I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 80

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


We finally arrived at London, and upon entering the city the roads suddenly changed into devastated ones.  There were also abandoned cars in hideous form laying around everywhere.

“It will be hard to go with the cars from here on out.”

Just as Anna had said, the roads in front were completely blocked by rubble or just destroyed. The car in front of us stopped as well and from the inside several people came out. They looked like they were talking about what to do from now on.

All of us also got out of our car and headed towards Leo’s group.

“There are around 10 km left until London’s centre. We’ll be going there on foot.”

Following Leo’s order everyone began walking. Near us I could see that the Alexander guy was carrying a huge amount of luggage on his back. 

‘Will he really be walking the whole 10 km with that on his back? It looks like The Sanctuary Knights sure did pack a lot of things. I wonder what’s inside…?’

After walking for a bit I got a response from my Hostility Detection. I could tell that it was heading towards us.

‘Have they noticed us? There’s hundreds… No it’s actually even more than that.’

“Leo! Dragons are coming. There’s quite a lot!”

Just as he heard my words Leo immediately responded.

“Luke can you feel anything?”

“Yea, I can sense them coming…”

“Everyone, we’re moving to a wider place where we can fight freely!”

After Leo gave his orders, we went to a nearby and a relatively large crossroad that didn’t have any cars in the vicinity. The Sanctuary Knights let down their luggage and began to prepare for battle.

“They’re coming!”

With Luke’s shout a sense of tension enveloped everyone.

“Gygyaa… Gya…Gyaa”

From within the shadows of the building and cars dinosaur-like Dragons began swarming towards us. I don’t know if it was because we were getting close to the centre of the city, however I could see that they were a bit bigger than the ones we encountered before.

And on top of the buildings there were huge winged Dragons, lined up on right next to the other. After noticing us, all of them flew up simultaneously!! If we include the normal flying Dragons as well there were more than several hundred Dragons currently gliding in the air.

In order to welcome them Freya flew up to the skies with her Dragon!

And on the ground, as if finally having found a prey, several hundred Dragons began appearing and charging towards us!! I stepped in front ready to provide back up, however…

“Gojo wait!”

Wan stopped me with her words.

“If you go in it will be over in no time! Let me fight as well.”

“You just want to test out your new weapon don’t you?”

“Of course! I cannot help but see how well I can actually use it. After all, I have also gotten stronger than last time! Just look at me.”

After saying that Wan proceeded to jump into the swarm of Dragons. Her now stretched Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod, after being enveloped in her Aura, began landing on the Dragons’ bodies!Due to being enveloped in Aura every single hit packed a punch behind it, smashing in the heads of the Dragons.

‘Her new weapon gives off an amazing presence…’

By skilfully using the stretching function of her new rod, she was able to easily pierce the bodies of the Dragons on the ground after striking them. And due to her being able to stretch her rod to as far as she wished, it even reached the Dragons gliding in the air, and with a swing she slammed them into the sides of the nearby building.

In the next instant she immediately shrank the rod and proceeded to smash in the heads of two Dragons that were just about to jump on her. Afterwards she spun with a roundhouse kick sending a third one, that was trying to pounce onto her from the back, flying.

“It’s so powerful. Gojo, did you see how strong I’ve gotten!”

She had a smug smile on her face, and to be honest I had to admit that she had really gotten stronger compared to before. And that weapon was not something to be sneezed at as well… Afterwards I turned around to look at how the other Sanctuary Knights members were doing.

As usual Leo was using his Wind Magic magic to attack the Dragons, and Elias was using his Protection to completely stop the Dragons that were trying to get close.

The other members were also using magic circles, bows, arrows and other means to take care of the Dragons. And the Freya fighting up in the skies didn’t seem like she was struggling as well.

However, I still reached my hand into the space region and took out my Magic Staff just so that I would be able to fight if necessary.


“Damn Wan you’re amazing. I guess you really must love fighting.”

Carlo spoke to me with a nonchalant smile.

“Carlo! Won’t you join as well? Can’t you see that everyone is struggling?”

“Of course I’ll join. I cannot just leave the pretty ladies doing the fighting. By the way Wan won’t you go out on a date with me after we’re done with this? I’ve taken quite a liking to you, you see.”

From what I remembered Carlo was an Italian… 

‘I wonder if all Italian guys are like this…’

“I don’t have any interest in weak men!”

“But you’re always hanging around Gojo, aren’t you? Is he strong?”

“Of course! I haven’t seen a man stronger than Gojo.”

“In that case if I prove that I’m stronger than him will you go out with me?”

‘How can this man think about stuff like this during the current situation!?’

“There’s no way you’re gonna be stronger than him!”

“I guess I’ll just have to show you then…”

After taking up his staff the air around Carlo suddenly changed.

“Ruler of Greenland come forth――”

As he was saying that in front of Carlo a huge magic circle appeared.

“Summon! AMON!!”

From within the magic circle dark red pieces of meat, giving off a bloody stench appeared and formed into a swirl which continued to slowly form into shape. What it formed into was something that could only be described as a real life demon, with protruding horns.

Immediately two Dragons launched themselves towards Amon!  Upon seeing them Amon lightly lifted both of his hands and in the next instant both of the Dragons turned into minced meat.

“There’s a lot of them so I guess I’ll clean them up a bit!”

The Magic Particles around Amon suddenly began rising and enveloping him, rising to a density that could make a person choke.

“Let the annihilation spread! VENOM!!”

Amon looked at a Dragon upon which, the whole body of the Dragon was enveloped in black flames, which didn’t stop burning until there was nothing left. Regardless of whether they were in the air or on the ground, every single Dragon that met Amon’s gaze would be unable to escape.

Even though Dragon innately boasted high fire resistance, they all fell victim to the flames.

Upon seeing that most of the enemies had perished, Amon let out a satisfied expression and turned into a series of lights dispersing into the air…

“So what do you think Wan? I’m strong, aren’t it.”

“You… you aren’t all that bad… However if you can fight then do it from the very start!”

Looking at the laughing Carlo made me a bit angry, however I couldn’t force myself to hate him for some reason. Now there were only a couple dozen of Dragons left on the surface… Just as I was thinking that we’d be able to take care of them quickly something happened.

“This is gonna get tricky…”

Carlo mumbled after looking up at the sky. I was surprised by his words so I turned to look as well. What I saw was a swarm of black dots, enough to cover the whole sky.

“What are those!?”

“Wyverns… They’re not as strong as the Flying Dragons, however those numbers… We might run out of MP before we even get to our destination.”

“Why did they suddenly appear?”

“Hmm, they might have reacted to the magic power that Amon let out just now…”

“So it’s your fault!!”

“Now, now, no reason to get mad.”

‘How can this man be so nonchalant…’ 

Just as I had finished talking with Carlo, Leo yelled out from the opposite road!

“Carlo! We’re retreating!! Run inside the building――”

“Heavy Thunder”

When I heard that, the whole area was suddenly swallowed by light.

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