When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 14

Translator: Azo

Editor: CutieBinkie

Restoring memory

At the same time, beside the jade pool, there are people much more appalled than Yue Bin.

“That slut! He dares to kiss our lord! I’ll kill him!” Ah Zi is furious.

Ah Qing stops him. “You can clearly see, our lord is the one who started this.”

“Lies! That seductress is too dangerous! Our lord is just confused!” Ah Zi protests.

Ah Qing looks back into the pool but the entire jade pool goes dark. Slowly, white fog rises up, and starts to lightly spill over the edges. They can’t see anything through the pool.

Ah Qing panics. “What’s wrong with the ice spirit jade pool? Is it broken?”

A man in white enters the room, his voice monotone. “According to probability calculations, the link has been turned off.”

“How did it turn off?” Ah Qing asks Ah Bai sceptically.

“According to probability calculations, there are two possibilities. One is that the emperor was captured by the enemy, and the enemy discovered the mystery of the jade pool and closed it off. Second, he shut it down himself.”

Ah Bai continues, “According to probability calculations, if he wants to shut it down himself, he must first recover his memory. But according to probability calculations, the chances of him recovering his memory in three days is less than one in ten thousand. 

Ah Bai looks down at the blank jade pool. “To sum up, the lord has met an unprecedented enemy and is in imminent danger.”

“Speak faster,” Ah Zi complains. “You are so long-winded, get to the point – wait, what!? The lord is in danger – was he discovered by the Sword King? We have to help!”

“According to probability calculations, it’s of no use going now. But you’d better go anyway, ” Ah Bai comforts in a strange way.

Ah Zi doesn’t wait for the rest of his nonsense and rushes out like he’s on fire.

Back in the dark room of the house, Kongbao kisses Kong Wuying and then slowly stands up.

There’s no longer a kind of confused blankness in his expression but instead an unreadable look. The night wind blows through his silver hair and shuffles around the curtains. 

“Huh?” Kong Wuying suddenly opens his eyes and finds Kongbao looming over his bed. “Baby? Why are you here?”

Kongbao’s face is solemn. “Master, there are mosquitoes biting you, I’ll help you shoo them away.”

Kong Wuying thinks that his puppet is very good. No wonder he feels numb at the corners of his mouth, he was bitten by mosquitoes.

Alas! It seems that he needs to practice his demonic cultivation as soon as possible. He’s fallen to the point where even small bugs are coming to provoke him.

Kong Wuying smiles at Kongbao. “Go to sleep quickly, you’re also tired.”

Kongbao stubbornly shakes his head. “No, I’m not tired.”

Kong Wuying lips twitch with humour and he reaches up. Kongbao obediently leans down so Kong Wuying can pat him on the head. 

“I know you are good,” Kong Wuying says. “Go back to sleep, eh?”

Kongbao nods along and reluctantly leaves the room and goes back to his own one. As soon as he closes the door, his faint smile disappears.

Ah Qing and Ah Bai are preparing to discuss how to help the lord when the jade pool ripples and the image becomes their lord, staring right at them.

“My lord?” The two are surprised.

Kongbao says, “The jade pool link will be closed for the future. You no longer have to stand guard.”

“Yes,” Ah Qing accepts  the order. “My Lord, have you restored your memory?”

Kongbao sneers. “What, did you think someone else shut it?” he questions sarcastically. “Is there an enemy strong enough who can just swing by to meddle?”

Ah Bai says nothing.

Ah Qing’s face changes. “But just now Ah Zi thought there was something wrong and has already left for Yunyue city.”

Kongbao sighs. “No harm done.” 

Ah Zi is too hot tempered.

“Since you’ve recovered your memory, will you finish your excursion soon and return?” Ah Qing asks.

“No hurry.” Kongbao smirks. “l have some important things to do, occupy yourselves for the time being.” 

The jade pool closes off without another word.

Ah Qing sighs, “I don’t know what’s so important but the lord isn’t coming back for now.”

“According to probability calculations, there is a 90% chance that the look in your eyes is regarding the matters of springtime. You are in heat.”

(^ heat=eustrus=Ah Bai wants to hook up?)

“Shut up,” Ah Qing complains. “Your calculations are never accurate. You’d better think about the consequences of you causing Ah Zi to run off.”

Ah Bai looks away.

In Yunyue city, Yuan Ruo storms up to Xiao Yue.

