I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 74

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Magic Eye

At a room inside of the Hotel in Geneva, the people involved with the subjugation of the BOSSes in their respective countries were gathered. They had gathered us to ask about our plans with the United Kingdom’s Dragon subjugation.

“I’m going to participate. That’s why I came here in the first place.”

After I finished speaking, Wan spoke up as well…

“I’m going as well. I want to see for myself how strong those Dragons are!”

“Russia will participate as well. We’ll be able to give numerous advice on how to deal with them after all.”

‘Ughh… I’d rather you not come…’

“As I said previously in the Conference, we The Sanctuary Knights will officially participate as well.”

After hearing all of our responses, the people of the United Nations did a quick summary.

“In that case, we will proceed with this time’s subjugation by having The Sanctuary Knights serve as the heart of the operation. You will also be cooperating with the military forces of a number of countries as well. We will inform you about the intricate details later.”

After the general summary of the plan, we proceeded to leave the room.


“For now I guess we’ll just have to wait at the hotel. They’ll take care of the plan for the subjugation, so let’s just relax for now.”

Just as Sakuragi said, I was planning on taking it easy at the hotel.

The next day we were called in to Geneva’s Executive Office. There The Sanctuary Knights as well as some people in military uniforms were already waiting. After we arrived, Leo proceeded to go up on the platform.

“In this time’s subjugation we will be receiving help from the NATO Response Force. These two people here are the Army General Mr. Hansen and the Air Force General Gerhard.”

After being introduced, the Army General Hansen took out a thick folder, got close to the mic and began explaining. In the back of the room they had a projector installed and from it on a screen behind the General, a map of the United Kingdom was projected.

“There are several goals in this time’s mission. First: Locating the missing important people of the royal family and the politicians and their rescue! Second: Locating the Dragon’s BOSS and its subjugation. We believe that locating the missing people will be possible, however due to the Dragons rampaging freely amongst the land, their rescue will be difficult. That’s why we want you to first focus your efforts on locating the BOSS and subjugating it.”

Hansen proceeded to point to a place within London’s vicinity.

“We believe that the place where the BOSS is most likely to be found is right here in London. It’s also known to have suffered huge damages and is a place swarming with Dragons. Due to our information being scarce, we don’t know much, however we for certain have information that the abyss-like hole is there, so we will mostly focus on its exploration.”

“If we don’t find the BOSS there, what should we do?”

The Russian team leader spoke up voicing his question. Hansel once again moved his pointer and proceeded with his explanation.

“In that case we swap priorities. We will head north towards Ireland and search for the people there and proceed with their rescue.”

“First of all, how will we even get to London? Are we going to use a ship!?”

Wan spoke up, asking probably the most important question of them all. It was way too dangerous to go there by air, and it would be difficult to traverse there by water as well… 

‘If it was me I could just teleport there though…’

“We will use a submarine.”

“A submarine?”

“There haven’t been any Dragons found that can swim in the sea. It’s the safest route.”

‘I guess that really is the safest… After all there’d be no point if we were to get completely wiped out before even getting to London.’

“We’re leaving tomorrow night! We will inform you about your specific roles later. Dismissed.”

After the explanation was over, a middle aged man with a decent build suddenly took up the mic.

“That really was interesting. Thank you everyone for being here. In celebration of the heroes who have bestowed us with their glorious deeds until now, and will embark on a new journey again tomorrow, I have decided to hold a ‘send off party’ in Hotel Esperance this night. I would love to see you there.”

“…Who’s that?”

I turned towards Sakuragi to ask.

“That’s The Sanctuary Knights’ supporter. Their biggest investor… If I remember correctly, his name was Saruman.”

“I see… But still a send off party, isn’t he acting way too leisurely?”

“He’s probably trying to gather the media as well as some other big shots in order to try and promote The Sanctuary Knights even more.  Saruman is known as one of Europe’s wealthiest people, so he is probably trying to use them for business when the world regains its peace back.”

‘In other words, he’s already certain that the subjugation this time will succeed? The United Kingdom’s difficulty rank is an S… Despite everything I don’t think it’ll be that easy…’

“What should we do? Do you want us to go?”

