Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trades Magic Swordsman Becomes The Princess Instructor Chapter 6

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Princess Maid Who Admired The Magic Swordsman

The Imperial Palace occupied a vast area in the center of the Imperial Capital. The imperial family, who lived there, used the empire’s assets freely to make empire-based technology. Her Highness, Philia, was just one of the tens of daughters of the emperor. Even if she was called a princess, she was only given a room and very few servants. Her mother had already died so there was no one to protect her. That said, she was still Her Imperial Highness. She was someone whose status was way above.

As I stepped into the Imperial Palace, I became more and more nervous. Last time I was there, I had an audience with His Majesty The Emperor when I graduated from the magic school. But at that time, I was just one of the hundreds of graduates. And the spotlight was on Saint Sophia, the top graduate. It was different now. I would meet the imperial family as an individual. Showing the recommendation letter from Lucy to the guards, I went inside the Imperial Palace, wearing an expensive black robe I wasn’t familiar with.

“Welcome. You are Solon-sama, right?”

I turned around and saw a small-statured maid standing there. She held the edge of her skirt and bowed respectfully. I hurriedly returned the gesture.

“That’s right.”

“I am Ria, who serves Her Highness Philia. If you have any questions, please let me know.”

Ria was smiling softly when she said that. Her calm demeanor and her elegant air, along with beautiful silver hair cascading around her shoulders, were as expected of a maid who served the princess. I was impressed by how refined she was. Saint Sophia was a beautiful girl that everyone admired. This girl, Ria, was as beautiful as her. However, I felt that Ria had a childlike appearance. I thought she was about fourteen or fifteen years old. Ria gestured with her hand which corridor was the right way.

“Then, I will guide you.”

“Thank you very much for your kindness.”

I said so without thinking, but Ria had a bewildered expression. 

After a while, I realized that I have said something strange. Even though I was not an aristocrat, I would be treated as one since I would be Her Imperial Highness’s tutor.  It was supposedly a better position than a maid, so it would be better to talk casually. Even if it didn’t matter for me, Ria would be in a difficult position if I used formalities. I smiled discreetly, followed Ria’s guidance and started walking..

“I’m sorry. I was nervous because I rarely enter the Imperial Palace.”

“So even a hero who has defeated many demons can be nervous.”

“Hero? I’m not a hero. Only The Knights of Saint Sophia are great.”

“I think you are too, and I’m very nervous to meet the hero. It was such a pleasure to meet you.”

“Thank you for that.”

Ria smiled.

If someone frankly told you that, you would be bewildered. But no, it might only be a flattery.

“How could I be like you, Solon?”


“It might be preposterous. But I want to be like Solon…”

“It’s not that. Many people are way more talented than me.”

Because I was a magic swordsman, I could tell roughly at a glance how good someone’s hidden talent was. And this girl named Ria obviously had a talent for magic. What’s more, the way Ria moved was graceful. She had lean muscles, perhaps because she often used a sword. 

“A good teacher can make you pretty strong,” I said.

Ria looked happy.

“Really? It’s not merely a flattery?”

“I wouldn’t say it for flattery. But you shouldn’t be like me, you should aim to be a high-ranking person like the saint and the knights.”

“I want to be a magic swordsman like Solon-sama. I tried to study swords and magic, but it’s not working well…”

Although she was a high-ranking maid, I started to feel like she was just a normal girl.  Then Ria leaned towards me.

“Please, be my instructor.”


“If you teach me directly, I’ll surely become stronger.”

“That might be the case, but…”

“Is it not okay?”

“Isn’t it better to learn from a magic school teacher?” I said, but Ria didn’t seem to care. 

Ria’s enthusiasm eventually won me over. I thought it would not be too burdensome to teach Her Imperial Highness, so it should be fine to teach Ria as well.

“If it’s only when I’m in the Imperial Capital, then I can teach you.”

“Thank you! It’s a promise, right?”


Ria was in a very good mood and started walking away with lively steps. I wondered whether you wouldn’t get scolded with that sort of attitude in the Imperial Palace. Somehow, I felt something was strange in Ria’s attitude. Originally, her behavior was graceful and sophisticated. Then she acted cheerfully. Her impression was incredibly inconsistent. Something was wrong. However, when I arrived in front of Princess Philia’s room, it didn’t matter. Rather, the issue was Her Highness. If the princess’s mood was bad, it could be troublesome.

Nonetheless, the maid suddenly grabbed the door handle and vigorously opened it. 

Shouldn’t it be knocked first? Wasn’t it the princess beyond this door?

“You can go inside, Solon.”

Ria was the one who ordered me with a singsong voice. The girl in the maid clothes smiled.

“Nice to meet you, and sorry for lying. My name is Philia, not Ria.”

“Philia… Her Imperial Highness?”

“Yes. I’m the princess of this country, more or less.”

Ria said– No, Her Highness Philia exclaimed happily. 


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