Leo if Gojo was a BOSS would he really go out of his way to save Freya?”

It was just as Luke had said. 

‘Could I have just been over thinking it? But still it doesn’t change the fact that Gojo is still full of mysteries.’

Just as Gojo saved Freya, he flew up and headed towards the Dragon King.

“What is he planning on doing?”


I flew just right in front of the Dragon King. The space right next to it was ridiculously hot, due to the heat coming out of its body.

If it was a normal person they’d get turned to ashes just by getting close to it.

Neither magic nor normal attacks would work on this monster… The only means that I had that could damage this beast was the Meteor Impact, however it would be ridiculously hard to hit a flying opponent with it.

So I decided to go with a more safe approach…

I poured out as much magic power as I could and afterwards a huge magic circle appeared on the ground. I could feel a huge amount of magic power, the likes of which I had never experienced before, being sucked out of my body…

The Dragon King turned its gaze towards me, and its killing intent flared up! 

‘I can’t think of anything else but this to defeat you!!’

The magic circle on the ground began shining, and shot off a pillar of light towards the sky! A huge amount of Magic Particles filled the air, and the atmosphere began twisting.

“Summon! Ruler of the Giants Titan!!”

“Come forth!!!!”

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