Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 12

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Frightening Magic Swordsman

“Well, for now, please sleep for a while, Your Highness.”

Almost at the same time as when Theodora said that, I took a small wand out of my pocket and jumped out. After that, I swung my sword down towards Theodora, but she evaded quickly and pulled out a dagger. The way she moved was unlike a normal maid at all. The secret organization probably had her infiltrate the Imperial Palace as a maidservant. 

Theodora’s men swung their swords towards me left and right. Their attack was not only slow, but it was also just relying on brute force. When I dodged swiftly, the two men who attacked me from left and right attacked each other and panicked. 

At that moment, my sword struck the man on my right’s head. But I didn’t kill him, I only struck him using the back of my sword. I struck my left side’s enemy with sleep magic at the same time. Since I was using the treasure sword Tetracorde, I could use certain magic almost immediately without the need for casting. It was sad to say that it wasn’t due to my own talent. 

I walked over to Philia and looked at Theodora. “With this, it’s one versus three. What will you do then, Theodora?”

“Aren’t you the instructor I met in the day?”

“Yes, I’m also Solon the magic swordsman.”

Two of her companions moving behind Theodora gasped. Having the reputation of a strong man has helped me, because Solon the magic swordsman was supposed to be one of the strongest adventurers. In fact, even if it was a false reputation, it might scare enemies away and make them lose the will to fight. 

Theodora said provokingly, “Why is the vice-captain of The Knights of Saint Sophia here?”

“It’s because I became Philia’s tutor,” I smiled and answered that.

“It will be a hassle if we continue making a fuss here, right? Then why don’t we make a deal?”

“A deal?”

“I’ll let you guys leave, but you’ll have to release Philia and Clarice. How about that?”

To be honest, it was pretty hard fighting while keeping Philia safe at the same time. I was alone, so protecting a powerless person was quite difficult to do. If the situation was like that, then it was better not to fight. And for the other side too, I thought it was more rational to withdraw from the fight because something unexpected has occurred. But Theodora seemed to have lost all her composure. 

“Do you think we would let such immorality happen? That Solon, the hero of the demons’ subjugation, siding with the devil’s child? 

“So you won’t accept the deal?”

“We want Solon the magic swordsman, who sided with a devil, to die. We also want to capture Philia the Imperial Princess and set her as an example for the world. We won’t do anything less than that.” 

It looked like the fight was inevitable. And Theodora seemed to be stronger than the other two men I had defeated. Behind her, stood two magicians supporting her. What’s more, the maid who served the Imperial Palace shouldn’t be killed because Theodora needed to be caught alive as the culprit of Clarice’s kidnapping incident. 

Without turning back, I spoke to Philia behind me. “I think you’d be scared, but please just stay still.”

“I’m not scared. So please stop treating me like a child.” 

“You know, even now, I’m still afraid of fighting. Because I might die in it.” 

When I said that, there was a sighing sound coming from Philia. Then she said, “I’m sorry, Solon. It’s because I am a devil’s daughter.”

“In any case, it’s still true that Philia-sama is my disciple.”

“Thank you, Solon. Please win this fight.”

“I have to set an example as an instructor. So I will definitely win this fight and show you the best finale.” 

Then I prepared my sword, the treasure sword Tetracorde. 


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