I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 83

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Dragon King

In a place just a few miles away from The Abyss, the Dragon BOSS proceeded to lower its burning colored body calmly towards the ground.

Was it because of its tremendous weight I didn’t know, but just as it touched the ground, it’s feet sunk into the ground and the earth shook.

The soil lifted up, and after taking a single breath the monster opened its mouth and roared towards the heavens!! I could feel my body shake from the tremendous pressure.

“Leo! What should we do about that monster!! That’s not something a human can defeat!”

I could hear Wan yelling at me with a threatening expression.

“I understand. It’s not like we came here unprepared!”

After I saw that the Dragon had completely landed on the ground I shouted!

“Gress! Measurements!!”

“On it boss!”

Gress then proceeded to use his Magic Eye to get the precise location of the Dragon. After all his Magic Eye didn’t only raise the owner’s proficiency with Appraisal.

It could also accurately gather all sorts of other data. And the thing that we currently needed was the exact location of the Dragon, and where it was exactly based on the Geographic Coordinate System.

After Gress finished his inspection, he wrote down some numbers on a piece of paper. Afterwards he handed that paper to Luke, and Luke in turn took the paper, folded it, and tied it next to the feathers of one of his arrows.

“Luke, I’m counting on you!”

“I’ve got it!!”

Luke pulled back his bow and steadied his aim.


The Clairvoyance skill that Luke had would consume a large amount of MP, however in turn it would allow him to see really far away just if it was right in front of him.

Pulling back the bow with all he had, Luke shouted out “I see it!” After which, he let go of the bowstring.

In an instant the arrow flew out of sight.


‘What just happened!?’ 

Myself, Wan and Ryu were completely shocked. Just as I thought that Gress was appraising the Dragon he suddenly started writing on a piece of paper, which he then gave to Luke, who in turn tied it to his arrow and shot it towards the direction of the submarine that we used to get here.

“What just happened?”

I turned and asked Leo, who was carefully looking at the Dragon.

“We sent a bit of information to the NATO Marine Forces.”

“Marine Forces?”

I didn’t get what Leo was getting at, so I tried asking for more details but…

“I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to explain. Ask the others about the details. Freya!!”


After saying that Freya came towards Leo and took him with her on top of her Dragon’s back, after which they proceeded to fly towards the Dragon King. I still didn’t know what in the world was going on so I decided to go and ask Alexander who was nearby.

“What are they planning to do?”

“It’s dangerous to explain here, so let’s first retreat a bit further away…”

After saying that Alexander began walking in the opposite direction of the Dragon King. After getting away to a relatively remote place he began explaining their strategy.

“For starters we never thought that we could actually defeat the BOSS by ourselves. The only reason we took up the subjugation this time, was because we would have the support from the military.”

“Do the Marine Forces have some kind of plan?”

“They have something along the lines of a trump card.”

“A trump card? What is it?”

“You’ll find out in a bit. As long as we’re able to stall for time, it’s our victory.”


English Channel ・ Marine Forces Carrier Strike Group――

“At this distance I wonder if it’ll really come…”

“I’m not sure… However they are ability users after all. As long as they find the BOSS they should be able to take care of the matter somehow.”

On top of the deck of one of the cruisers there was a single target made out of wood. It was placed in a way that it was facing towards London. And the person looking over that target a young member of the NATO Forces.

Currently the whole fleet situated here was simply waiting for the news from The Sanctuary Knights to arrive.

Just at that moment――


With an unbelievable speed a single arrow shot through the wooden target on top of the deck!!  Right next to the feathers of the feather there was a small piece of paper attached to it.

“Report it! From here on out it’s a race against time!!”

The soldier immediately ran, carrying with him the information towards headquarters.

“So it came!”

After receiving the information the Fleet Admiral James immediately ordered the whole fleet to act.

“We only have one chance.”

After some time passed he received notice from his subordinates that the preparations were completed.

“Get ready! Fire!!”

Upon the order leaving his mouth the three cruisers situated at the English Channel began firing off Anti-Ship Missiles.

Around 40 missiles filled the skies and afterwards disappeared within the clouds.


“Missiles made from High Purity Mithril?”

“That’s right. They are missiles that were created by using the rare High Purity Mithril mined from the darkish-blue land. During previous experiments a missile was able to kill a large Flying Dragon with only one shot, however, due to High Purity Mithril being scarce, we couldn’t make a lot of them.”

‘So they were developing something like that… Still that aside, your method of communication was an arrow! I guess now that we cannot use normal means of communication we made do of what we can…’

“Now the only thing we need to do is keep the BOSS in that place until the missiles arrive. And those two will take care of that!”

Myself and Alexander turned to look towards Freya and Leo who were circling around the Dragon King. They were constantly restraining the Dragon King while flying around it.

The strange thing was that even though the Dragon tried to take flight, it wasn’t able to.

“What is causing that?”

“That’s due to Leo’s Sword. Durendal bestows it’s owner with the specific ability known as Wind Protection. With it the owner of the sword is able to control the atmosphere. Since Dragons fly by controlling the atmosphere with magic, Leo can prevent that with his sword. And――”

While kicking her Dragon Freya was constantly using Light Magic to steal the vision of the Dragon King.

It’s not like the Dragon King was slow, it’s just that with her skilful rein control Freya was able to somehow keep it in its place However…

The Dragon King proceeded to open its mouth wide. The Magic Particles in the surroundings began gathering, and the temperature in the area suddenly jumped up even more. In the next moment the Dragon King shot out an enormous ball of fire from its mouth!!

Due to her skilful control Freya somehow managed to control her Dragon to evade it. Due to the air pressure she almost fell down, however in the end she managed to steady herself. The ball of flame continued flying, heading for a small town in the distance.

It was a town situated in one of the small hills surrounding London.

Just as the ball of fire came into contact with the town the whole area around it was suddenly enveloped in light!!

The sound that came afterwards shook the whole earth! When I once again looked towards the town I noticed that the whole place had evaporated and the only thing that could be seen was an enormous mushroom cloud hanging in the air.

“You must be kidding me… It evaporated the whole town?”

Alexander was lost for words at the sight he had just witnessed. If we were to let that thing run free I could guess that the whole landscape of the United Kingdom would be completely changed.

Just as I was thinking that――

From up above in the skies several tens of missiles came flying down!! They pierced through the air, heading straight for the Dragon King!! Just before the impact Freya controlled her Dragon to get as far away as possible.

Just as she was getting away the missiles landed on the Dragon King’s body!! Most of them accurately hit their target…

Due to the huge explosion the body of the Dragon King was enveloped in flames and dust, making it hard to see.

According to Alexander’s previous words this should have weakened the Dragon King a bit, and with that The Sanctuary Knights would take the lead in bringing it down afterwards…

“Did it work…”

As if praying, Alexander shot his glance towards the place where the Dragon King was.

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