Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 26

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Trip to the Hot Springs

Good morning, I’m Tina.

Today is the day we will go on a trip to the hot springs, just as Halt-sama promised. Early this morning, I have been—no, the truth is, I had been excited since lunchtime yesterday.

During class yesterday, I kept on sneaking glances to Halt-sama whenever I am free. I did say yesterday, but that is a misleading statement.

I am always watching Halt-sama.

Finally, the most awaited day arrived. I cheerfully changed into some casual clothes.

Okay, let’s wake Halt-sama!

To heighten the excitement for today, I slept separately from Halt-sama. It’s been a while since I did that.

I was lonely, but I also anxiously waited for this special trip.

By the way, Halt-sama ordered Youko, Mai, and Mei to sleep in their own rooms, too.

“Please excuse me, Halt-sama.”

In order to wake Halt-sama, I entered his bedroom.


There’s no one on the bed. Maybe he is already awake and waiting for me in the living room?

…Hmm? What’s this?

There was a letter on the nightstand.

‘To Tina,

Since it’s the most awaited date, let’s meet up.

Come to the fountain square in the central city at 8 o’clock, okay?

From Halt’

My heart jumped.

Date… Yes, the trip today can be considered as a date…

Meet-up for the date…

Today, one of the things I wanted to do finally came true.

Halt-sama really knows how to make me happy.

I looked at the clock – it’s already 7:20.

I’m done with my clothes, and it only takes 10 minutes from the mansion to the plaza. There’s a lot of leeway, but I don’t want to make Halt-sama wait for even a bit.

I wanted to see him as soon as possible. I entrusted the mansion to Youko and the girls. Then I headed towards the central city.


“Sorry for making you wait, Halt-sama.”

“Morning, Tina.”

Halt-sama was wearing casual clothes.

His black vest looks great on him – he’s so handsome.

“It’s been a while since I saw Tina’s casual outfit, it’s really cute.”

“Th, thank you very much!”

My outfit’s cute- he said…

I can’t help but grin.

“Okay, shall we?”

Halt-sama grasped my hand – the way lovers typically do. He led me as we walked. We finally came to the main street where horse-drawn carriages and magical cars pass. Halt-sama just held my hand all the way here, but my heart kept on pounding I feel like it’ll burst.

Will it be fine if we keep at it for the whole day?

Halt-sama led me to a majestic, magical car parked at the main street.

D, don’t tell me we’ll be using this for today?

It was an elegant, magical car decorated beautifully without being gaudy. It seems we’ll really be riding in this car. Halt-sama opened the door and escorted me in.

Gentleman! Halt-sama’s the perfect gentleman!

—Oops, please excuse me.

I lost my composure.

I am Tina Harivell – a magic swordsman who led the Heroes and defeated the Demon King. Why am I getting excited about this kind of thing?

Keep calm! I must stay cool!

I entered the car and guided by Halt-sama. I sat on his side.

“Are you comfortable? I prepared the best car in this city. It’s my first date with Tina, after all.”

Halt-sama grinned at me.


What’s with that kilowatt smile!

It’s too fantastic!

Did he say prepared the best car in the academy just for today’s date? Even if I had to ride a tattered carriage, I’d gladly do so if it is for Halt-sama.

But I am truly happy from the bottom of my heart to hear that he went the extra mile for our date.

Looks like he went for the kill.

Please do not worry.

My heart, my all—everything’s already Halt-sama’s.

Afterward, we conversed about a lot of things, including things about the academy, even about my adventures with the former heroes.

Halt-sama seems to have an interest in adventures.

Halt-sama’s future is already secured even if he did not go on adventures because he is the Count’s son; however, reincarnated people seem to long for adventures in a different world.

Just like that person.

….Oh no, this is wrong.

I should enjoy my date with Halt-sama to the fullest.


After a while, we finally arrived in a small village.

The hot springs are located a little bit further into the forest, and only those who are familiar with this place know about them. By the way, there are level 80 monsters in the forest, so the villagers will never approach the forest.

There is a demon-repelling protective barrier around the village, so there is no reason for demons to attack here.

Level 80 monsters are no big deal for both of us, so we headed towards the hot springs without any worry.

As expected, we cannot enter the forest while in the car, so we have to leave it in the village. Halt-sama was talking to the driver of the magic car.

Maybe he’s giving instructions regarding the departure time?

We’re finally on our way to the hot springs. There might be some demons lurking around, so I kept myself light and ready to defend but— 

“We’re on a date, remember? There’s no way I’ll let Tina fight.”

Halt started to cast a magic spell.

Fire Lance!”

A [Flame Knight] appeared before us.

Such great magical power, and such fluid motions.

How many techniques did he incorporate in this one?

Most probably, I can’t win against it, so I’m glad it is our ally that we can rely on.

“I already hunted most of the demons around here, but I might have missed a few, so he’s here to guard us.”

He said that nonchalantly, but you know, even adventurers who are B-ranked and below can’t enter this forest easily.

In this kind of forest, he already hunted most of the demons, he said…

Well, I can’t say anything but ‘as expected‘’.

However, with this, we can head to the hot spring with peace of mind, since there will be no monsters to attack us. Thank goodness the clothes praised by Halt-sama are unlikely to get dirty.

“Tina, let’s go.”



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