Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 25

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Growing Family (Mai and Mei)

“What is the meaning of this, Halt-sama?”

Tina is livid.

It doesn’t show on her face, but the overflowing magical energy emanating from her says otherwise.

“N, no, you’re mistaken! T, this guys just did what they wanted!”

After the meeting with Headmaster was over, I returned to the mansion and took a bath—on my own, of course.

We had a real battle at the Steel Forest, and even though I did not move that much, I’m still conscious about how dirty I am, so I wanted to take a bath.

I washed up and soaked in the tub. As I laid back to relax, Youko suddenly entered.

Obviously, this is a bath, so it’s natural that she’s in the nude.

I was stupefied, then Mai and Mei suddenly appeared from summoning circles because, apparently, they felt there was danger lurking around me.

They both turned red as tomatoes when they saw me lounging on the tub stark naked.

But I never expected that they’d hurriedly undress.

I questioned them about what they are up to, and they insisted that they wanted to take a bath with me since the situation is already like this. 

Oy, what’s with that ‘situation is already like this’!?

Hey, I am quite happy to be in the bath with three gorgeous girls, but…

It’s the worst-case scenario. The bathroom door opened, and Tina poked her head in.

I’m supposed to be alone in the bath, but it was boisterous, so she was worried and decided to take a look. What greeted her was the sight of Youko, Mai, and Mei surrounding me in the tub. It’s no wonder she’d be fuming.

“You’re wrong!”

Yeah, I’m not cheating!

“What do you mean I’m mistaken? Not only did you bring Youko here, but you also brought Mai and Mei in an instant?”

The corners of Tina’s lips were lifted in a smile – a terrifying smile.

Youko, Mai, and Mei felt stifled by the ominous aura emanating from Tina, and they cowered beside me. They huddled closer to me for protection.

Whoah, this is… awesome!!!

I can feel their smooth skin against mine, and their bouncy softness touched me…

I felt myself grinning.

In response to that, Tina’s aura became much more severe.

I…dug myself a grave.

The pail and chair started to shake because of Tina’s tremendous energy. I need to think of a way to get out of this mess—fast.

“Tina, do you wanna join us?”

…I tried to invite her in.


Tina froze up. The tip of her ears poking through her short hair turned beet-red promptly.

“I – t, there’s no need! So please, take your time!”

Tina went out and shut the door with a loud bang.

Sleeping beside me is fine, but taking a bath with me is still a no, huh.

I suddenly recalled the other day when Youko slept beside me. Tina vigorously jumped on the bed when I called her to sleep with me.

“Master’s a Casanova.”

Youko stared at me with cold eyes.

“Hey, why would you say that.”

“My body’s still juvenile for a nine-tailed fox, but I’m confident I have enough appeal to captivate men. Mai and Mei are also lovely. Beauties already surround you, but you keep your cool. You even thought of inviting Tina over… If that’s not a Casanova, then what is?”

Hey, that’s terrible.

But I can’t help it. All three of them are too cute.

Isn’t it natural for a man to react if he’s in the bath with three magnificent ladies?

However, I cast a magic spell so I’ll have perfect control over my body. Because of that, I was able to suppress any physiological responses.

I already had my body under control the moment Youko entered au naturel.

“Oy, I’m not a Casanova, I’m just being a gentleman, you know. I just invited her over so she can have a good time in the bath with all of us.”

—That’s a lie.

I was really frightened by Tina’s murderous aura, and I only managed to come up with such a flimsy excuse.

“Alright, I’ll go first. You three, enjoy yourselves.”

I hurriedly got out of the bathtub.

“My charisma’s still lacking, huh.”

“Maybe Halt-sama likes people with chests as huge as Teacher Tina’s?

“Hey, Mei, I’ll feel miserable, so could you stop saying that?”

I heard them talking behind my back.

But they didn’t have to worry… their appeal’s dangerous too.


I looked for Tina so I can apologize for the incident earlier.

I found her in the kitchen. She was so absorbed in peeling the potatoes — there was a huge pile of skinned potatoes behind her.

“He had the nerve to enter the bath with Youko and his girl classmates right under my nose! But… maybe because I’m a middle-aged woman…and they’re young, with beautiful skin…”

Seems like she didn’t notice me.

Tina’s sulking.

“I’m also young by Elf standards, and my chest is second to none!!”

Tina pushed her boobies, and she looked quite seductive.

“But even with all of these… Halt-sama won’t join me in a bath… No, he did invite me earlier. I wish I had been honest… I was being too stubborn, I guess…”

Tina’s hand stopped, and she looked downcast.

“Then, why don’t we go to the hot springs with only the two of us.”


Tina was appalled when I suddenly talked to her.

“W, when did you get here?”

“A little while ago. I don’t think you’re a middle-aged woman at all. I also see you as a very attractive woman, you know.”

“Y, you heard everything!!!”

“Ahaha, my bad. So, how about the hot springs? Let’s go together to one that’s located somewhere quite far away?”

“Together..the two of us?”

“Yup, only the two of us.”

Tina was lost in thought for a bit.

“I.. want to go…”

Tina mumbled almost inaudibly, but I got her consent.

“Okay, then, let’s go on our next day-off! It’s been a while since our last trip, right.”

“Y… yes… I’m looking forward to it…”

Upon hearing the word “travel”, Tina sported a huge smile on her face. With that, Tina’s back to normal.

“What will I do with these…”

Tina didn’t know what to do with all the potatoes she peeled.

“We’ll just have to live off potatoes for a while.”

I may be an aristocrat, but I don’t like wasting food.

“It’ll soon be gone with the five of us here.”

“Five? D, don’t tell me…”

I already have a contract with Mai and Mei, so I told Tina to let them stay in the mansion’s extra rooms.

Sure enough, Tina’s mood soured again.

I promised over again that it would be only the two of us on our upcoming trip to the hot springs, so I somehow managed to fix her mood.


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    1. true plus the fact that they teleported to him means he doesn’t need to summon them as they can come to him

    2. It’s worser, the two can summon themself, unless MC put restriction on that than it’s a big fat lie about only them two yeah

  1. casanova- a man known for seducing women and having many lovers Women were terribly charmed by him; a veritable Casanova, he had five wives and literally dozens of mistresses


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