I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 73

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Another Gacha

‘What in the world is that weapon…!?’

I immediately tried appraising the remaining two――

<Georgius’ Sword> UR

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

<Circe’s Staff> SSR

Upon defeating a monster the owner can Tame it with a high chance of success. Grants the owner the Beast Master Class.

Bonus Effects: Defense x 150%

Magic Defense x 150%

Wisdom x 150%

Dexterity x 150%

‘These two’s weapons are unbelievable as well! And I cannot even see the description of the UR rated weapons. It probably doesn’t have to do anything with their levels, but rather it feels like they just prevent Appraisal.’

And it wasn’t just their weapons. Every piece of their equipment was at least an SR rank…

“A gacha…”


There was no way weapons like that existed in the world.  It definitely must have been an equipment gacha…

I once again used appraisal on Leo and Freya, however this time it was aimed directly at them.

Leo Garcia

Hero Lv82

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

Freya ・ Cruz

Dragon Knight Lv67

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

‘As I thought I cannot appraise them…’

Leo was using the Hero Class which in the end I couldn’t even become, and Freya was a Dragon Knight which was I Class I hadn’t even seen before.

‘I wonder if I’ll be able to find out something about the gacha if I talk with them…’


“I’m sorry you two… I planned to take care of the noisy media by myself, however they wouldn’t shut up about wanting to take a picture with the three of us together…”

“I don’t mind. If I just think of it as fan service then it’s all good.”

“That’s right. But to be honest the media will probably be happy with just taking your picture alone Freya.”

It was certainly true that Freya’s popularity was over the roof…

“By the way did you see Wan Xin Yi in the Conference Hall?”

“The one from China? I did, but is she really that strong?”

“Her strength is the real thing. She’s probably the best Aura user in the world… If it’s her there’s a possibility that she’ll be picked by one of our weapons.”

Aura huh… It seems like it would be up to par with our magic swords, however I’ve yet to see someone use it properly…”

Upon hearing Freya’s response Carlo shrugged his shoulders.

“Either way, since she’s a babe I don’t mind! And in the end it’s Leo who chooses who’s gonna wield the weapons. Also I’m sure the Magician from Japan was here as well. What do you think about him?”

“The ‘Explosion Magician’ was it? Isn’t that nickname just so cool!”

Leo immediately rejected Freya’s simple-minded compliment.

“If he mainly specializes in fire attribute magic, then he’ll be of no help to us in our fight with the Dragons. After all on top of having Magic Resistance the attribute the Dragons are most resistant to is fire. If I were to be honest, if he cannot use Lightning or Water Magic, then he’ll be completely useless!”

The three of us went back to the waiting room and took off our equipment and put it in a black case. There were special staff members who took care of our equipment so we just let them handle it.

“By the way I asked for weapons to be sent from Dresden in Germany and it was finally accepted.”

“I’m surprised that Saruman actually accepted. Considering how stubborn he was about not letting the Chinese team use the weapons until the very end…”

“That’s because I was really persistent. They should arrive here the day after tomorrow.”


Germany ・ Dresden――

Two people were walking through a corridor inside a facility. One of them was wearing glasses and looked like a neurotic person, while the other was a tall, skinny guy.

“I can’t believe Leo. He never listens. Even though myself and Saruman were against this, he just doesn’t care.”

“Is this about China’s Wan? Chief I guess you’re still thinking about it huh.”

Both of them stood in front of a door and after entering the pin code, and having their fingerprints scanned, the door’s lock was opened.

Upon entering the room engulfed in darkness, lights began turning on one after another in a line. After all of the lights had turned on, the whole room immediately became filled with the sight of all kinds of equipment.

“This is it huh… We’ll be sending it to Geneva immediately. Begin the preparations.”


A guy standing quietly in the back immediately took one of the push cars in the room and began taking out the designated weapons.

“Still where in the world did they find all of these weapons and armors?”

“You’re new here so I guess you wouldn’t know… It’s not like I know all the details, but these were all originally a single person’s property.”

“A single person’s? All of this!?”

“A lot of things happened and now we’re the ones taking care of them, however the weapons that are here are all dangerous weapons that can easily match up to a huge number of nuclear weapons. If a single person were to own all of these it would become a huge problem, don’t you think so?”

“In that case what happened to the person who owned all of this?”

“You’re better off not asking that…”

The neurotic guy who had been addressed as Chief headed towards the back of the room. There on an iron pedestal a single sword was being displayed.

“What’s this?”

“The sword that no one could use. Upon touching it the sword will immediately begin sucking out a huge amount of magic power from the person who holds it. Because of it a person died. Even Leo, after holding the sword for a mere few seconds fell to his knees.”

“Won’t it be better if we just dispose of it in that case…!?”

“The person who appraised this said that this was apparently the strongest weapon in existence…”

After saying that the man turned around and headed towards the door from which they came in.

“Still if no one’s able to use it, in the end it’s no different from junk.”

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  1. LoL… Strongest weapon with Mana Drain is just begging for the MC with Infinite MP…

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    1. Yea but i think while the mc couldnt be controlled because he was strong enough the guy who found this gacha wasnt really that strong with just weapons so they overpowered him and the rest is history ;c

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