I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 78

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


We finally got to the United Kingdom and were just about to get off from the submarine. However due to there being nor pier or anywhere near the shore the get off at, we had to use inflatable boats to get to the shore. The soldiers probably had a hard time having to row to the shore.

After finally reaching the shore the soldiers went ahead and withdrew to the submarine.

“By the way, how will we get back?” I asked

“Due to the Magic Particle density here being too high, normal means of communication don’t work at all, however we do have a method to contact the base after we’re done so don’t worry about it.”

To my question Leo hurriedly gave his response. It appears that The Sanctuary Knights had fully prepared before coming to the United Kingdom… I actually felt kind of bad because up until now I had just laid around not doing anything.

“We’ll first get a hold of cars. Most of the stuff outdoors is probably already destroyed, that is why we will mostly focus our efforts on searching through buildings and underground parking!”

Upon hearing Leo’s orders The Sanctuary Knights immediately sprung into action. 

‘Their team-work really is amazing… It seems like they have complete trust in Leo.’

Moving through Worthing in the middle of the night gave a strange feeling… It wasn’t because of the destroyed buildings or the fear that a Dragon might suddenly attack, that was all within my expectations. There was definitely something else.

“What the… Was there supposed to be a mountain here?”

The Hunter Luke mumbled something under his nose, and to be honest I found the terrain strange as well. It was still dark so it was hard to see however in the middle of the town there was something that looked like a small mountain, something like a hill.

“There should be supermarkets or hospitals nearby! We’ll first look through those places.”

Upon hearing Leo’s words Luke and Anna began looking through their map and tablet to get a better idea of the area. As long as we were able to secure a car we would easily be able to get to London after all…


Leo: I was navigating through the roads with Luke holding his tablet, but while doing so I had something on my mind so I decided to ask him.

“Luke what do you think of Gojo?”

“Gojo? Is there something wrong with him?”

“He noticed that the Dragon was approaching us way before the sonar managed to pick it up. And the sonar’s range is 20 km. Can you really notice something that far away with Hostility Detection?”

After thinking for a bit, Luke shook his head sideways.

“I cannot see it happening with normal Hostility Detection or Detection… He probably used some kind of magic.”

‘I guess that really must have been the case, but still…’

“Didn’t you have Gress appraise him? If there was something up with him, then he should have been the first to know!”

“Gress said that there was nothing worth mentioning. But still he seems to have been acting strange recently.”

Hearing that Luke made a complicated face.

“Leo, Gress definitely admires you. I cannot see him lying to you.”

Luke was completely right… I just hope that I was just over thinking things…


Gojo: We managed to find several cars in an underground parking lot of a hospital. All of them were locked, however Gress somehow easily managed to unlock them and start all of their engines.

‘Now I see why they took him even though he’s not a fighter.’

Afterwards there was a discussion whether to leave during the night or wait for the morning. In the end it was decided that we would be leaving at sunrise.  I guess most of us didn’t want to have a replay of the thing that happened on the submarine.

In the parking there were several other cars, so we dispersed looking for a seat to nap in until sunrise. Just as I was about to fall asleep Wan came and sat right next to me.

“Can I talk to you for a bit?”

“Of course.”

After lowering down the seat in a comfortable sleeping position and closing her eyes Wan began speaking.

“The one who defeated the Dragon outside of the submarine was you, wasn’t it?”

“Hm? That’s right.”

“I immediately knew it. The Dragon suddenly went missing, and after that you came in through the door completely soaked after all.”

While still keeping her eyes closed Wan let out a quiet giggle.

“Won’t you tell them? Leo and The Sanctuary Knights I mean… I don’t think Leo would complain, and it’s obvious that you’re way stronger than them. And if you stand in the vanguard, the chance of this subjugation succeeding will increase as well.”

It was a natural thought process, after all Wan knew my real strength.

“It’s just as you said. But it’s not like I’m hiding my strength because I want to… I’m doing it because I’m scared.”


“Before I used to fight without caring about anything. I thought that as long as I used all of the power I had obtained to help the people I could then it would all be fine. However it wasn’t like that. People grew scared of me, and I even created several enemies.”

Wan just stood there quietly listening to my story.

“If I turn against humanity there will be no one to stop me… There will definitely be numerous people who will think that, and try to eliminate me.”

“But you’re not that kind of person.”

“Even if you think that, other people may have different opinions.”

“In that case there’s no need to force yourself to fight. You don’t have an obligation to save the world. If it makes you feel this way, then there’s no reason to force yourself.”

“However, if I don’t fight and the world ends up getting destroyed then I’ll lose the place I can call home.”

“You’re right…”

She couldn’t say anything against that, so she ended up making a complicated face.

“But still Gojo, everyone here is an ability user as well! In a certain sense, you’re the same. I think thank they won’t reject you the way a normal person would.”

“I know that. And It’s not like I will be able hold back when fighting against the BOSS here. That is when when that time comes I’ll count on you Wan to be my backup and keep the other people from getting involved the fight.”

“Of course, I’ll do everything I can to support you!”

‘In truth having The Sanctuary Knights take the vanguard and take care of the subjugation would be the most ideal case, however I don’t think it will go as planned…’

“Gojo! No matter what the people of the world end up thinking of you I want you to know that I’ll always trust you! I want you to remember that.”

Due to my Telepathy I could see whether a person was lying or not, so I could confirm that Wan’s words were true. She always said everything she meant without lying to me. And she was probably the person I could trust the most.

The following morning――

We separated and got into two cars. In the front inside a minivan were Leo, Freya, Luke, Elias, Alexander and Gress for a total of six people. And in the back was myself, Wan, Ryu, Carlo and Anna for a total of 5.

“Will we really find it, the United Kingdom’s BOSS…” Wan asked just as we got into the car.

“I don’t know… However Leo seems to strongly believe that if we go to the abyss like hole we’ll definitely find it.”

After saying that I turned my gaze towards the other car in the front.

“He probably knows something.”

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  1. i know that you are just traslating, but the mc its each time is making foolish options. with so much power.
    still keep the work

    1. Well, if you are a pacifist with power, you better hide your power, or others will force you to use it. it´s pretty easy. If are stronger than superman and you aren´t into genocide or mental breakddown, you bette rhide your power. it´s really the best choice.

  2. ‘In truth having The Sanctuary Knights take the vanguard and take care of the subjugation would be the most ideal case, however, I don’t think it will go as planned…’

    flag raised 😅

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