When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 8

Translator: Azo

Editor: CutieBinkie

The silver-haired beauty

His mother’s face is panicked. “Son, don’t listen to your uncle Wang’s nonsense. When I was young, I had a thing with him, but it’s all in the past. I’ve never done anything bad to your father.”

Yue Bin stares.

His mother continues to insist. “If nothing else, look at your butt. Your father has the same birthmark.”

“Come on, mother. Don’t talk about it. I know.” Yue Bin purses his lips and holds up a hand to stop her.

Today has been a shitty day.

In a spacious and gorgeous palace, there is a clear pool made of white jade. There’s no water in the pool, instead, it’s filled with wisps of white smoke.

The white jade is called Liuchuan Ice Spirit jade. It is a treasure of cultivators everywhere. One piece is better than tens of thousands of spirit stones. If an ordinary martial artist gets one, it will be immediately claimed as a family treasure and hoarded carefully.

But here, a large number of Liuchuan jade is actually used to build a clear square pool. The cultivation progress of a person who only dipped their toes in would still be unimaginable. 

In the pool is a handsome man, leaning lazily against the side with his arms propped up on the edge.

A very handsome man indeed. Even the precious jade, when compared to this man, is lackluster. Comparable to the nature of heaven and earth as a whole, transcending gender and worldly beauty.

A waterfall of long silver hair, splitting in two at the shoulder like pure streams of water off a tall mountain, seems to flow like moonlight. 

According to basic aesthetics, a handsome man will make people desire to get closer, but the pair of icy lilac eyes only causes fear in anyone who sees them.

“Master!” A man in a purple robe moves to the edge of the jade pool and drops to one knee. “Just now, the Sword King came to visit. We told him you were practicing in seclusion but he didn’t seem to believe it. I’m afraid he’ll cause trouble.”

Hearing this, the silver-haired man sneers. “Murong Cun… In recent years, he’s become more and more arrogant. If not for… ” He pauses slightly. “Let’s just say that he can be arrogant for a while, then I’ll return.”

On hearing this, the subordinate becomes worried. “You need to leave once every hundred years. I’m afraid the Sword King already has his doubts about you disappearing like this. I’m afraid that he’ll make trouble when you’re not here.”

Once every hundred years, the silver-haired man needs to immerse himself in the secular, common world, but when he practices this cultivation, he’ll lose his memory and become a blank piece of paper. If Murong Cun knew this, he’d take advantage of the amnesia.

Despite the clear worry of his subordinate, the silver-haired man refuses to concern himself with it. “He’s just a clown, what can he do? Ah Zi, you tell the palace that everything is as usual, and no one is allowed to show any difference. He would never dare to cause trouble.”

Ah Zi bows his head. “Yes.”

He makes up his mind that he must arrange a border town to stay in for his master this time. The faster, the better, so that he won’t be noticed by the Sword King.

Since the incident that shocked the whole Yunyue city, the place has returned to the usual quiet, happy town.

If something must be said, there is one thing; the stones that paved the road were stolen.

The city police deployed more personnel and strengthened night patrols, but there was nothing to be found. In fact, the number of potholes in the road is still increasing and it’s giving the police a headache.

It doesn’t have a great influence on people’s lives, except that sometimes they’ll fall into a hole when they walk carelessly. 

In their spare time, the citizens will discuss the road thief.

“They have this kind of skill, but instead of stealing gold or silver, they dig up the road. Don’t you think it’s strange?”

“Maybe the stones have a secret? Didn’t you hear the stones are from Yeying?”

“Come on, as if Yeying would send valuable goods to Mingguang. It’s impossible!”

“Well I’m afraid there’s only one reason then.”

“You thought of it, too? I have the same idea.”

“It must be a thief but there must be something wrong with their brain.”

These complaints are a part of the daily life of the citizens in Yunyue city.

Kong Wuying, who is thought to be mentally ill, arrives at the Alchemy Association in Yunyue city.

Yes, he dug out the Night Shadow stone on the road, what of it?

Since he transferred bodies, his former soul puppets have all decayed with the death of the former body. He has to start from the beginning again.

It just so happens that there are ready-made materials, quite literally lying on the ground. How could he not use them?

To be honest, he was a little surprised when he dug up the Night Shadow stone. He has the ability to dig out the stones and then replace it with some sand to cover up his tracks. However, when he started digging, he realised that he wasn’t the only one doing it. 

Someone had already dug out some of the Night Shadow stone deeper down, so Kong Wuying had no choice but to take the stones on the surface, which led to the theft of the road in Yunyue city.

Of course, it doesn’t matter, it’s impossible for someone to catch him anyway. But who else dug up the Night Shadow stone?

Night Shadow stone can only be used for soul puppets. Are people from Yeying also in Yunyue city? But even if all the Night Shadow stone is dug up, it’s not enough to make a soul puppet. Night Shadow stone is only the main material, but pills are also needed and yet that damned system…

Thinking of this, Kong Wuying pinches the stone lying on his chest, and a pathetic cry comes from the system: “Host, I really tried my best. I didn’t expect that I could not unlock it at all.”

The second level pills can’t be unlocked until the requirements are met – not even the system can change that.

This is the reason why Kong Wuying is standing here. To be a first division pill master, you should not only be able to refine first level pills, but also pass the examination of the Alchemy Association.

So troublesome!

Before, if he wanted to make a soul puppet, it was just a matter of minutes. All kinds of pills, materials, equipment, natural materials and earth treasures were brought to him by servants with only a command.

And now…

Kong Wuying sighs. And other auxiliary material, even the most common, are of high value. They’re not affordable at all. Therefore, the top priority is to make money.

Alchemy is undoubtedly the best choice and the title of a first division pill master would also boost his income.

However, even if he unlocks the second level pills, those pills can only refine the lowest level soul puppet at most.

Soul puppets can be divided into eight levels, namely; Object, Human, Earth, Heaven, Physical World, Spiritual World, Universe and Multiverse. 

The soul puppet that he sent to seduce Chu Liyuan all those years ago was the highest level soul puppet. She was matchless in appearance, beautiful in figure, gentle in temperament, intelligent in talent, proficient in all kinds of talents and very loyal.

It’s a pity that although she succeeded in defeating Chu Liyuan, she had her own kind of wound that never left.

After Chu Liyuan’s death, she knelt down in front of Kong Wuying with tears. She said that she seemed to have been moved by Chu Liyuan and was not sincere in serving the master, so she could only apologise for her misconduct.

It was very sudden and Kong Wuying couldn’t do anything to stop it.

But she’s not the best soul puppet he’s ever made. In addition to these eight levels, there is a higher level, called Divinity.

A Divine soul puppet has not been made for thousands of years, so it has gradually become a legend, unknown to the world of this generation.

By chance, Kong Wuying once made a Divine-level soul puppet. It was an incredible being, but perhaps too incredible. Later, the soul puppet ran away by himself, which – as expected – pissed off Kong Wuying quite a bit.



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