I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 81

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

He Who is Not Human

Just as I had called out to Carlo, the skies suddenly filled with ten thousand lightings, which then began falling towards the Wyvers!! The skies were filled with thunderous sounds, and thousands of Wyverns started falling towards the ground one after another.

The whole world felt like it was under the rule of those thunderous sounds and flashes of light.

I bent over, and tried to open my eyes to get a look of the surroundings. What I saw were the numerous corpses of the Wyverns.

“What in the world happened!?”

Luke standing next to me was completely dumbstruck. After looking around once again I noticed that none of us were harmed. Freya flying up in the skies was completely fine as well. And then there was him――


All of us had lowered our heads and lowered our bodies, and then there was Gojo, holding his staff and standing up. 

‘Was he the one that used that spell just now…? Up until now I haven’t seen such a wide area magic!’

Just as I was thinking that I saw that there were still tens of Dragons still moving on the surface. Afterwards I saw Gojo turning towards them and raising his staff.

“Blazing Thunder!!”

A crimson lightning shot towards the remaining Dragons! Upon being struck by the lightning the Dragons went up in flames, losing their lives. 

‘…So that’s the famous Combination Magic…’

 In the next moment, from within the ground behind Gojo, three Dragons suddenly appeared and pounced towards him! 

‘Not good, magicians aren’t proficient in close-range combat.’ 


Just as I raised my voice… The Dragons that got close to Gojo were immediately blown off.

“What the? What happened!?”

Luke was while watching Gojo with a complicated expression, trying to give an explanation for my confusion.

“It happened way too fast so I couldn’t see clearly, but I think he hit them bare handed.”

“Bare handed!?”

Upon hearing my answer filled with even more confusion Luke made an even more complicated expression. The Dragons that had been blown off after twitching for a bit, didn’t move any more.

“Leo! Some thing’s definitely off.”

“Yea, the thing Gojo used just now was Chi Control. Just as Wan said before, I guess Gojo really is a Monk as well…”

“There’s no way that’s true! The Great Magician is the high grade Class for the Magician. While the Monk is the high grade Class for the Fighter and Priest. If he has both of them then that means that he should have over 5 Class Skills!!”

It was just as Luke had said. It would be a different story if Gojo had a special weapon like ours, however that wasn’t the case. 

On top of that Magic Combination as well as Chi Control are both known to be high grade Class Skills. Up until now I haven’t seen another ability user that could use both of them simultaneously…

“Luke… Bring Gress here.”


“Phew… being able to defeat that number of Wyvers in a moment’s notice… You really are amazing Gojo.”

Just as I was finishing up cleaning the remaining Dragons Carlo spoke to me.

“Of course. For Gojo to be able to take care of this is no big deal! Still Gojo, I didn’t know you could also use attack magic. Why didn’t you tell me?”

‘Now that I think about it I really haven’t used attack magic in front of Wan before… Still why is she boasting in my stead?’

“Now, now, he’s a Magician after all, it’s only natural that he’ll be able to use attack magic.”

“Gojo is a Monk! The Magician is something like his sub-class!”

“Like hell he is!”

‘I guess those two won’t come to a conclusion… Still I guess it’s all my fault for not explaining properly…’

While we were talking the other members started slowly gathering, however none of us could see Leo or Luke.


“Leo, I brought him!”

Gress standing in front of me, had a somewhat frightened expression on his face.

“Master Leo, is there something you need of me…?”

“It’s about Gojo. Why did you lie?”

“I didn’t do a…”

“Don’t play dumb!!”

Luke grabbed a hold of Gress’ collar and lifted him up in the air!  Gress was waving his legs back and forth and looked like he was in pain.

“Y-you don’t know…”

“Gojo’s strength isn’t ordinary! If we had known about it from the start maybe we could have come up with a different strategy!”

It looked like Luke was starting to get pretty angry. I went in to stop him, but the only thing I could do was make him put Gress down, in the end Luke still refused to let go of Gress’ collar.

“He is… Gojo is way too strong!! His status is way out of the ordinary!”

“Isn’t that all the better then! Why didn’t you say anything!? What are you hiding!!”

Luke once again tightly clenched Gress’ collar. Gress struggling under the pressure was having a hard time uttering his words.

