Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 10

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Imperial Princess Relied on The Magic Swordsman Solon

Philia showed the contents of the letter to me. What was written there was: 

“The maid Clarice is in our custody. If you value her life, Your Highness must come here alone.”

Below that, the place where Clarice was confined was written there. I looked at it for a while, the so-called threatening letter. I had experienced these kinds of threats so many times before when I was an adventurer. It wasn’t that uncommon for adventurers to have disputes with each other or get involved in disputes between the villagers. But it wasn’t normal for a fourteen-year-old princess to receive a similar threat. What’s more, the perpetrators have already captured the princess’ maid.

“Why is this happening…” Philia said with a weak voice. Then I answered, “To tell the princess to come alone means that the person’s aim is Phila-sama.”

“Yes, it must be difficult to aim at me directly, so they captured Clarice as a result.” 

“I also believe it’s like that.”

“It’s my fault… that Clarice is in danger.”

The princess said with a depressed look. I didn’t know who was the enemy. But there was no guarantee that Clarice hadn’t been harmed. Certainly, in any case, it was not Philia’s fault, but the ones who captured Clarice. 

Then I asked Philia. “Philia-sama, do you have any idea who is targeting you?”

“I have, but….”

When I asked the question, Philia’s expression became darker. I guessed she couldn’t speak about it. And it was not my intention to make the princess look that sad. 

I switched the topic. “Let’s quickly consult the imperial guards.” 

“But the writer said that I should come alone?”

I shook my head because we couldn’t follow such orders. 

“Even if Philia-sama goes alone, you can’t help Clarice. What will happen is that both Philia-sama and Clarice will get caught by the enemy.”

“But… I can’t rely on the guards.”

I thought about it at first. But I suddenly had an idea just before I was going to ask. Who was more likely to kidnap a maid who lived in the Imperial Palace? It was certainly a person from the Imperial Palace. Only people from the Imperial Palace should know about the princess’ weakness. 

Philia said, “I can’t trust anyone in this Imperial Palace. Because I have no idea who’s a friend and who’s an enemy.”

If you took the normal measure and moved the guards, there would be a high chance of the enemy knowing about that. If that happened, they would surely take Clarice’s life and escape somewhere. The princess seemed  to have surprisingly realistic thinking.

“Philia-sama, do you have anyone you can truly trust?”

“I only trust Clarice.”

But that Clarice was missing. I was at a loss. If it was like before, I would command the people in the Imperial Capital branch of The Knights of Saint Sophia to deal with this kind of situation. The Knights Order has obtained the Imperial Charter, so they had a certain amount of authority. But because I had been dismissed, I couldn’t use that method. 

It might be good to rely on Lucy-sensei. I didn’t know how close Lucy was with the princess. In any case, she was the one who introduced me to Philia. Then I remembered that Lucy has been on a business trip to the southern empire since yesterday. It was hopeless for us to get in touch with her immediately.

“What should we do? We only have the choice of giving up,” I said quietly. 

Philia was a princess and Clarice was a maid. Their positions were so different. So there should be no reason for the princess to risk her life for Clarice. Rather it was more natural to abandon her. But Philia shook her head.

“You know Clarice is like an older sister to me.”

“It seems like Clarice-san is someone important to you.”

“Yes, she is the only one whom I thought of as a family, she always stays by my side and cares about me. But….”

Even the princess wasn’t able to protect her most important person.

“The reason Philia-sama asked me to become your instructor is because you want more power, isn’t it?”

“Yes, because I hate my weak self.”

“Philia-sama can be strong, so please leave today’s matter to me.”


After all, I was the only one who could help Philia and Clarice. I didn’t know who the enemy was and the reason why Philia was being targeted. However, I couldn’t leave them alone. 

“Philia-sama, can you trust me?”

“Am I not the one who asked you to be my teacher? How can I not believe you?”

“Because you only met me today.”

“It’s because you are the hero, Solon, and you also helped Clarice from the bandits.” 

Philia said without hesitation, eyes filled with defiance. Then she looked up to me, “Will Solon save me and Clarice?”

Because both Philia and Clarice said they admired me, Solon the magic swordsman, then I had to meet that expectation. Even if I was not worth the admiration. 

I said, “I’m Philia-sama’s retainer and instructor. The retainer’s job is to protect the master and the instructor’s job is to guide the disciple. So Philia-sama, please don’t make such a face. I’m sure that Clarice will also say the same thing.” 

I gently put my hand on Philia’s shoulder. She looked at me with a surprised expression and her face became a little red. Philia-sama smiled awkwardly and I nodded. 

“Now, let’s go help Clarice. The basic of a fight is that ‘a soldier values his time’.”


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