When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 12

Translator: Azo

Editor: CutieBinkie

My doll

Kong Wuying pinches her chin and leans down to lock eyes with her. “Do you ever stop talking?”

“You…” Yuan Ruo trails off. She doesn’t know why, but her heart stopped when he got close to her.

Kong Wuying says conversationally, “I don’t particularly care about you, but you’re a bit too stupid. It’s a problem if you think you’re right and it turns out your ability can’t measure up.” Kong Wuying tsks. “Low IQ is a serious problem. If you want my opinion, with this level of IQ, you’d better stay at home. Don’t come out and bother people.”

Yuan Ruo is so pissed off she can’t even say anything. In her head, a field of muddy grass is trampled by a thousand horses.

(^mud grass horse = fuck your mum)

How dare this man call her stupid! But…she did just…

Seeing Yuan Ruo is stunned by his scolding, Kong Wuying let’s go of her chin and straightens up to look at the furnace on the ground. “I should have won the competition, Vice President Wan. Where’s my Tiger Skin orchid prize?”

Vice President Wan sees that Miss Yuan has gotten to her feet and has obediently hidden herself behind Xiao Yue without protest, blushing.

The vice president nods. “Of course, I’ll get it for you now.”

Kong Wuying receives the prize soon after and starts to leave but Xian Yue speaks up.

Xiao Yue says with a smile, “Thank you very much for your help. I just don’t know what to do when Ruoruo causes trouble. Is tomorrow free for you? I’d like to invite you to a meal, to apologise and as a thank you.”

“That’s not necessary,” Kong Wuying says quickly, remembering the last time he suffered.

“Please, don’t be so polite, I’ll see you there!” Xiao Yue’s smile grows more prosperous.

Young master Yue thinks that Ning-ge is very good at speaking. When he reprimanded Ruoruo, his aura was so amazing that Xiao Yue didn’t dare to say a word. Xiao Yue felt as if his heart was pounding. His face was red and his ears were red and he didn’t know how to calm himself down.

(^ ge = brother/mate/bro)

Seeing Kong Wuying leave, the Alchemy Association sigh with emotion and discuss in loud voices.

“Today is really exciting.”

“Yes, I’ve seen such a wonderful competition and gained a new recipe for the Lost Heart pill.”

“Yes, the Lost Heart pill…”

“That pill, I had no idea it existed, and it’s only a first level!”

“I didn’t know either. Damn it! Who said just now that the ‘flavouring’ didn’t need to be recorded! Come out, I won’t kill you.”

“…it was me. “

The next day, in the Fengyue restaurant.

Xiao Yue says helplessly, “When Mr. Ning comes, you should be polite. Don’t make trouble for me.” He didn’t want Yuan Ruo to come with him, but he couldn’t bear to argue with her, so he had to agree. He hopes that Ning-ge won’t be upset.

“I know.” Yuan Ruo pouts. “I’m not ignorant of etiquette. Don’t worry, Mr. Ning saved me. I will thank him appropriately.” Today, she is dressed up in another red dress, bright and beautiful.

After hearing her promise, Xiao Yue feels as if a headache is coming. He hopes this little miss won’t make trouble for him again.

Soon, Kong Wuying arrives.

Xiao Yue explains to him, “Ruoruo wanted to apologize to you in person, so she came with me.”

Kong Wuying hums, non-committal. On the way over, he was stopped by a nervous fortune teller who claimed to be the best diviner in the world. He said that Kong Wuying was covered by dark clouds today and that he should be afraid of disaster. 

Is the disaster the girl? But Kong Wuying feels that the girl is nothing but stupid, so he shakes off the thought.

A waiter soon comes by and the three of them order. Considerate of Kong Wuying’s taste, Xiao Yue orders several spicy dishes.

Yuan Ruo frowns. “Yue-ge, why do you want so many spicy dishes? I can’t eat it, my face will break out.” She looks at the menu. “Waiter, what is this mandarin duck wine about?”

(^mandarin ducks = lifelong lovers)

Waiter offers up a customer service smile. “Tanabata Festival is coming, so our restaurant has created a special set meal. The mandarin duck wine is brewed from the water of Yuanyang Lake. If someone drinks it with their lover, they will never be separated, even in the afterlife.”

“Then give me a pot,” Yuan Ruo orders immediately.

Xiao Yue inwardly sighs. He grew up together with Yuan Ruo, and the woman has liked him since she was young. The older they get, the more possessive she is. When they go out to eat together, Yuan Ruo always likes to order the menu items for lovers, and then forces him to eat it, as if it can prove that they’re really a pair.

“Good choice,” the waiter compliments. “The food will be served soon.”

Wine is usually in a pot, but this version has been poured into two cups. One is a lighter percentage female wine and the other is stronger for the male’s wine. Yuan Ruo turns to Xiao Yue with the two cups.

Sure enough… 

Just let her do it today, otherwise the little miss will cause a fuss. Xiao Yue takes a cup of wine with the aura of sacrificing himself.

