Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 13

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

Solon The Magic Swordsman Fought to Protect The Princess

I prepared my treasure sword Tetracorde. Theodora on the other hand, glanced at the two people behind her. It was her signal to start the fight, I believed.

The magicians behind Theodora started preparing their attack magic and releasing them at me. Afterwards, the Fire of Guren’s blaze came towards me. If I just let them be, then Philia would be in danger, but it wasn’t alarming. I slashed my sword and stepped forward. 

The surrounding blaze disappeared just as I slashed my sword. That was perhaps why the two magicians had startled looks all over their faces. Then I closed the distance with one of them and struck his throat with my sword handle. The magician fell down with a groan. 

A magic swordsman’s forte was being able to defend and attack at the same time. I slashed Tetracorde to extinguish the enemy’s magic and to cut them afterwards. That was my way of fighting. That was also how I fought and defended Saint Sophia, who wasn’t that strong in the past, and the Holy Knight Cleon. 

Then I directed my sword towards the other side and slashed it. With that, the other magician was hit with fire magic. Pale flame started to engulf his body. Seeing his burning clothes, he started to scream. 


“It’s fine. It’s not powerful enough to kill you,” I said, kicking the stomach of the magician. The magician fainted with a strange sound. 

Now, the only person remaining was Theodora, holding a dagger. Theodora’s face was pale, but she was still glaring straight at me. She didn’t lose her spirit even when she was the only one left? I thought it was an admirable thing, but I wish she would give up immediately. 

“Why don’t we stop here? It’s pretty tiring to fight while holding back so that you guys don’t die.”

Theodora stepped back as if she was scared. “With this, with this, you are still holding back?!”

“If I were fighting with the intention to kill, you would’ve already been dead,” I said coldly. I only needed one more push before Theodora lost her will to fight, but she suddenly smiled. 

“If I can’t win anyway, then I shouldn’t be picky with my actions.” 

“What do you mean?”

“This!” Theodora quickly threw her dagger.

A weapon flew with a beautiful curve straight towards Philia.


At the same time Philia shouted, I slashed my sword and hit the dagger to make it fall. However, Theodora grabbed her second dagger the next moment and jumped out.

“The plan was to capture Her Highness alive… But because this happened, I will have to kill her here!” Theodora shouted and thrust her dagger towards Philia. 

I stood in front of Phila and protected her against the dagger using my sword. Fortunately, Theodora’s aim was wrong, it was already impossible to kill Philia. Theodora, frustrated, tried to step back and escape. I chased after her and slashed my sword. Theodora tried to block my sword with her dagger, but she wasn’t able to do so. Her dagger wasn’t able to hold against my treasure sword Tetracorde, therefore it was broken to pieces. 

“It’s the end.”

Putting it briefly, I cast a magic spell on Theodora so she lost her consciousness and fell down. It was just a simple sleep magic, but she won’t wake up for a while. 

I sheathed my sword with a feeling of relief. After that, I looked back and saw Philia staring at me with a tear-streaked face. Then I smiled broadly. 

“Are you okay, Philia-sama?”

“Yeah. I’m fine, thanks to Solon.”

“Are you not scared?”

“I was scared. I was really scared, you know,” Philia said, her small body trembling. 

Even if it happened a million times, there was no chance that Philia would be harmed. When Theodora threw her dagger, I could block the attack with ease. But it must have been different for Philia because the opponent approached her with a murderous intention and a weapon for killing people. It was certainly a terrifying experience for a fourteen-year-old girl. 

“But it’s okay now.”

“Yeah, thanks to Solon for protecting me.”

Philia took a deep breath, an indication that she has calmed down, and smiled softly. 

“You know… I want to be someone like Solon.”

Philia approached me slowly and hugged me. I was flustered, but before I tried to stop her, Philia’s little hands were wrapped around my back. Philia hugged me tightly, her cheeks turning red, and looked at me with an upward glance. 

“Thank you, Solon.”

“Well, you’re welcome.”

When she saw me flustered, she giggled, her face still red. “If Clarice saw me like this, she would be angry, saying ‘it’s audacious’.”

“Ah, Philia-sama, it’s very hard for me to say, but Clarice-san can see it.” 


I pointed behind Philia, a girl in a maid uniform stood there. She had flax-colored short hair and a small animal-like stature. She was the maid, Clarice. With her face red, she said, “Philia-sama and Solon-sama, you are so audacious!”


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