When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain

When the Golden Finger Lands in the Hands of the Villain-Chapter 7

Translator: Azo

Editor: CutieBinkie

The identity of the shadow

Where is Yue Yang’s dignity? Where is his moral code? Who said that the people of the Yue family should never stand to be insulted? Is this really Yue Bin’s father, not an imposter?

Yue Yang huffs and puffs, gesturing sharply at his son. “Why are you still in a daze? Don’t you see Ning Zhao still standing – bring a chair for your master!” Yue Yang turns to Kong Wuying with a smile. “Sir, I’ve spoiled this child since he was a baby. His nature is good, but he’s a bit of a fool.”

Kong Wuying is a bit taken aback. “About the bet, it was just a joke, no need to take it seriously.” He wanted to mess with Yue Bin because of the other’s arrogance, but he didn’t actually want a servant.

“Yes, yes, of course.” Yue Yang nods along like a bobblehead doll. “But my Yue family takes our word very seriously. If you don’t accept, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, let alone how I could meet my ancestors after death!”

Kong Wuying doesn’t know what this guy’s ancestors have to do with him but shrugs anyway. “Sure, okay.”

Well, he is used to being served by others so having no one around him has been strange. He also doesn’t want to trouble himself with menial duties either.

Yue Yang beams with joy and tells his son, “Be a good servant.”

“Father!” Yue Bin cries in outrage.

Yue Yang swiftly leaves and only Yue Bin and Kong Wuying are left.

Kong Wuying looks at his new minion. “Do the laundry first.”

Yue Bin gestures around with frantic movements, incredulous. “This…This whole thing is ridiculous.”

Kong Wuying shrugs. “Yeah. You can go if you want. I mean, that’s not my dad, I don’t care about what he says.”

Yue Bin thinks about it but he knows his father’s temperament. He’s afraid that if he left now, his father would just drag him back again, maybe even bar him from entering the family house.

Compared to his son full of complaints, Yue Yang walks briskly home and hums a ditty tune as he goes. After hearing his son’s words, he knew that his fortune was coming. Even young master Xiao Yue, a talented alchemist who can cross the steps to refine the elixir of life, looked at Ning Zhao with delight. Yue Yang’s son won’t suffer at all if he follows Ning Zhao.

There is also this Tiger Vessel pill and Hundred Flowers honey mixture to consider. He will go back and try it. Maybe he can even refine living pills!

Yue Yang rushes back with enthusiasm.

That night, more than ten refining furnaces exploded all throughout Yunyue city.

Inside a hidden manor in Yunyue city, Han Xiu was immersed in a bath of blood.

The liquid in the blood pool was dark red and surged with a vicious current, crashing over his naked body, scouring it until the skin splits. However, the energy of the blood pool swiftly heals the injuries.

Dozens of cuts slice into him before they heal up and the wave crashes down only to hack into him again, causing a burning, stinging pain.

But Han Xiu doesn’t leave the bath. His lower lip is bitten bloody and his eyes are red with tears.

He doesn’t care! As long as he can get revenge, as long as he can let Ning Zhao suffer a horrible death for ruining Han Xiu’s career by getting him kicked out, he doesn’t care about anything!

Not far away, there’s a fat man in yellow standing with his hands on his cheeks, watching with a greatly satisfied smile. He has a round head and an even rounder belly. He has a simple and honest face, but he’s full of vicious thoughts.

This man is musing in his head; I wonder if I have to add more material. The young man hasn’t reached his limit yet, he’s even still conscious, which proves the energy still hasn’t been drained.

“Bai Heng, what are you doing?” snaps a thin man in blue, stepping into the room with a glare. “It’s taboo to use living people to refine soul puppets. This sorcery is illegal.”

“Don’t be so fussy!” Bai Heng’s retorts in disapproval. “Are Mingguang even living beings with their empty heads? I just said I wanted to avenge him and he followed. When he’s my soul puppet, can he even remember his revenge?”

The man in blue frowns. “Even if the material is a citizen of Mingguang, you can’t do this. If someone finds out…”

“Oh, I’m also thinking about the sake of our mission. If my soul puppet is refined, our strength will be increased. Don’t you want to finish the task and go home as soon as possible?”

“But this…” The man in blue trails off, hesitant.

“I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stay in Mingguang for a second longer.” Bai Heng complains. “Those idiots actually used our Night Shadow stone to pave the road, and insult our monarch in every other sentence. If it wasn’t for the mission, I would have razed this place to the ground.

