I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 71

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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Soaring Dragon

An hour after our meeting with the Prime Minister in Osaka――

We were Osaka International Airport about to board a private government plane in order to get to Geneva in Switzerland. Accompanying me on the plane would be Sakuragi, Mr. Hagino from the Cabinet Office and two other people from the government.

Shimizu and Sakamoto had both also come to the airport to send us off.

“Sakuragi, we’re leaving Gojo up to you. He sometimes lacks common sense, so try to keep him in check!”

“Understood! I’ve got it covered.”

“Aren’t those some mean things you’re saying… I do have common sense you know.”

After hearing what I said everyone rolled their eyes.

“Gojo, it’s not like I’m worried but still try to be careful!”

“You too Shimizu, you finally got back to the Self-Defense Forces so try to listen to your superior Sakamoto’s orders!”

Seeing us board the plane, both of them waves their hands seeing us off.

The inside of the plane was way more spacious that I had though, and the seats were lined up next to each other were really comfortable as well. ‘I’ve never gotten on a plane before but I guess First-Class must probably feel something like this.’

Sakuragi sat right next to me, and on the seat diagonally from us sat Mr. Hagino.

“It’s going to take us 13 hours to get to Geneva.”

“That’s a lot. Even though I could go there in an instant with my teleportation.”

I had already told Sakamoto and the others about a part of my skills, so it’s not like they would be surprised if I just used teleportation to get there but…

“…Mr. Gojo, that’s exactly what lacking common sense means.”


With a bit of worry in our hearts, we flew off and headed for Switzerland.


“Off they go.”


Shimizu and I were looking at the plane taking off.

“You have ‘I wanted to go as well’ written all over your face.”

“That’s not true! I have a lot of work to do, and Sakuragi is with him as well so it’s fine.”

I would probably be lying if I said that there wasn’t a part of me that wanted to go. However, I knew that even if I went there would be nothing for me to do there. I knew that better than anyone else.

“If I were to be honest I don’t want Gojo to leave Japan at all.”


“If he’s here I get the feeling that no matter what happens in the future it will all be fine.”

Still Shimizu perfectly knows that there’s no way we could do that. However, as he said, it’s uncertain as to what dangers might befall Japan in the future.

“Still this time apart from Gojo, The Sanctuary Knights who are rumored to be the strongest group are going to the United Kingdom as well. They’ll take care of the Dragons in time.”

“Pff, the strongest group! There’s no way there’s someone stronger than Gojo!!”

“I agree, but we cannot deny their accomplishments. After all in the past few months they’ve defeated numerous BOSSes. Your normal people wouldn’t be able to do that.”

“You’re right… No wonder they’re currently being treated as heroes.”

Shimizu and I left the airport and got into a car. On the way back Shimizu had completely closed up and seemed like he was thinking about something.

“What’s wrong?”

“Don’t you think they’re similar?”

“Hm? What is?”

“Gojo that is! Him as well as The Sanctuary Knights gained some kind of power after The Calamity with which they defeated the BOSSes! And Gojo is still unwilling to tell us how he managed to obtain that power…”

“What are you trying to say?”

“You get it don’t you! I’m trying to say that there might be some kind of mutual secret between The Sanctuary Knights and Gojo!?”

“In the end that’s just your hypothesis.”

“Tch, you and your hard head! Yea, yea it’s just my hypothesis.”


12 hours had passed since we departed and we were now almost at Switzerland. I slept through most of it, so it felt like a nice trip.

I was about to fall asleep once more, but then I got a response from my Hostility Detection. I looked out the window only to see a shadow within the clouds.

“Is something wrong?”

“There’s something there.”


From within the clouds an enormous body appeared and it headed straight for the plane. The air flow became distorted causing the plane to shake vigorously.


Sakuragi and Mr. Hagino couldn’t contain their screams and shock. Upon looking through the window I saw a body enveloped in blue color, which was without a doubt a Dragon!

“So that’s a Dragon huh.”

“What’s going on!?”

I helped Sakuragi calm down, after which I got up from my seat.

“I’ll be back in a bit.”

“Wh-?… He’s already gone!?”

I used teleportation to get outside of the plane. The Dragon flying in front of me was around 30 meter in length including its tail…

‘They’re known as the strongest species, standing shoulder to shoulder with the Giants… I guess I should see for myself.’

“Summon! Come out Phoenix!”

A magic circle appeared in mid air and from it the Phoenix enveloped in blue flames appeared. After appearing it immediately charged for the Dragon!

The Phoenix and the Dragon proceeded to clash in mid air! After a couple of clashes the Phoenix began shining, and exploded right next to the Dragon.

“Normally this would settle it but…”

From within the smoke, the Dragon once again showed itself. It had only suffered some small wounds throughout its body.

‘I guess the rumors that it boasts Magic and Physical Resistance weren’t false after all…’

On the side from within the flames the Phoenix revived throwing itself at the Dragon once again!!



After clashing vigorously the Dragon opened its mouth wide, shooting out a scorching fire ball towards the Phoenix!

The explosion of flames coved the whole body of the Phoenix. It disappeared for an instant, but then in the next it appeared once again, now looking like an enormous bird covered in red flames which once again headed for the Dragon!

It shot for the Dragon like a flaming spear, and this time it exploded with a force that was a couple of times stronger than the previous one.

‘This should do it.’

After the smoke lifted up I could see the Dragon beginning to fall towards the surface…


Right beneath the Dragon a magic circle appeared. The Dragon continued falling down right in the middle of that circle, and upon going through it, it turned into specks of light.

Looking at the Tame List, the name ‘Soaring Dragon’ had newly appeared.

“Its strength is Rank B huh. I guess that’s the same as the Middle Rank Giants.”

After finishing its job the Phoenix flew right next to me.

“I’ll leave the escort duty to you until we land.”

I left the Phoenix outside and using teleportation went inside the plane.

“Eh!? Gojo, are you okay? I’m sure we heard explosions from outside…”

“It’s taken care of. I’m still a bit sleepy, so can you please wake me up when we land.”


Afterwards we safely landed at Geneva’s airport.

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  1. indeed, that what we call not having a bit of commun sense. also Suzaku-chan soloing a dragon like it no big deal, as expected of my Suzaku-chan! also it seem she grow stronger when she got it by fire-type attack also as expected of my Suzaku-chan! I just want to see a mini Suzaku-chan perching on his shoulder and flexing on people, I mean how cool can you be with a phoenix on your shoulder like it no big deal?

    Also Jiro-sensei since you said previously that you liked read long comments I made a little effort to preach the goodness of Suzaku-chan to you and fellow reader!

    Thank for the chapter!

    1. I wouldn’t go as far as calling myself sensei however, I do appreciate it. And yes I completely agree, Suzaku is love, Suzaku is life <3
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