Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 24

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Conversation with the Headmaster

I formed contracts with Mai and Mei and resummoned them into the Human Realm.

I placed a lot of mana in the magical circles, so they can manifest here for a relatively long period with no problems.

I’m not sure if it’s because of the large mana I poured in the formations, but Mai and Mei seemed to have grown a little. Well, they look happy, so that’s fine, I guess.

I had Mai and Mei humanized so they can attend classes, but their human appearances seemed to mature too. Mei’s chest size, particularly, seems to be…

Mai’s growth is apparent with her height, but the same can’t be said for her bosom. I’m kinda bothered at how Mai is looking at Mei’s ample globes resentfully.

At least I can now identify who’s who, unlike before, when they looked identical and spoke synchronously. The only drawback, though, is that we have to glance at their busts every time we want to distinguish them.

We then headed to the classroom, and I discovered that afternoon classes were canceled.

Tina reported the incident to the Academy, and an emergency teacher’s meeting was held.

I was then called to the Headmaster’s office.


“So, you are Halt. I heard about you from my grandson. Thank you for getting along with Luke.”

Tina took me to the Headmaster’s office. A gentle-looking old man with snow-white hair and beard extended his arm for a handshake.

This is Luke’s grandfather, the highest authority in this Academy- the venerated Sage Luarno-Ver-Ifrus.

“Thank you very much. I am the one who is in his care.”

I shook Headmaster Luarno’s hand.

“Hmm, you do not have a lot of magic—or should I say it only amounts to Level 1?”

He noticed the true value of my mana. That’s no wonder – my opponent is a genuine Sage, after all.

“Forgive my impertinence, I heard you subjugated a herd of Maho Gnomes and destroyed a Warlock, so my curiosity was piqued.”

“Even if you’re the Headmaster, I won’t forgive you for prying arbitrarily into Halt-sama’s matters, you know.”

Tina got angry for my sake.

“Professor Tina, it’s no big deal. I knew sooner or later it’ll be discovered.”

I think it’s high time I confess about my curse to Tina.

Luarno is a Sage just like me, and he holds the highest position in this academy, so I think it’ll be fine to talk to him about it.

“I want to tell you my background story with all honesty. I do humbly request that whatever conversation we will have in this room should remain strictly confidential, if possible…”

“Certainly, I promise everything you will tell me will never reach anyone else. However, know that this Ifrus Academy of Magic promotes diversity, so even if you do not wish to divulge your story, it is still fine.”

Headmaster said it’s okay for me not to reveal my true identity. That’s why in this Academy, Beastkin, Dragonoids, and Spirits are also present.

With that diversity, it is only natural that some of them would want to hide their identity and enter the school. Youko, a demon, is an example of that.

This Headmaster willingly accepts those students.

As long as one has the desire to study magic, he would have the opportunity to do so – that seems to be the conviction of Mr. Headmaster.

In case a student of this Academy seems to lose his way, Sage Luarno has the power to deal with it.

He might have probed into my power during our handshake, but I also had a grasp of his magical power.

It was the most refined and powerful mana I have ever felt. Even if Youko wanted to dominate this school, I doubt she would succeed.

Luke said Tina is stronger than Headmaster, but if they were to fight using only magic, he would definitely win. That’s how solid he’s magical prowess is.

Because it is him, I decided to ‘fess up.

Status Open.”

I showed my status board to Headmaster Luarno and Tina.


Name: Halt – Vie – Silveray

Race: Human

Divine Protection: None (Fixed)

Occupation: Sage (Level 1)

Strength: 30/30 (Fixed)

Magical Power: 10/10 (Fixed)

Physical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Magical Attack Power: 10 (Fixed)

Defense Power: 10 (Fixed)

Speed: 10 (Fixed)

Dexterity: 10 (Fixed)

Skill: None (Fixed)

Condition: Cursed [Static Curse] (Fixed)

“L, level 1!? What’s the meaning of this!?”

“ A locked status curse… This is the first time I saw this.”

They both inspected my Status Board.

“I am a reincarnated person from another world.”

“Hoh… So you are a reincarnate, that is why you have ‘Sage’ as your profession.”

Headmaster knew that the occupation of heroes from different worlds would be fixed at a tertiary profession.

“Yes, and Level 1 is caused by the Evil God. At the moment of my rebirth, I was cursed by the Evil God, that’s why I’m like this.”

“Evil God… The one who created Demon Kings and spreads fear and despair to the world… He really exists…”

“Tina, do you believe me?”

“Yes, I do believe in Halt-sama. It is also evident in this Status Board.”

I’m glad Tina regarded what I said as the truth. There is no “Evil God” written in the Status Board, so they don’t have any choice but to take my words about the curse.

“But why on earth did the Evil God curse you so?”

“I wasn’t able to get the details, but he said he didn’t want me to flourish in this world…”

“Hmm, but you’re already flourishing conspicuously, you even defeated the Maho Gnomes and Warlock single-handedly.”

“I think so too.”

“I think it’s probably the Evil God’s miscalculation when he cursed me.”


“What does that mean?”

“Please take a look at this. Fire Lance!”

I conjured a [Fire Lance] while the status board is still open.

“T, this is!”

“The mana doesn’t diminish!”

“That’s right. No matter how much I use my magic, my mana doesn’t decrease one bit.”

“Is this the effect of the [Static Status] Curse?”

“Yes. In the beginning, I also thought that the maximum value of my status is fixed, but this curse seems to lock the status itself. I wonder if the Evil Good mistook my curse with the [Lock Status at Maximum Value] Curse.”

“I, I understand now. But wait. I recognize that your magical power is limitless, but how did you manage to crush the Maho Gnomes? Where did you get your attacking power? Isn’t it supposed to be fixed at 10 points?”

“I’m shooting spells that consume less than 10 points of mana each. I stack up my magic so that the attack power rises.” 

“I, I didn’t know that was possible…”

“That’s why the influence was like that…”

I realized that Tina’s referring to the incident at the training hall when I demolished the wall.

“When I accidentally destroyed the training hall’s wall, I shot a spell that combined approximately 100,000 [Fire Lances].”

“H, hundred thousand!?”

“I, it was great that you managed to deflect that magic. Professor Tina, you have my utmost gratitude.”

“…No, if I have to do that all over again, I know it’s impossible.”

Tina managed to repel my magic thanks to the talisman left by that Hero.

“Anyway, it is now clear that Halt is not an ordinary individual. Well, it should come as no surprise, considering he is a reincarnated person. Please, I implore you, do not behave recklessly.”

“I will be careful.”

After that, the Headmaster pledged he would support me within his power while I’m in school.

Rather than say it’s for me, I think his true intention is to prevent me from behaving anomalously and endangering the school.


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