“Xiao Yue! You are too much!” Yuan Ruo criticises. “Did you tell my father about what happened with the secret technique? Now he is sending me back home!”

Xiao Yue smiles pleasantly. “Uncle Yuan asked me to look after you. I can’t control you myself so naturally, I have to report to him. You’d better go back and have a good rest.”

Yuan Ruo is upset. “I see you are deliberately trying to sabotage me! You want to monopolize Zhao-ge!”

Xiao Yue is stunned for a moment and then blushes. “What are you talking about? We are both men. How can we… I told you not to read strange books all day long.”

Yuan Ruo’s eyes narrow. “Since you are not interested in my Zhao-ge, you won’t refuse to help me deliver a gift?”


Yuan Ruo quickly darts away and then returns with a box. “This is the Ice Iron that brother Zhao asked me to find for him.  I have to leave now but you must give it to him. Tell him to come to Shengdu to play with me when he is free. “

“Ice Iron? Wait, when and how did you get familiar with Ning Zhao? ” Xiao Yue asks in confusion.

“Of course, we’ve been sending letters since we made amends last time. The more you know about Zhao-ge, the more you’ll worship him.” Yuan Ruo’s eyes get wide. “He is omniscient and omnipotent. He is graceful, beautiful and extraordinary. His temperament is outstanding. He is so perfect that people can’t help but love him…” Yuan Ruo trails off, intoxicated.

With so many adjectives, Xiao Yue wants to vomit.

Yuan Ruo sighs wistfully but snaps out of it when someone calls for her in the distance. She looks back at Xiao Yue. “Remember, you must give it to Zhao-ge.”

Then she takes off with a flutter of her red dress.

Later, at Kong Wuying’s house, Xiao Yue hands over a box.

“Ning-ge, here you are.”

Kong Wuying accepts the box and smiles. “Ruoruo let you give it to me?”

Seeing Kong Wuying’s smile, Xiao Yue feels his heart ache a bit. He didn’t say anything, how did Ning Zhao know that it was Yuan Ruo?

Xiao Yue blurts out, “No, this is from me. I heard that you’re looking for Ice Iron, I got some for you.”

Xiao Yue wants to slap himself. Why did he say that? What’s the matter with him?

“Thank you.” Kong Wuying, not finding anything wrong, he opens the box. He takes one look at the thing inside and freezes.

After a moment, Kong Wuying slowly turns to Xiao Yue. “Mr. Xiao, do you want to be my concubine?”

“No thanks necessary, it was a small matter – huh? What are you talking about?” Xiao Yue is stunned stupid.

“Take it back, it’s impossible.” Kong Wuying immediately shoves the gift box back into Xiao Yue’s arms as if the gift was burning hot.

“I didn’t…” Xiao Yue is confused, and at the same time, he feels aggrieved. Is it necessary to move so fast? Is it necessary to be so disgusted? “You may have misunderstood something, I’m a man, I…”

“I know that gender is not a problem,” Kong Wuying interrupts, his face sincere. “But I like beauties, you know?”

“I…” Xiao Yue is deeply hurt. What does it mean that you like beauties? Is Xiao Yue not beautiful enough? He is one of the three most beautiful men in Shengdu! He takes a deep breath. “I don’t mean that. You must have misunderstood me. How can I like you?”

Kong Wuying asks, “Did you give me this gift?”

Xiao Yue purses his lips. “Yes?”

Kong Wuying nods. “I can’t accept your love, please give up.”

Xiao Yue, no matter how stunned he is, understands that the problem is the gift. When he opens the gift box, there is Ice Iron inside. 

However, the inside of the box also says; This is the Ice Iron that I have worked so hard to get for you. Please understand the depths of my love for you. I love you so much that I want to have your baby. We can make it work, my parents are very open minded.

Xiao Yue’s grip crushes the edges of the gift box. 

But he can’t blame Yuan Ruo. If Xiao Yue hadn’t lied, how could there be such a misunderstanding!

Xiao Yue sucks in a breath through his teeth. “I can explain, this is-“

“I understand. You can rest assured that I won’t tell anyone else.” Kong Wuying comforts.

Xiao Yue pauses. That’s not what me meant. However, feeling unable to explain, Xiao Yue instead decides to change the subject and hope they both forget about this matter.

“To be honest, Ning-ge, I came to look for you about another matter. I don’t know if Ning-ge has ever heard of Pill Emperor Chu Liying’s secret collection?”


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