Exiled Magic Swordsman

The Exiled Jack-of-all-trade Magic Swordsman Becomes the Princess Instructor Chapter 1

Translator: Ataru

Editor: Ray

The Exile of The Jack of All Trades Magician

Thracian Empire was the largest and the most influential nation in the continent. However, the rapid increase of the Empire’s population had caused problems such as insufficient resources and land shortage. After all, countless underground ruins within the empire had attracted much of the people’s attention, as it was a place to find treasure troves and resources, encouraging the empire’s immigrants to stay. 

Nevertheless, inside the ruins, there existed enemies difficult for humans to defeat. They were called demons. Usually, an ordinary human being wouldn’t have a chance to win against them. Therefore, conquering the underground ruins required a strong adventurer party. One after another, many of these parties had defeated the demons and succeeded in conquering the underground ruins. Because of that, they were enthusiastically called by the people as heroes. Among them, proclaimed as the number one strongest adventurer party, was The Knights of Saint Sophia. 

The Knights were formed by Sophia the saint, Cleon the swordsman, and me, Solon the magic swordsman. Saint Sophia was the captain of The Knights. She was the trump card of the party and served as the symbol of unity for the members. Although she skipped a few grades while attending magic school, she managed to graduate as the top student. She was a genius girl who mastered the recovery magic and had a very strong attack magic. Cleon was a young holy knight who could master the Holy Sword and had an extraordinary attack magic. And I was the vice-captain, Solon, a magic swordsman.

At that time, we, The Knights order, decided to become a small adventurer party. However, in just a few years, our party had succeeded in conquering the difficult underground ruins one after another. We were even recognized by the Imperial Palace and the commander of the knight order. Because of that, we had become the object of aspiration for other adventurers. Over time, our number had increased to thirteen and each of us was the best in our respective fields in the empire. It was said that joining The Knights order is one of the greatest honors for adventurers. That was why, no matter in what town, people should know my name as the vice-captain of The Knights order.


“It’s terrible but Solon, you are exiled.”


The tall young man grabbing my shoulder while I was bewildered was the Holy Knight Cleon. We were currently in our headquarters, located in a port city east of the empire. When I was called into the meeting room, ten knight order executives were already waiting behind him. I looked at them one by one, then asked Cleon.

“I’m being exiled?”

“That’s right. I’m going to dismiss you from your position as the vice-captain. Should I tell you why?”

“Then can you tell me, Sir Holy Knight..”

Cleon didn’t bother answering my gibberish and turned his eyes. Instead, one of the female knights, the Sage Arte advanced. She was a beautiful girl with black hair and black eyes. In the imperial capital, the lined-up pictures of her and Saint Sophia were very popular. She was our junior at the Imperial School of Magic and she was a talented graduate. Yet the words from Arte were quite harsh.

“Well, the reason for the exile is because we decided that Solon Senpai was useless.”

“Useless? I was always fighting with my sword, attacking with my magic, protecting my allies with a shield, and recovering my friends, right?”

“That’s not good enough,” Arte spat out these words.

“You are obviously a magic swordsman, so your sword skill isn’t bad. Your attack magic is moderate at best. You can defend us with the shield and you can use a little recovery magic.”

“That’s my role.”

Saint Sophia and Holy Knight Cleon couldn’t balance their skills. Whereas I, being able to balance my skills could be called my forte. Both the saint and the holy knight had overwhelmingly high abilities, but their skills were concentrated in their specialized types. So, when there were only three of us, the conquest wouldn’t have been possible without me, the magic swordsman.

“Compared to the level of the current members of the knight order, all your skills are half-assed. That’s called ‘jack of all trades, master of none’.”

“I’m trying hard to improve my skill level.”

“That effort is useless. I am able to use attack magic better than you, Senpai. Because a sage like me can use much more powerful magic, the tank role should be given to one who has higher defense power. Cleon who uses the Holy Sword will be much more skilled than you in a sword fight. And as for recovery magic, the saint would be better.”

I tried to argue… But I couldn’t find any objection. Then I looked into the mirror at the corner of the room and saw myself grinning. Arte sighed.

“Last time, when we were fighting a high-ranking demon in the ruins of Konada, you couldn’t do anything right. Protecting yourself was all you could do, you didn’t even contribute a thing in the battle, right?”

“…I suppose that may be the case.”

“You are not doing anything useful. And you are inferior compared to all of us. There are plenty of others better than you. To think that there is someone as half-assed as you in our team and what’s more, as the vice-captain. It’s just so annoying.”

After Arte said all that, the other executives were nodding. And on their behalf, Cleon announced expressionlessly.

“Your dismissal was decided by all of the executives.”

“I’m also an executive, right? Then, are you disregarding my opinion?”

“From today onwards, you’re not an executive. You are just a burden pulling us down, so we don’t need you anymore.”

It seemed that without my knowledge, everything had been decided. That I was to be dismissed as a member of The Knights division and exiled. And none of the executives seemed to be on my side.


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  1. Wow they made sure that bridge was reduced to atoms.

    Gotta agree with em though, a Jack’s usefulness declines as the pool of available specialist talent increases, but did they have to be such assholes about it?

    Well at least they didn’t exile him in public.

    Wonder what Solon did for Sophia and Cleon to drop him this hard though.

    1. In an RPG, that is true. But that is because the party is controlled by the player. In an MMO, every player has a wide field of view and communicate over a long distance.

      In reality, you need some who can see the wider picture, who know when members are pushing to far ahead, when an opening is a trap, and many other miscellaneous tasks.

      The question is, does this group of overly specialized individuals have someone to fill that role.

      From the overly prideful and arrogant way of talking, and the kind of story this is, I would assume not.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, its just me or this fell dumb as f***, so they only used him till they grew and no they are dissmissing him? What type of lowlife are them?

  3. I hope Arte dies, nothing personal, but it might be a lesson to the others. I hope that if they ever meet him again and there is one that goes I did not vote for it and just watch him go, oh really.

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