When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 13

Translator: Azo

Editor: CutieBinkie


When thinking of the old days, Kong Wuying’s eyes narrow. Just remembering how this puppet dared to run away pisses Kong Wuying off. Now the puppet’s discipline is up to him.

The doll kneels humbly at the feet of Kong Wuying and peers up. “Who are you?”

Kong Wuying continues to pet the man as it’s quite soothing for him. “You don’t even recognise your master?”

His actions, in the eyes of others, make people think of odd things. However, this is perfectly normal to Kong Wuying because he owns this person. He sculpted every single piece of this body, why would he be shy about touching his toys?

Kong Wuying’s actions are perfectly justified but in the eyes of some people, he’s a deviant.

In the far away palace, seeing the scene through the jade pool, Ah Zi is outraged.

This jade pool is closely linked to the master’s skills. What the master experiences in the secular world is then transmitted to the ice spirit jade pool so the subordinates can accurately and immediately know the location of the lord.

However, as soon as Ah Zi activated the jade pool, he came across the scene playing on the pothole-filled road.

“My Lord!” Ah Zi splutters. “Don’t kneel and profane your jade body. Don’t trust this strange man and his lies, why was it so easy for him to convince you that he’s your master?”

“Calm down,” says Ah Qing, a man dressed in green also beside the pool. “My Lord, even the version of him who has lost his memory, is not so gullible. You just wait and see, this audacious fool will be ripped apart!”

“Master!” says the lord reflected in the jade pool, his face is full of trust and admiration.

Ah Zi twitches. “When exactly will he be ripped apart?”

Ah Qing takes a breath. The gentleman who has lost his memory, it seems his IQ has also somewhat dropped.

Seeing that the madman has successfully led their lord astray, Ah Zi can’t help it anymore. “I can’t let the lord be bullied and humiliated by this villain!”

Ah Qing’s face changes and he pulls at Ah Zi. “What do you want to do? Do you want to kill that man? It’s not a pity that a shameless maniac will die, but you’re disturbing the lord’s experience. If the lord is punished because his cultivation is interrupted, can you bear the consequences?”

Ah Zi huffs but does understand the reasoning. “Alright, I get it.” As soon as he looks into the jade pool again, he snarls. “But I still want to kill him!”

The yell echoes through the palace.

Kong Wuying pulls up his puppet and starts to leave. He only said a few words but the baby’s face is so dazed and confused, does the doll not understand what Kong Wuying said?

Could it be… the puppet is broken?

Well it must have been broken to run away. Was the puppet wandering around confused this whole time before they met today? It must not have been easy on the puppet, poor thing.

Although it’s broken, Kong Wuying of course loves his own children, so he’d better take this one home to fix it.

The puppet currently being towed along, is staring at the back of Kong Wuying’s head. He faintly recalls something familiar, but it’s vague and blurred. “…Ying.”

“What?” Kong Wuying turns around. Did someone call him or did he mishear? 

The man being dragged shakes his head, feeling a sharp pain as the memory fades. 

Kong Wuying dismisses it and takes the puppet home. 

He has relied on extortion – ah, no, after relying on ingenuity and skill he has spent a lot of money to buy a much bigger house. The mansion is very big, with more than ten rooms in it. At present, only two people live in it.

Kong Wuying and Yue Bin, who is the servant.

Servant Yue Bin opens the door after Kong Wuying knocks. “Mr. Ning, you are back, th-this lady is…” Yue Bin stutters, staring.

The beauty frowns. 

Kong Wuying also berates Yue Bin. “This is my other servant, Kongbao. He’s a man. Please stop drooling, you’ll make a mess.”

(^ Kongbao = baby Kong/Kong’s baby.)

A man? 

Yue Bin snaps out of it and refocuses on the name instead. “Kongbao, that’s ridiculous!” he laughs. “What kind of uneducated fool named him?”

Kong Wuying narrows his eyes. “That’s enough, go inside.”

Yue Bin, who has served Kong Wuying for a few days now, becomes aware that the man doesn’t seem happy right now. Although Yue Bin doesn’t know why, he immediately welcomes the master inside.

As soon as Kong Wuying enters, he sees dust and dirt everywhere. He looks at Yue Bin accusingly.

Yue Bin offers up a flattering smile. “Oh, the house is so big that I’m having trouble with it by myself. But now I have a baby brother, everything is okay.”

Besides, with this new servant, Yue Bin can finally take a break. 

Kong Wuying clicks his tongue. “Kongbao isn’t healthy, you go ahead first.” 

Which is a complete lie, but Kong Wuying’s soul puppet can only be bullied by himself!

Unable to get the master’s favor, Yue Bin can only continue to struggle. At dinner time, he serves four cooked dishes and one soup with nimble hands and feet. 

With a proud smile on his face, he considers himself rather gifted. In just a few days he’s become a qualified cook, from a young master who had never touched kitchen utensils!

…why is he proud of that?

Under Yue Bin’s eager eyes, Kong Wuying spits out a mouthful of vegetables. “Do we still have salt?”

“What? Is it too bland?” Yue Bin quickly tastes it. “It’s just right.”

“It tastes like you used all the salt in our house,” Kong Wuying deadpans.

Yue Bin tsks. “You just have bad taste. My food is perfect.”

The puppet Kongbao can’t stand it anymore and finally takes the initiative to say, “I’ll do it.” 

He disappears into the kitchen for twenty minutes while Yue Bin continues to eat and Kong Wuying sips tea. When the puppet comes back out, he’s holding new dishes which he places down in front of Kong Wuying.

“Is that fish?” Yue Bin asks, leaning over to see. He’s never seen a fish cooked like that before.

Kong Wuying tastes a mouthful and instantly feels that all his food sorrows have been swept away. Sure enough, this baby is still so good. It’s been a long time since Kong Wuying has eaten such authentic home-made food.

Seeing that the picky master can’t stop eating, Yue Bin is very curious. Is it really so delicious?

Yue Bin steals a piece with his chopsticks to taste, almost spits it out, and quickly drinks two large cups of tea. The sweet and greasy taste still clings to his tongue regardless.

It’s so bad!

Yue Bin looks at the host, who’s enjoying himself, and feels that this man is very strange. In order to show respect and understanding of his taste in food, Yue Bin still eats something from all of the dishes.

Yue Bin ends up not being able to sleep from all the sweet food and has to take a walk in the garden to calm down.

Wait a minute, who’s that? Isn’t that the new servant? What’s he doing outside Kong Wuying’s room? 

Yue Bin’s eyes light up. To be honest, he’s rather jealous of this Kongbao. Yue Bin clearly came first, but now the master favours this new one.

What does Kongbao have compared to Yue Bin? Nothing! He’s just a little bit good-looking. It’s better to be a good cook anyway.

If Yue Bin could catch Kongbao stealing or something, it would be great. So Yue Bin holds his breath and quietly follows Kongbao.

Kongbao has gotten up in the middle of the night because he’s hungry. He didn’t eat any food today, because Kong Wuying ate all of the dishes Kongbao made, Yue Bin finished off the reminder and Kongbao refused to eat the other salty dishes.  

So Kongbao woke up halfway and wandered around in search of food. He’s a bit confused, but his intuition tells him that the delicious food is over there.

So he enters Kong Wuying’s room. 

Kongbao ends up staring at the sleeping master. He reaches out and pokes the man’s cheek. Looks tasty.

Kongbao blinks sleepily and leans down to get a taste. 

Yue Bin, who is hiding outside the window, has his hand covering his mouth to keep in the shocked gasp. It turns out, this kind of night time activity is how to win the master’s favour. 

Yue Bin can’t compete. He gives up.


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