“They are very annoying…”

“What’s more, I don’t remember the last time I was able to eat bean curd. Their version is inedible, I swear it’s toxic.”

“That’s true….damn it.”

Han Xiu in the blood pool can’t hear their conversation at all, still struggling through the torment with sheer hatred keeping him going.

Bai Heng is very proud of winning the argument and takes out a small bottle from his pocket, preparing to add it to the bath.

Han Xiu screams as an explosion tears his body apart.

Bai Heng gapes, along with the other man, as the resulting pieces melt into fleshy puddles.

After a long time, Bai Heng roars, “Who the fuck messed with my blood pool! I’ll kill him! I’ll break him to pieces!”

On his couch, Kong Wuying opens his eyes and smiles. How could he let Han Xiu run so easily?

Kong Wuying owns this body, therefore any slight against the body is a slight on him. He must be responsible for revenge.

It’s true that he gave Han Xiu an ordinary Invigoration pill, but the pill was refined by Kong Wuying and there was still a trace of his spiritual power left in it. As long as his mind moved and ignited this spiritual power, people who took his pills would explode.

After finishing off Han Xiu, Kong Wuying says to Yue Bin who wanders into the room, “Have you finished washing the clothes? Go and tidy the alchemy room then clean the toilet.”

Yue Bin looks miserable.

It’s the ass crack of dawn and Yue Bin, who has just finished his work, is dragging his tired body home.

As a young master of the Yue family, he has been used to pampering and playing about. He’s never done housework in his life.

That damned Ning Zhao asked him to wash and tidy all night, and he even had to make breakfast before he could leave. At the thought of more gloomy days in the future, Yue Bin felt sad. He stomped his feet at he walked, muttering curses and then –

“Ah! Who dug a hole in the road?”

The hole is very shallow. When Yue Bin climbs out of the pit and shakes the dirt off his clothes, he opens his mouth and can’t close it for a long time.

The main road of Yunyue City, Yunyue Avenue, is smooth and beautiful. But today, it’s riddled with potholes. Who dug it? Is it a thief?

Over the years, Yue Bin has heard of stealing chickens, dogs and shoes, but he’s never heard of stealing roads. It’s not worth it! Of course, it’s none of his business. It’s up to the city police to worry about it.

Yue Bin drags his tired legs home. As soon as he gets home, he wants to ask his father what the man is thinking. Why should Yue Bin be pushed to Ning Zhao?

Yue Bin steps through the front door and calls over a servant. “Where’s my father?”

“Young master,” the servant greets. “The master injured himself in the alchemy room last night, he’s cultivating himself in the house.”

Yue Bin quickly runs to his father’s room and shoves open the door. “Father! Are you okay?”

Yue Yang is wearing a nightgown and humming a tune to amuse the birds. He rolls his eyes when he hears Yue Bin. “Don’t say it like that, you’re going to curse me with bad health.”

Seeing his father’s healthy appearance, it’s obviously not a big problem. Yue Bin is relieved and instead begins to complain. “Father, how can you shove me at Ning Zhao like that?”

“What do children know?” Yue Yang’s glares with dissatisfaction. “Listen to me; serve him well, this is no mistake.”

Yue Bin angrily stomped off to his mother, finding her in a hallway. Yue Bin’s beautiful mother is carrying a box full of delicious cakes.

“Is this for father because he’s injured?” Yue Bin asks.

The woman laughs. “I’m going out to play cards, this is for me.”

Yue Bin grabs a piece and bites into it. “These are good,” he mumbles. “Mother, is father really my biological father?”

The woman’s face blanks. “Did your uncle Wang tell you that?”

Yue Bin is speechless.



  1. Hahaha! Is he really not his father’s son! XD

    Honestly those Mingguang people are indeed really stupid, how about asking for the use of these stones you keep getting? Or perhaps investigating?

    I’m curious if Kong Wuying will put the system in a spiritual puppet in the future.

    I’m also curious about this previous host of the system, to have filled the system’s mind with such nonsense.

    Thanks for the chapter! (≧▽≦)

  2. LMAO thought the opening was horror but it turned out to be comedy
    I don’t think it was stupid of them, it clearly seemed to Mingguang like an intended insult. If someone gave you a rock and said “Happy birthday,” you probably wouldn’t say “Thanks! What’s it for?” If anything, it was Yeying’s oversight for not explaining anything even though soul puppetry is their specialty and not Mingguang’s.

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