“I don’t really like these kinds of things…”

However if I were to go, I would maybe get the chance to speak with The Sanctuary Knights and ask them about the gacha… So I decided we would go in the end…


Hotel Esperance――

There were even more people than I had imagined. From politicians to businessmen, the media, people from the United Nations, military personnel, a whole lot of people had gathered. Just as Sakuragi had said, it was an exhibition for The Sanctuary Knights who would soon become heroes.

“Well then, I will first invite Mr. Saruman to say his greetings.”

Saruman, his smile rising up to his ears, proceeded to go up on the podium.

“Test, test. Hello everyone and thank you. The Sanctuary Knights who have received huge support from myself as well as numerous businessmen and politicians are currently doing their utmost best to save the world. Thinking about how it all started after that day of The Calamity…”

Afterwards he continued speaking for a long time, however I just ignored him and went to the buffet.


While I was speaking with Freya and the others, I suddenly heard someone calling my name.

“Leo! There’s some people that I want to introduce you to. Come with me.”

It was the usual task of being forced by Saruman to help with his business… Upon seeing him, starting with Freya, all of the other members began diverting their eyes.

“I understand Mr. Saruman. I’ll be right there.”

“Leo I have great hopes for you, however recently you’ve been really selfish, don’t you think. Dresden’s Johann has been voicing his complaints. Try to be more careful.”

“I am sorry to have troubled you.”

Just as I was about to leave, I heard someone else calling my name again.

“Master Leo, I’m back.”

“Oh, you’re here Gress.”

“He, he, he. Everyone that was in Canada has returned. With this our whole team is gathered.”

“I’m sorry to bother you again but can you do something for me? Can you appraise all of the ability users here? I don’t want to bring anyone that might become a burden.”

“An easy task.”

Afterwards Gress went in and completely blended with the crowd.

“He is?”

“Gress Stinger. A person from our team. He has a Skill known as the “Magic Eye” which allows him to completely Appraise any person or monster.”

Magic Eye huh… So with that you’re able to sort out the useless ones? I guess you don’t leave any stone unturned Leo. That’s precisely why it’s worth investing in you!”


‘Well then I guess I’ll first start with China’s Wan. I heard that Master Leo was pretty interested in her…’ 

In a corner of the hall, I found Wan talking with some other Chinese people.

“Well then, let’s see what she has…”

‘I see, as I guess she has a total of 3 Class Skills…’ 

It’s usually said that the more Class Skills you have the better.

Currently the person with the most is Master Leo with 5. After him is Freya with 4… Up until now I had yet to appraise a person who has any more than those two, that’s why in my mind if someone had 3 it was enough.

Her level as a Monk was high as well, and the person sitting right next to Wan, Ryu was a Monk with 3 Class Skills as well… 

‘He’s not as strong as Wan but I guess he’ll do. There won’t be any problems with taking these two with us.’

Afterwards I proceeded to the Russian team… There were 5 people in total, each one with a strong looking build, however…

‘What the!? How can their stats be so low… There are even some that don’t even have any abilities! It’s definitely a lie that these guys defeated a BOSS. Thank god I appraised them beforehand. If we had taken them with us they would have died immediately…!’

And finally I went to appraise the Magician that came from Japan… From what I remembered, he was known as the Explosion Magician as his class was a Great Magician. Considering his Class was a high ranked one I guessed that he would have either 3 Class Skills or even more…

I found him sitting at a table with the other people who had come from Japan. Out of them, the small girl wearing glasses caught my eye so I decided to appraise her first. 

‘Oh, she’s an ability used as well… An Explorer huh, too bad her level is so low… And I guess the guy sitting next to her is the so-called Magician. I guess he really likes the food here…’

After finishing with the girl I proceeded to appraise him――


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  1. …i sense conspiracy on the equipment gacha…cuz maybe the guy has weak physique, he was subjugated by the govm?..and confiscated all his items, cuz thats hoe they treat the mc before…like conttoling him using restrictions..

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