Yuan Ruo yanks it away. “Yue-ge, what are you doing? Get out of the way.”

Xiao Yue blinks, confused. Get out of the way?

Yuan Ruo holds out the wine to Kong Wuying with a smile. “Mr. Ning, I was too rude yesterday. Drink this, let’s make amends.”

Xiao Yue: “…”

Kong Wuying refuses, “No need for that.”

“Mr. Ning, drink it. This wine is very delicious and sweet.”

“Sweet?” Kong Wuying perks up. “Alright then.”

Seeing Ning Zhao drink Yuan Ruo’s Mandarin Duck wine, Xiao Yue’s heart is sour, although he doesn’t know what he’s sour about.

After the meal is finished, Xiao Yue is still in a strange mood.

Full of wine and food, Kong Wuying says goodbye to the reluctant Xiao Yue and Yuan Ruo.

Fengyue restaurant is located in the east of the city, while Kong Wuying lives in the west. While he leisurely walks home along the Yunyue Avenue full of holes, someone passes by him.

Kong Wuying can’t help looking back at that person. His action isn’t particularly noticeable, because almost half the street can’t help but look at the person.

It’s a figure wrapped in a black robe. The simple black robe covers their whole body from head to toe, making people unable to distinguish the gender.

Just looking at the person’s height, Kong Wuying thinks they must be a man, but when his eyes stop at the graceful chin shadowed by the low hood, Kong Wuying isn’t so sure.

What man can have such a beautiful chin? Actually, don’t look at the chin, just the subtle elegance in the person’s walk proves that she must be a beautiful woman.

Several pairs of eyes are attached to the person’s hips as they walk and Kong Wuying can even faintly hear someone swallowing.

The wrapped figure makes people want to unwrap them, and those who are brave and lustful are even worse. No one is surprised when the unknown beauty is stopped by a group of people.

The leader is a well-dressed young master, who isn’t vulgar in appearance, but has a faint trace of lust in his eyes. “Beautiful, what may I call you?”

The beauty’s voice is cold and well enunciated. “You’re in my way.”

The apathetic response doesn’t scare the young master away. Instead he smiles and says, “You’re a little spicy, I like that!” 

Then he reaches for the hood to pull it up. This is how tragedies start.

Have you ever seen a fairy? Because that man is flying. Young master Huafu makes a perfect parabolic arc.


The distance of that throw is amazing.

The people in the crowd who have started martial arts cultivation and therefore have good enough eyesight, find that young master Huafu flies for more than a kilometer and then into a wall.

That man is probably dead now, several people think to themselves.

Seeing the young master’s fate, his men take a big step back. “Y-young master? Ah! No, no, no, we don’t know that man.”

It’s useless to pretend that they don’t know each other. The beauty doesn’t take bullshit lying down. The five minions follow the master’s path and loyally end up in the wall to join him.

Everyone is in a daze. Ah, those people are probably dead too.

Young master Huafu is the son of He Tai, the city’s mayor. Huafu is well known to all as he’s a successful martial artist at the age of twenty-five years old. He has outstanding cultivation, family background and appearance so there are many women around him. 

However, Huafu is eccentric because despite the many women around him, he doesn’t like it when they take the initiative and instead enjoys it when he’s the one chasing someone. For many years, with his strength and background, his life has been smooth sailing.

But today, his flag is finally planted.

(^ death flag lol)

With one hand, the first level martial artist and his five powerful posse members are thrown across the city.

What kind of beauty is this? It’s clearly a devil!

Everyone’s legs begin to shake in fear. The lesson the young master was given is especially memorable. No one will dare to lift the hood! Anyone who tries is either insane or stupid.

Um, wait…

Someone has actually gone up and pulled down the hood while the beauty wasn’t paying attention.

Long hair like silky black feathers spills out of the cloak. The person’s beautiful face is like the moon in the sky. The murderous intent chills the air like fresh snowfall and leaves those black eyes intoxicating.

What! Murderous!?

The general reaction is to panic and back away. They look at the man who pulled down the hood with incredulous but sympathetic eyes.

Ah, this is another dead man. They can already see this flying man soaring through the sky again. Must be a great view up there.

The beauty’s eyes are so cold that he could probably win a staring contest with Medusa. Looking at the foolish man in front of him, his tone becomes harsh. “You-“

“Kneel down,” Kong Wuying says.

The beauty frowns but subconsciously, a primitive instinct buried deep in his bones, reacts immediately and his body is out of his control. He doesn’t hesitate to kneel at Kong Wuying’s feet.

Kong Wuying smiles and it’s not a nice one. He pets the beauty on the head, sliding his fingers through the soft hair as if stroking a pet. “My doll, I haven’t seen you in years. How have you been? Everything good? Any new hobbies lately?”

That fortune teller got him worried over a bunch of nonsense. Kong Wuying is rather lucky actually. After just a casual walk through the neighbourhood, he found something he lost years ago.


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