I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 76

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


France ・ Brest――

The nuclear submarine (SNLE) owned by France was waiting for us at the port. It was apparently going to take us to Worthing in the United Kingdom.

Myself, Wan, The Sanctuary Knights as well a military personnel were all gathered here at the port. We were currently on stand-by at a military base…

From what I had heard from Freya yesterday, the equipment they were carrying were originally Saruman’s personal property and they were able to use them after receiving permission.

However neither Freya nor the other members knew where Saruman had gotten hold of the equipment.

‘No clues huh… I’ll probably be able to find out something if I ask Saruman directly, however it seems it won’t be that easy.’

While I was talking with Wan in one of the waiting rooms, a staff member came and called us. It seems like we would be departing.

After leaving the base, I could see that The Sanctuary Knights had already gathered outside.

“Wan, Gojo! We’ll be departing shortly, however before that I want to introduce you to our remaining members.”

There were exactly 8 people there including Leo.

“Formally we are a group of 12, however I had 4 stay behind as support just in case. An on that topic I also asked the Russian team to stay behind as well. They gladly took up the task.”

Leo was smiling the whole time he was talking. 

‘I guess it’s because I took care of the nuisances…’

“My Class is a Hero and Freya’s Class is a Dragon Knight. Both are Classes that fight at the vanguard.”

After introducing himself and Freya he went in front of the tall, handsome guy.

“This here is Carlo. His Class is a Beast Master. He can summon powerful monsters to fight alongside us. He’ll play an important role in this team.”

Afterwards Leo continued introducing the other members. The Paladin Elias, the Hunter Luke, and the Magic Knights Alexander and Anna.

“Lastly, this is Gress. Gress’ Class is an Explorer. He’s not a fighting profession, however I decided to bring him with us as a support. These are all of the current members of The Sanctuary Knights.”

‘I think I saw this Gress person at the party last night if I’m not mistaken… He looks kind of down for some reason…’

While I was thinking that, Wan took a step forward. 

‘Does she intent to introduce herself as well?’

“I’m Wan! I’m currently the leader of China’s Suzaku group. My class is a Monk. The person over there is Suzaku’s Vice Leader Ryu. His Class is a Monk as well. And lastly…”

Wan looked at me and stretched her hand as if to introduce me. 

‘I have a bad feeling about this…’

“Gojo from Japan! He’s the world’s strongest Monk, and the only man that I approve of!!”

All of The Sanctuary Knights’ members including Leo suddenly showed looks of confusion.

“Gojo, you can also use Martial Arts?”

It was an inevitable question. However I still had trouble answering…

“Uh.. yea, a bit…”

“….Oh well, let’s just leave it at that. By the way Wan, there’s something that I need to give you.”

Leo took the push cart that was standing right next to him, and brought it over. On top of the push cart there was a single black box, and a meter long rod.

“I want you to use these. Why don’t you try them?”

After saying that Leo handed the rod over to Wan. Upon her touching it, the rod was immediately covered in a dim light, and grew to a size of two meters.

“What in the world is this…?”

“This weapon is known as the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod. I thought I’d suit you so I brought it over.”

I tried appraising Wan’s new rod.

Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod SSR

The owner can change the rod’s length freely. Grants the owner the Monk Class.

Bonus Effects:

Strength x 150%

Agility x 150%

Dexterity x 150%

Luck x 150%

After grabbing hold of the Compliant Golden-Hooped Rod Wan’s level went from Monk Lv 99 to Monk Lv 1

‘What an amazing weapon… It will definitely be of huge help in raising Wan’s strength.’

“And this as well.”

Leo proceeded to open the black box and take something out of it. The thing he took out was a blue-green colored armor.

“This armor is called Dragon’s Armor, it’s an equipment made from the scales and skin of a dragon. I think it will also be of use to you. Try wearing it.”

Looking at it with eyes filled with curiosity, Wan put on the armor. And surprisingly the size fit perfectly. Starting from her hands, wrists, arms, her legs and hips, and finally her chest area, her whole body was covered by the armor.

And I of course tried appraising this one as well.

Dragon’s Armor SR

Bonus Effects: Defense x 250%

Magic Defense x 200%

Grants Fire Resistance.

From what I saw it was a perfect match for Wan.

“Can I really use these?”

“Sure, we’ve already gotten permission from the owner. Unfortunately it will only be for the span of this Dragon subjugation. But don’t be shy and use them to your heart’s content! I’m expecting a lot from you.”

Looking at the excited Wan I got my hopes up that maybe there’d be something for me as well, however those hopes of mine were completely extinguished. Myself and Ryu were just left standing there with our awkward expression.

While setting that matter aside we all got on the submarine. Departing during the evening and reaching the coast in the evening as well was probably planned based on the fact that it would be harder for the Dragons to find us during the night.

Inside of the submarine it was kind of narrow, however it could still surprisingly fit a great number of people. More like the range of 80 if I were to be exact.

“We’re diving.”

Apart from us there were a great deal of members from the NATO forces as well. We were all currently assembled in something similar to an announcement hall within the submarine, and were receiving instructions regarding safety within the submarine and our plan for after landing.

“It will take us approximately 7 hours to get to Worthing. During that time you are free to rest within your designated rooms.”

Were Leo’s words however due to the private rooms being way too small it would even be hard to relax in them, so most if not everyone decided to stay within the announcement hall and chat.

After around 3 hours had passed since our departure――

“Hm? Something’s coming”

“What’s wrong Gojo?”

While I was chatting with Wan and Ryu within the cafeteria I suddenly got a response from my Hostility Detection and Detection skills. I couldn’t quite pinpoint it due to being in the water though… I immediately went to the announcement hall to report to Leo.

“Leo! Just now I felt something, could it be that there’s a Dragon getting close?”

Upon hearing my words Leo was shocked for an instant, however after that he turned towards the Hunter Luke.

“Luke do you feel something?”

“No, nothing in particular…”

“Is there something appearing on the sonar?”

Leo decided to ask the military staff as well, however the response was the same as Luke’s.

“What can you feel Gojo? Is it some kind of Detection magic?”

“Not exactly…”

I wished that it was just my imagination, however that wasn’t the case!  There was definitely something getting closer. Just as I was thinking that, a soldier shouted that a response had suddenly appeared on the sonar.

“There’s a response on the sonar. Something’s coming!!”

The surrounding was immediately enveloped in an air of worry.

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