I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 79

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Around an hour had passed since we had gotten into the cars. However we still hadn’t encountered any Dragons. I thought that since we were heading towards their centre we would encounter a lot of them, but it appears I was wrong…

The thing that weighed the most on my mind however was definitely the terrain. The protruding darkish blue land was stretching as far as the eye could see, and on top of that there was something else sticking out of the ground that looked like a mountain. All of that combined created a strange scenery.

“How long until we get to London?”

While holding her now 20 cm weapon, which Wan had shrank in order not to be a nuisance inside of the car, she asked Anna who was currently driving.

“If there aren’t any side tracks it’s going to take about 2 hours, but I don’t think it will go that smoothly.”

Just as Anna said that I felt numerous responses from my Hostility Detection, all of which were heading straight towards us… The mini van in front stopped, and following it we stopped as well.

From the wan up front 4 people including Leo and Freya came out.

“We’ll go out to support them as well!”

After saying that Wan hurriedly tried to get out of the car, but was stopped by Carlo.

“That won’t be necessary. You can just wait inside the car.”

After saying that Carlo leisurely exited the car and stood there with his staff in hand like he was waiting for something.

“How can you be so relaxed at a time like this! If the Dragons are attacking we should all go out to fight them!”

“You don’t know.”

“What don’t we know!?”

“The true power of those two.”

At the forefront coming towards us were dinosaur looking Dragons that were running on the ground. Above in the skies there were also tens of flying Dragons that were forming a whole flock.


While shouting that Freya came charging towards us from the front. Carlo took up his staff and proceeded to cast a magic circle on in front of him.

“Yea, yea… Summon!”

From inside the magic circle deployed by Carlo, a single flying Dragon showed itself. It was covered by a vivid blue color and looked a tad bit smaller than the Dragon I tamed before.   However the thing that stood out the most about it was the saddle that was strapped on its back.

“Thank you!”

Saying that Freya proceeded to jump on the Dragon’s back and flew with it towards the skies!  Due to the sudden turn of events Wan was completely out of words, but for Carlo it looked like this was just an everyday occurrence.

“Surprised? That is Freya’s Dragon Knight’s Class Skill, ‘Dragoon’.”

Looking up towards the sky I could clearly see that the movements of the Dragon Freya was riding were way more nimble than those of the other Dragons.  And during that time the Dragons running on the ground were making their way, charging straight towards Leo!

Without even batting an eye Carlo just looked at both of them.

Leo took out his sword from its scabbard, and then proceeded to slash horizontally once… Immediately close to ten Dragons were immediately cut in two and stopped their movements. From behind of the just fallen Dragons another Dragon, a bit bigger than the others jumped up pouncing towards Leo!

Leo once again raised his sword and this time brought it down vertically for a single slash! The Dragon that had jumped up was immediately split in half. However the blade of Leo’s sword hadn’t even touched any of the just defeated Dragons.

‘So that is a Magic Sword, and I guess that one is probably a Wind one…’

“Do you get it now? That precisely is our leader. The Wind User Leo Garcia.”

Upon saying that Carlo looked up, towards the skies and spoke again.

“And that…”

Freya was dancing through the skies dealing with the Flying Dragons. She held her sword in the right hand and pointed it towards the heavens! The sword began to shine, and within the sky numerous lights began forming!

“Shining Meteor!!”

Numerous lights proceeded to rain down upon the Dragons’ bodies! Last time she had used it underwater it wasn’t that accurate, however this time the skill showed its true potential.

In the next moment six Dragon bodies began falling towards the ground. However there were still two Dragons that were charging towards her. After nearly dodging them she proceeded to split their bodies in two with a single slash! The shining sword Freya was wielding proceeded to steal the life of anything around it. 

‘So I guess hers is some kind of Light Magic Sword…’

“Cool right! Those two are our point getters!”

“They really are amazing…”

Without even thinking Wan let out words of praise as well.

“The Flash Dragonar Freya Cruz. That’s what they call Freya.”

I had most of my attention stolen by the things happening in mid air, however upon once again looking towards the ground I saw the Hunter Luke was using a bow, decorated with extravagant ornaments, to shoot arrows filled with magic power! With only a single arrow he managed to pierce the heads of three Dragons.

And it seemed like it didn’t matter at all whether the Dragons were in the air or on the ground.

Next I could see Alexander taking up his Great Sword, which in the next instant was completely covered in flames. He brought it down on two Dragons heading towards him, burning them to a crisp!

“In the end it appears that we really won’t be needed.”

Upon me saying that I could see that Wan showed a dissatisfied expression. I guess she really had wanted to test out her new weapon. After taking care of the Dragons, we moved away the corpses and once again got inside the cars.

“Carlo have you known those two for long?”

I decided to ask Carlo who was sitting just behind the front passenger seat. He had his long staff right next to him so it looked like it was bothering Wan, who was sitting at the front, quite a bit.

“I wouldn’t call it that long, it’s been like half a year… Everyone here gathered after The Calamity happened after all.”

After that he continued talking while looking outside the car window.

“Even though we’ve been together for only a short while the bonds that we have created are even stronger that those of a family… Or at least that’s what I believe.”

“Oh and also, the Dragon you summoned before, you Tamed that one without defeating it first right?”

“Hm? You have good eyes don’t you. That’s right!”

Even now Freya was still riding the Dragon that Carlo had summoned to fly in front of the cars. No matter how much time passed it didn’t look like the Dragon would show any signs of disappearing so I naturally thought that that had been the case.

“She is able to communicate with a number of Dragons, so even if I didn’t Tame it she could still make it our companion. I only Tamed it so that I could summon and unsummon it when necessary.”

“Damn. This is the first time I’m seeing a skill like that.”

“Still, to me it just looks ironic…”


“Freya was born in the United Kingdom. Her whole family was killed by the Dragons, and she is also the one that bears the most hatred towards them.”

“Her family was? I couldn’t have guessed looking at her smiling face all of the time.”

Said Wan with a surprised face. And to me as well, Freya didn’t look like a person who would have such a story.

“That was her choice. She would borrow the power of the Dragons she despised so much in order to bring an end to them.”

Carlo looked up to the sky with a slight smile appearing on his face.

“I believe that she will leave after we are done with this subjugation.”

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