I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 77

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Underwater Battle

The response on the sonar was moving towards us at 100 km/h. I tried using Clairvoyance however due to the surrounding being way too dark I couldn’t see anything.

“I got a response on my Hostility Detection as well! There’s no mistaking it, it’s a Dragon!!”

The Hunter Luke shouted out. Everyone was completely dumbfounded, however that was completely normal. Before this no one had known that there were actually Dragons in the depths of the water.

“We can either fire harpoons at it, or maybe stop the engines so that it passes by us. Leo, you decided what to do!”

The captain spoke hurriedly to Leo, while watching the enemy get closer and closer.

“The harpoons won’t do anything to it. And even if we do stop the engines it’s not like it will just go by us like that… Even if we try to run, it’s moving towards us at 100 km/h while we can only go up to 50 km/h.”

Leo just stood there thinking, and in just a short amount of time he came up with a plan!

“Elias! Use Protection on the submarine!!”

“Got it!”

“Freya! We’re gonna stop it!”


After that Elias deployed a magic circle in front of his chest. Upon doing so the whole submarine was covered by some kind of mysterious power. I decided to look outside with Clairvoyance only to see that the whole submarine was covered in three layers of magic circles.

‘So this is the Paladin’s Class Skill Protection huh…’

The next moment a huge impact shook the whole submarine!!

After looking outside with Clairvoyance once again, with the help of the light coming from the magic circles I could slightly see the enormous mouth of the Dragon trying to bite down!  Compared to other Dragons, this one looked like it had evolved to live in water. It was also a couple of times bigger than the flying Dragon that I had encountered before.

“Leo I managed to block the first attack, however I won’t last that long!!”

“I know! While you’re blocking it we’ll somehow deal with it. Luke were able to see it with Clairvoyance!?”

“No. It’s way too dark, I can’t see anything! I only know its rough position!!”

‘I guess it came back to bite us for deciding to move during the night so that the Dragons wouldn’t be able to see us… How will Leo deal with this I wonder?’

“It’s coming!”

The person watching over the sonar was trying to convey the situation, his voice trembling in the process.

“Freya! Stop it from moving.”

“I’ll give it a shot!!”

Freya began gathering magic power in her hands, and slowly lifted them upwards. When I tried to see what she was trying to do with my Clairvoyance I noticed that far above us, on top of the water, a huge amount of light was gathering.

At first I thought it looked like some kind of star, but the next moment the light fell inside the water and began raining down!

“Shining Meteor!!!”

After Freya shouted out, innumerable lights began piercing through the surrounding darkness!! A number of shots landed directly on the Dragon however due to not knowing its exact location he wasn’t able to deliver any mortal wounds.

And due to the second huge impact the submarine shook once again. Elias who was trying to protect us from all of it looked like he was having a really hard time. It was no wonder, if it was under normal circumstances that Dragon would have been taken care of by now…

“Let’s go above water! We’re at a huge disadvantage here.”

“We cannot do it immediately! It will catch up to us while we’re trying to emerge!!”

I could see Leo and the captain exchanging words, both of them seemingly under huge amounts of pressure. 

‘Guess I’ll have to do something about it…’

Thinking that I left the room.


Everyone in the submarine was panicking. Especially the military staff… Master Leo said that he would do something about it, but the situation was only growing worse.

During all of that, that guy Gojo left the room.

I grew interested in where he was going in this situation so I decided to follow him. From what I remembered he also had the Detection skill. So I would have to be extra careful not to be found out.

While following him, I saw that he entered one of the toilets. 

‘He’s going to the toilet at a time like this!?’ 

Is what I thought, however after just a couple of seconds the whole submarine shook from a huge impact.

[Cough!! Splash Splash Splash!!!]

I began hearing really loud sounds coming from the toilet! 

‘What in the world is going on!?’ 

And just like that it became quiet again… The door of the toilet was opened and from inside Gojo came out…


After leaving the room I was bombarded by a lot of worries. 

‘I never thought what I’d do in an underwater battle now did I… I wonder if I can use magic from the inside of the submarine like Freya did? I don’t have the confidence in being that precise though… And if I miss I might just sink the whole submarine due to the impact… Maybe my summoning? The only ones I can call out in this situation are either Titan or Spriggan, however both of them seem like they’ll have a hard time in the water. I guess I’ll just go with the sure fire method…’ 

Thinking that I went inside a toilet.

Afterwards I opened an entrance to my space region inside the toilet, while at the same time creating the exit outside of the submarine. When using teleportation I would usually just attach the entrance to the exit allowing me to teleport, however this time I decided to leave them apart leaving some space between them.

After all, time inside the space region is locked, so water won’t be able to come inside!

‘Did I actually get smarter?’ 

No matter how big I made the exit water didn’t come in at all! I proceeded to stretch my hand out into the water.

I didn’t know the exact location of the Dragon, but I did know that it was charging towards us!  So if I just froze the whole surrounding area I would probably manage to stop it.

“Frozen World!!”

The water immediately began freezing, and without being able to dodge at all, the Dragon coming towards us was frozen along with it, becoming part of the frozen world!

However due to the water instantly turning into ice, its volume suddenly swelled, which in turn led to the water current pushing towards us!  And the submarine once again shook, but this time it was because of the pressure from the newly formed waves.


And because of that shock I was thrust into the water as well.

Afterwards I returned to the room…

“Gojo!? What happened? You’re completely soaked!”

“Did a hole appear in the submarine or something!? Are you okay?”

Wan and Leo looked like they were really worried about me.

“It’s fine… I just fiddled with the water spray function of the toilet and this happened…”

“What are you saying, there’s no way the toilets here have a water spray function!”

Carlo completely rebuked my excuse. 

‘He does have a point… If I hadn’t left the space region at all, this wouldn’t have happened… I guess I haven’t become any smarter.’

Afterwards they changed the topic back again to why the Dragon had suddenly disappeared, however in the end without being able to come to a conclusion on why the Dragon had disappeared we continued heading towards the United Kingdom.


NATO Headquarters

Army General Hansen who was in charge of the NATO Headquarters suddenly got an urgent report on the morning of that same day.

“The observation party discovered that something unbelievable appeared in the English Channel!”

“Something unbelievable? What exactly is it…”

“An iceberg.”


“An enormous iceberg the likes we usually see only in the North Pole suddenly appeared in the channel overnight.”

Hansen was dumbfounded by the unreasonable report from his subordinate, however after confirming for himself, he found out that there really had been an enormous iceberg right there. An on top of that, within the iceberg there was also the corpse of a never before seen Dragon.

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