I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 82

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Abyss

London… As if befitting its place as the centre of the Magic Particle omission the whole sky was covered in a thick cluster of clouds.

After arriving at Brixton we were finally able to see that

An enormous pit that seems to have gouged out the middle of the city. This was The Abyss…

It was way bigger than what I had imagined. Around the sides of it the whole land had formed risen as if it had been hit by some sort of wave. The buildings had turned to pieces, and it wasn’t that hard to imagine what happened to the residents here as well.

A place which was once surrounded by huge skyscrapers, now didn’t have even a single shade in sight.

A huge hole, ruined buildings, risen ground and numerous sights of what looked like mountains… It looked like this place had gathered all of the United Kingdom’s nightmares into one.

“We got to The Abyss, but how are we going to find the BOSS?”

I turned and asked Leo.

After hearing my words he made a strange expression, however proceeded to answer afterwards.

“We have a way. We’ll begin its preparations so you just wait.” after saying that Leo headed towards Alexander.

Alexander laid the luggage he was carrying on the ground and proceeded to take something out of it.

When we got closer to look at it, we saw that he had taken three silver cases from the inside.

“We’ll use this.”

“What is this?” asked Wan with a deep curiosity appearing in her eyes.

“A small size nuclear weapon.”


Hearing that left both Wan and Ryu dumbfounded. 

‘Were they seriously carrying that thing around!?’

“Do you plan to shoot it inside The Abyss?”

“That’s right. If there really is a BOSS inside of there, it might not be able to kill it, however we will at least get some sort of response.”

‘Wait, wait, and what exactly are we gonna do if it explodes where it’s not supposed to by any chance!? Personally, I’ll be fine, but what about the others… They won’t get out unscathed…’

It looked like all of the members of The Sanctuary Knights had already known about it, but myself, Wan and Ryu hadn’t heard anything!  I thought it would be fine for me to get angry about it, but when I looked around it appeared Wan and Ryu were just surprised and Wan even had a look of approval in her eyes.

‘I guess I’m the only one with a bit of common sense around here…’

“And what if the BOSS doesn’t appear even then?”

“Then we’ll head north and enter Ireland. Most of the survivors have already retreated to Ireland so we’ll go there as well and help them evacuate. Just as we had planned beforehand.”

Anna and Elias proceeded to open the boxes and fiddle with the stuff that was inside. Later they explained to me that the plan was to shoot the weapons with a timer attached to them into the Abyss. However, because we didn’t know exactly how deep the hole was we would be shooting them with different times of explosion.

Until the preparations were done myself, Wan, Ryu and Carlo just waited nearby.

“Carlo I was that you’ve tamed the Greenland BOSS, but what about the one in Angola?”

“That one was a failure. With the help of this Circe’s Staff I’m able to use Tame with a high success chance, however the stronger the opponent is the lower that chance gets.”

“I see. Did you also get their Magic Cores? BOSSes usually always drop one.”

“Magic Cores? What are you talking about? There’s no way a BOSS would drop a Magic Core.”


For me whenever I defeated one it would always drop so I was taken back a bit by Carlo’s words.

“For starters when you Tame a monster, their core is taken alongside them, and later by using the power within their core and your own MP you’re able to summon them. There’s no way a Magic Core will drop from a Tamed monster…’

Hearing Carlo’s words shocked me quite a bit. After all up until now after using Tame I’d always get a Magic Core with the BOSS’ ability! If Carlo’s words were really true there’s no way I could have done that.

“Well, in the end it’s still a hypothesis. There’s no one that can actually confirm whether it’s true or not either way… Gojo have you seen a BOSS’ Magic Core?”

“Hm? Yea I have… I thought that everyone here had.”

“It’s true that with the Hunter’s Class Skill there’s a chance for a monster to drop a Magic Core, but to imagine that BOSSes can drop one as well.”

There were still a lot of things that we didn’t now… And besides this was the first time I was actually able to hold a conversation like this. 

‘I wonder, why was it actually different?’

While losing myself in my thoughts it appears that the preparations had been completed.

“We’re going.”

After saying that they proceeded to lower the first case. After that the second and the third. All of us moved back quite a bit so that we wouldn’t get injured and just watched.

Every single one of us was on our toes. The first explosion would apparently occur after around 5 minutes… And after a bit of time passed the ground beneath our feet shook. 

‘It seems like the first one exploded.’

From within the hole a huge amount of smoke and light appeared piercing the skies above!  Various sounds, from the explosion and shrieks of monsters were mixing together, covering the entire area.

Afterwards the ground shook two more times, however it was clearly not as much as the first explosion. 

‘I guess it’s because they exploded in a deeper region…’ 

Another several minutes passed and everything went quiet, however there were still no signs of response.

“Was it a failure…?”

Just as Wan said that I heard something. I wasn’t sure if it sounded like a shriek, or a cry, or just like the sound of the passing wind, however there was definitely something.

“Is it coming out of The Abyss…?”

After Leo said that, the air suddenly grew heavier.

“It’s not from there.”

Hearing my words Leo turned to look towards me with a complicated expression. I pointed towards the sky turning everyone’s gazes towards that direction. The thick layer of clouds up in the sky was slowly starting to take on a red color.

Leo was looking at the changing scenery with an annoyed look, and whispered.

“So it had already left The Abyss…’

None of The Sanctuary Knights could hide their shock as well. The clouds began getting redder and redder and following that we could see something heading towards the ground.

The surrounding temperature suddenly rose, and the Magic Particle density made it hard to breathe.

From within the clouds bright red scales were covering the body of a single Dragon… Everyone here was completely dumbfounded by its size.

Its wing span looked to be more than 200 meters. All of the Dragons we had seen up until now, looked like small lizards compared to it. 

‘No wonder it’s difficulty is an S… This one’s gonna be tough.’

I tried appraising the Dragon that came down from the skies――

Flaming Dragon King Shiva

Dragon Lv4482

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

‘So that’s the ruler of the Dragons…!!’

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