I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 72

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

International Conference

After arriving at Geneva we checked into the hotel prepared by the United Nations, and began preparing for the International Conference that would be held two days from now.

It was a really fancy hotel, so it was no surprise that it got me thinking who was actually sponsoring this.

Either way I had Sakuragi and Mr. Hagino explain to me the details about the conference, and I even wore a costume for the first time in my life. To be honest though the neck tie was killing me.

“Gojo! It’s so that we don’t embarrass ourselves in front of everyone so please bear with it.”


I ended up quietly listening to Sakuragi.


United Nations Geneva Executive Office / Day of the Conference――

Apparently the Conference this time would bring up the topic about monsters and how to deal with them. There were a lot of people gathered at the place.

If we exclude the United Kingdom, Europe didn’t suffer that many casualties after The Calamity after all. And due to the help of The Sanctuary Knights the economy as a whole was in a really stable position.

And honestly it could be seen, considering there were a lot of countries from the EU participating. America had apparently created a temporary government to deal with the problems there, and because they were trying to restore their country they didn’t participate in this time’s Conference.

Japan similarly to America was focused mainly on rebuilding the country, however they somehow managed to formally send us over. Even though they called it an International Conference, more than half of the member-countries of the United Nations weren’t present.

While admiring the huge building in front of me, we proceeded to enter Geneva’s Executive Office. Just as we were about to enter, from behind us around 10 men and women wearing black suits were heading towards our direction.

They were surrounded by a huge number of press, creating a huge fuss… 

‘So that’s The Sanctuary Knights huh… I did hear that they were famous but this is basically treating them like stars. And on the other hand there’s no one coming here… Oh well, I guess it’s fine.’

After entering the building we were led to a waiting room. To be honest the room was a bit too big considering only 5 of us would be using it.

“They really are popular. And they all looked so cool.”

“The Dragon threat in Europe is a huge problem after all. Even the Dragon that you defeated on the way here shouldn’t have originally been there. It’s only natural that their expectations towards The Sanctuary Knights would be huge.”

‘I did hear that the Dragons were quickly enlarging their habitat but it might turn out to be even worse than I had imagined…’


After leaving the waiting room and heading for the Conference Hall I suddenly heard someone calling me from behind.


It was Wan Xin Yi that had come out from a different waiting room.

“Gojo, I was sure I’d see you here!”

“Hey Wan, it’s been a while.”

I hadn’t seen her since leaving China… Right next to her Vice Leader Ryu was there as well, however it was just the two of them…

“Did you come with only Ryu?”

“Yea. There are still monsters roaming around China after all, we couldn’t bring everyone.”

She was right, even though we had defeated the BOSS that would mean that the monsters would disappear completely. And we still didn’t know how to completely stop the appearance of monsters.

“Gojo you’re going to be participating in the Dragon subjugation right?”

“That’s my intention. Are you as well?”

“The Chinese Government tried to stop me, but there’s no way I wouldn’t come if you were coming!”

“I see…”

After finishing talking we proceeded to the Conference Hall together.


‘So this is China’s Wan Xin Yi… She’s tall and looks so cool… And she appears to be on good terms with Gojo as well…’

“Is there something on my face?”

“A-ah n-no… there’s nothing.”

‘Amazing she immediately began talking to me in English… So she’s bilingual on top of being that beautiful.’

“Are you from the Japanese Government?”

“Yes. I’m Sakuragi from the Self-Defense Forces.”

“Oh the Self-Defense Forces! The same as Gojo then. The name’s Wan Xin Yi. Nice to meet you.”

She stretched out her hand asking me for a handshake. After that Wan and Ryu proceeded to introduce themselves to me and Mr. Hagino. 

‘They seem like really well mannered people…’

Afterwards the Conference began and the representatives of their countries went to their appointed seats. In order to be able to understand each other they gave us an interpretation earphone each.

The Conference began with each country presenting the people who defeated their respective BOSSes and having them give a short introduction. So Gojo used the paper that we had prepared for him beforehand.

The longest introduction was probably that of the Russians.

“The BOSS we defeated was an enormous Troll towering over 20 meters, a frightening monster!! We imagine that it could even rival America’s Titan…”

Hearing that Gojo sitting next to me made a strange expression.


In the end came The Sanctuary Knights’ turn and the one who gave the speech was their leader Leo Garcia. Upon him picking up the mic, the flashes from the cameras blinded the whole hall.

“Until now we have defeated the BOSSes in two other territories and are now proceeding to deal with the BOSS in Canada. We are not fighting for honor or profit, we are solely doing it for the peace of the people.”

Compared to my and the other’s speeches the media showed a completely different response.

“Currently the threat known as the Dragons is trying to spread throughout the world!  We will postpone our mission in Canada for the time being, and focus all of our efforts in helping with this subjugation!!”

A huge wave of cheers occurred and several country leaders got up applauding.  

‘Isn’t this way too over the top?’ 

Is what I thought…

Even when the Conference started the only ones who were asked for advice were The Sanctuary Knights… Not a single person came to me or any of the remaining participants.

After the first day of the Conference ended we got up preparing to go back to our waiting room. Upon nearing the entrance we saw 3 people of The Sanctuary Knights, more specifically it was Leo, Freya and a handsome looking tall guy, being interviewed by the media.

They had apparently gone through the trouble of changing because they were carrying their swords, wands and other equipment.

“What are they doing…?”

Was the thing I asked Sakuragi.

“They are operating by receiving support from various countries and organizations, so it’s only natural that they have encounters with the media like that.”

“I see… It must be hard.”

‘With the way they’re going they’re probably gonna get a whole photo album any time soon. Still the equipment they’re carrying looks really extravagant and has some fancy decorations. It’s really cool…’

I nonchalantly decided to appraise the sword that Leo was holding――

<Durendal> UR

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