“If I had told you the truth Master Leo would have gone in to fight with Gojo. Which would have led to Master Leo dying!”

“Why would I go fight Gojo? There’s no reason for me to fight him!”

“Up until now I’ve only seen abnormal statuses like that only twice… And Gojo’s status goes beyond that!!” 

For a moment I couldn’t figure out what Gress was talking about… Only twice? Was he referring to the BOSSes in Greenland and Angola? …If that really was the case then… Just as I realised that I felt shivers run down my spine.

“Are you trying to say that he’s a human type BOSS!?”

After those words came out, the whole area turned silent. We had talked about the possible existence of a human type BOSS before. One who’d have the same intelligence and same appearance as humans. And that if such a BOSS actually existed, it would become a way bigger threat than the Dragons.

“Gress… are you certain?”

“I cannot think of another way for him to have obtained a status like that… He’s not a human… That guy’s a monster!!”

After Gress said that Luke came into the conversation.

“Still we cannot be completely certain about that. We also cannot deny the fact that Gojo saved us. Don’t you think that the possibility of him being an ally is higher!?”

What Luke was saying was certainly true. However…

“Currently we’re in the midst of enemy territory. Right now there are only two options available to us… We can either abandon the subjugation and confront Gojo, or we accept that Gojo is an ally and continue following the current plan.”

If Gojo really was a BOSS then that means that he definitely has some kind of reason for travelling together with us. In the end we cannot allow ourselves to fight two BOSSes at the same time.

“Gress… If I were to fight Gojo would I have a chance of victory?”

“None, you’d be killed.”

“And what if all of The Sanctuary Knights fought together?”

“He’d just kill all of us…”

“In that case we only have one option… And that’s to trust him. We’re continuing according to plan! Try not to let the other members know. It will only create confusion.”

After I finished saying that Gress slowly went back to and met up with the others.

“If he had only said something earlier we could have maybe come up with something.”

Luke said resentfully…

“No… If he had said something earlier I would have definitely tried to kill Gojo there and then, and as Gress said just now I would have died.”

“Still there’s no way to prove whether Gojo is really a BOSS or not.”

“There’s no reason to prove it.”

“What do you mean?”

“Just knowing that it’s a possibility is enough reason to eliminate him.”



After checking my status I noticed that I had maxed out the Great Magician Class Slate.

Magic Combination’s rank had also gone up from B to A. 

‘Well Magic Combination comes in use, so I’m grateful for that. I guess I’ll try becoming this next…’

I took out a Paladin Class Slate. I decided on this one because I got really interested in the Protection skill that Elias had used before… 

‘I won’t be a Great Magician any more, but I doubt there’d be anyone who’s gonna check my status…’

After everyone gathered, we departed.

There was just a little bit more until the abyss like hole!

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    1. very human reaction though. dont know what it is/its different/scary -> kill it. very common reaction in history and the stakes rise when perceived danger gets added to the mix.

  1. I can already see Gojo getting that ‘most powerful sword’ when Leo tries to kill him. I hope Gojo at least notices their hostility and doesn’t just plow through their trap, ignorant of the whole assassination attempt. You know, since he has telepathy and can sense good and bad intent, plus any other applicable skills he happens to have.

  2. …humans are really stupid, if they know he’s that strong, they should’ve ally on him instead…
    if they curious how is he that strong, why shouldn’t ask question instead of trying to kill him? is this intentional, is the author sh*tting us?. or is this his strategy to keep us reading? leaving us cliffs? like shadow-sama’s author? anyway, thanks for the chap.
    now translator-sama, amuse me to make me continue reading.
    Eh? did i already said this b4?

    1. I can only translate the chapters for you to enjoy. The one who has to make you read is the author 😀

  3. Well, we already knew that they are assholes, didn´t we? They most likely killed they guy who found the weapon gacha to get his weapons. It´s just that Gojo who found the skill gacha is a much harder nut to crack,, since it´s his own power and not external weapon skills.

  4. Woah, the author definitively changed the novel completely. Some of the elements are the same, but everithing changed. At this point, that Saruman and another character was on the novel long time ago…. Luckily this versi8n is way better

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