Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 21

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Mei’s Past

I somehow escaped from the fire’s clutches.

It’s all thanks to Halt-sama.

Yes, that’s right, it’s Halt ‘sama’.

My heart was racing, it’s practically jumping out my chest since the time Halt-sama created that magic circle and summoned Undine-sama. I have never felt such pure water element magic in my whole life.

I sensed it at point-blank range, so of course, I was attracted to his magical power.

Did Mai feel this way before, too?

I can now comprehend fully (to the point it hurts) why Mai chose to have a contract with Halt-sama even if it means we’ll have to part ways.

I also believe Halt-sama is a good person through and through.

He carefully looked after the unconscious Leaffa and the extremely fatigued Merdie who slumped on the ground.

Both recovered just fine.

I’m relieved.

Halt-sama also treats Youko with respect even though they’re in a master-servant contract. 

He wields water magic that’s strong enough to entice me. He’s also very kind. On top of that, he also has the approval of Undine-sama.

There’s no one better than Halt-sama as a contractor. He possesses all the excellent qualities we can ever wish for. I wanted to immediately propose a contract, but I’m shy, and I don’t want to show my true appearance in front of everybody else. I must wait patiently.


I recalled something that happened in the past.

Mai never experienced forming a contract with a human, but I had – once. That person was a scoundrel.

When he learned that I could turn into a human-like appearance, he always forced me to transform and tried to attack me.

Eventually, Father noticed and rescued me, and that person was severely punished.

I knew I can’t stay inexperienced forever, but starting from that time onwards, I lost all desire to form a contract.

Father never blamed me. Instead, he instructed us to stay in the Spirit Realm until we reach a certain level of power. 

Spirits primarily grow by forming contracts with humans and getting magical power from them. Because we never stepped outside the Spirit Realm, it took us a long time to mature.

Finally, we obtained the power to reject an order at will even if we were summoned, so we decided to go to the Human Realm.

There is a catch, however. If it is by normal means, Spirits will know what kind of person they had formed a contract with only after it is fully completed.

That’s why Father used his power and helped us manifest in the Human Realm. He assisted us so that we’ll be able to look for our desired contract partner while residing here.

I never expected we’ll be able to find a contract candidate within a year of living here.

I will never let you go, Halt-sama


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