Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 22

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Contract with the Spirit Sisters

“Halt-sama, do you have a moment?”

While I was loitering around after returning to the academy, Mai and Mei came and talked to me. As usual, they speak in perfect unison.

Tina went to the principal to report the Steel Forest incidents, and Youko was taking a nap at the schoolyard, so I’m on my way to the classroom on my own.

“Ah, okay, what’s up?”

Dunno when it started. Not only Mai, but Mei also started to say my name with honorifics.

What exactly happened?

They wanted some privacy, so I went with them to the training hall.

Ah, wait, is this a confession?

Moreover, from the two of them at the same time?

My heart was pounding a little as I followed after them, and we entered the training hall. After reaching the center of the hall, they stopped and turned to face me.

Then they started to strip off.

“Eh, wait! What are you guys doing!?”

They ignored me and continued undressing until they were down to their underwear, after which they suddenly transformed.

Mai became Fire, and Mei became Water.

“Halt-sama, these are our true forms.”

“O, oh…”

I knew Mai and Mei were spirits, but I can’t help but be moved when I saw their true appearance. They have a different kind of beauty with that of Undine.

Ah, I also felt a little bit immoral when I think I’m looking at my naked classmates.


“Y, yes, what might it be?”

“Could you please form a contract with us?”

“Ah… Was it because Undine recommended me?”

“There is that, too.” (Mei)

“Both of us… (Mai)

“…fell in love with Halt-sama’s magical powers.” (synchronously)

Ohhh!! It IS a confession!

…But with my magic, huh.

Ah, but I have Tina, so I guess that’s fine. It’s not like I wanted them to like me. 

H, hey, I’m not bluffing!

By the way, I see Youko as a pet that’s a source of fluffy cuteness.

My goal is to be as strong as a hero of this world so I can protect Tina. Contracts with Spirits won’t bring down my combative strength. 

Mai and Mei can also manifest in the Human Realm even without contracts, so I’m sure there’s no way they are weak.

They are cute, too, and that’s a bonus.

In short, I don’t really have a reason to reject their request.

“I would like to thank both of you. Please, be my Spirits.”


It’s hard to discern emotions from a Spirit, but even I can see that they’re really happy.

“We are truly grateful. Please take care of us!”

“Ahh, me too, I count on you.”

“Now then, please excuse us.”


They suddenly kissed me on the cheeks – Mai on the right, Mei on my left.

So soft…

It would have been better if they did it one after the other.

Since they did it simultaneously, there was too little time to enjoy the feeling…

While I was lost in my thoughts, Mai and Mei’s body vanished.

Because the contract has been completed, they probably returned to the Spirit Realm, because Spirits go back when they form a contract with humans. When the contractor summons them, they will be able to manifest themselves in this world.

I have to formulate a magical circle to summon Mai and Mei back to this world. Even if they have contracts with me, I want them to enjoy school life as much as possible.

It’s lonely if our class of 10 decreases further. That’s why normal summoning circles won’t do.

When I summon Undine, I need approximately 1000 characters to form her magic circle. 

By the way, in this world, a year is equivalent to 300 days.

If I do the math, I’ll need 300×1,000, which is 300,000 characters, so that either Mai or Mei can manifest in the Human Realm for at least one year.

That will be 600,000 symbols for both.

I rounded that off as a bonus and prepared approximately one million characters made of mana.

If I transfer this amount of magic to them, I think they’ll be able to stay for a longer period in this world.

Alright, they’re waiting.

Let’s summon them quickly.

I imagined their attributes – fire and water- and started to create the magical circle.

…How should I cast it?

As much as possible, I wanted to summon them at the same time. Oh, if I’m not mistaken, I faintly felt an aura of light from them.


Lightning Lance!”

I cast a beginner level spell of Light Magic.


The magic circle was bursting with light.

“Who is it that forcibly summoned me!?”

A shining, gigantic old man appeared. He was holding a dazzlingly glowing javelin in his hand.

“Ahm… Who?”

“I am the Cosmic Spirit King, and the head of all the Spirits in this Star.”

 Ooops. Looks like I summoned a completely different guy.

“Ah, my apologies, but I am in the middle of some matters. Could you kindly send me back?”

“…Is it not possible for you to return on your own?”

“But you are the one who forcibly dragged me here! Even I was appalled that a mere human could summon me; moreover, that a day will come when I’ll be called with such great strength… However, my daughters have very important matters I need to attend to. Please, let me return.”

Somehow, a very important-looking Spirit bowed down before me. I summoned him by mistake, so I do feel bad for him.

“Alright, I will send you back immediately. I am sorry for causing you trouble.”

I sent that glowing Old Man back to the Spirit Realm. He kept on bobbing his head on his way back.

Hmm, I shouldn’t really do this lazily. I must properly summon them one by one.

So, let’s start with Mai first.

I prepared a similar magic circle consisting of approximately 500,000 characters. Then I pictured Mai’s figure clearly in my mind.

Fire Lance!”

As I chanted the spell, the circle began to shine. The flames rose from the magic circle, and Mai’s spiritual body appeared. I don’t know, but I have the feeling Mai grew a little.

Without warning, the circle shone brightly.

A pillar of light rose towards the sky from the circle, and someone stepped out from the midst of the light.

“Are you the impudent one who wanted to form a contract with the Fire Spirit Mai? First of all, show me your power… Hmmm?”

Oh, it’s the shining Old Man from before.

Apparently, before forming a contract with Mai and Mei, one must defeat Old Man. So that means I should conquer him, but I already summoned him before.

In other words, my commands are effective for this glowing Old Man.

And so— 

“Got it, I just have to showcase my power right. Alrighty, go kneel—”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait—”

Old Man rushed at me with an unbelievable speed, and he grabbed my arm and flew to another space.

“What are you up to.”

I was spirited away by Old Man into the space between the Human Realm and the Spirit Realm.

“That should be my line!! Why in the world would you make me kneel abruptly right before the eyes of my daughter!!! You are too cruel!!!”

Eh, this person is Mai’s Father?

“Ah, no, you said you wanted a show of power so…”

The ability to make the Spirits move according to your will is enough proof that you have power. That’s why I tried to make Old Man kneel before me.

“Th, that’s because I didn’t know their master would be you, that’s why—”

“You don’t approve of me being Mai and Mei’s contractor?”

“No, no, no, no, no, no, no!!! That’s preposterous! Your magical prowess is more than qualified! However, you see, hmm.”

“Are there any conditions?”

“U, umu. They are my precious daughters, after all. Please, will you promise me you will not let them suffer? If the time comes that you need to defeat the Demon King, I will fight with you. That’s why, I beg of you. This is the case.”

Old Man prostrated himself on the ground. I can understand the feelings of a father who deeply treasures his daughters. Even I don’t want to force Mai and Mei.

“Got it. I won’t command them to do any dangerous stuff, this, I promise. However, I can’t guarantee I’ll be able to protect them in case of emergencies. Can I rely on you when such a time comes?”

“Yes, that is absolutely fine. You can call me anytime.”

Afterward, we returned to the Human Realm, and I summoned Mei.

This is how I formed a successful contract with Mai and Mei, with the bonus of Shiny Old Man.


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