I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 70

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

An Invitation From The United Nations

The United Kingdom――

Its formal name being “United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland”. Even now the United Kingdom is accepted as an official Kingdom by over 20 countries throughout the world.

And is the other country besides America, which suffered the worst amount of casualties during The Calamity. Right in the capital of London an enormous ‘hole’ had appeared which had swallowed the people and buildings in its perimeter. Which perimeter was easily wider than a kilometre. The bottom of that enormous hole couldn’t even be seen, to be honest it would be better to call it an abyss rather than a hole.

The Dragons who came flying out of that hole was so numerous that they covered the entire sky.

Upon witnessing the situation England’s forces as well as NATO’s Response Force acted in order to stop the Dragons. However in the end, without even being able to kill one of them, they were completely wiped out.

The United Kingdom’s politicians, Her Majesty the Queen as well as the royal family were evacuated to Ireland which was deemed to be a bit safer. However there have been no news from them since then.

Afterwards the darkish blue land as well as other similar holes started appearing in other places such as England, Wales and Scotland…

The place that was know as Great Britain had now turned into a Dragon’s nest.


Osaka ・ Prime Minister’s Official Residence――

After being called in by Prime Minister Tada, myself, Sakamoto and Sakuragi headed for the Official Residence. Apparently it was about some kind of important matter…

Prime Minister Tada: “Greetings. Under normal circumstances I should have been the one to come visit you, so I hope you’ll excuse me this time.”

In the meeting room where we were waiting, Prime Minister Tada, as well as Mr. Hagino of the Cabinet Office whom I had met before came in together. After sitting opposite of us the Prime Minister fixed his collar, while Mr. Hagino took out his handkerchief and wiped the sweat of his forehead.

“The reason we called you here today is because we got a call of the Europe’s United Nations’ Main Office in Switzerland inviting you Mr. Gojo to become an advisor for their International Conference.”

“An advisor?”

“If someone at the conference asks any questions, they usually serve give assertive comments and advices as specialists.”

“I see…”

A specialist? I made a complex face showing that I didn’t really get what the Prime Minister was taking about, upon seeing my reaction the Prime Minister asked me a question.

“Mr. Gojo do you know the details of what’s been happening in the United Kingdom?”

“The United Kingdom? I know a bit but as for the details…”

Afterwards Prime Minister Tada proceeded to explain the current situation in the United Kingdom. The appearance of the Dragons and the complete annihilation of the military was way beyond what I had imagined.

“There was also talks about using a mass amount of nuclear weapons, however due to not knowing whether there were still any citizens alive or not, that proposal was denied.”

‘That’s the most reasonable decision… For starters there’s no way to know whether nuclear weapons will work on Dragons…’

“However the biggest problem is the Dragons’ movement pattern. Up until know they hadn’t moved out of the skies above the United Kingdom, however recently they have been seen flying in the skies of other countries as well.”

‘That’s true. If strong monsters such as the Dragons go around and spread their habitat it will become a huge threat to humanity…’

As I was making a serious face, as if being able to read my mind the Prime Minister continued talking.

“That’s why they’re trying to gather people who are know to have defeated other BOSSes.”

“In order to get them to become advisers in the International Conference?”

“On paper at least.”

“On paper?”

“It would be best to think of it as a subjugation request. Their real plan is to gather people from around the world who are know to have defeated other BOSSes and ask them to do something about it.”

‘So it really is like that…’

“And I think that all the other people who have been invited already know this as well.”

“The other? Who are they?”

“I’ll have Assistant Vice-Minister Hagino explain that to you in detail. Hagino.”

“Yes! I’ll tell you what the government knows so far.”

While wiping the sweat of his forehead Mr. Hagino took out the sheet of paper he had prepared.

‘He really does sweat a lot…’

If I were to summarize Mr. Hagino’s explanation――

The one invited from Japan was me. Apparently the Japanese Government had reported to the United Nations that I had been the one to defeat the BOSS.

It wasn’t known who had subjugated the BOSS in America, so apparently no one was called from there.

From China Suzaku was invited.

And apparently Russia had made a report saying that it was their Russian Military that had taken down the BOSS there. Upon hearing that me and Sakamoto looked at each other letting out a bitter smile.

People from the Georgian Military were invited as well. They were the first country to take down a BOSS after all.

And finally――

“The Sanctuary Knights mutant organization that is know to have defeated two BOSSes in Angola and Greenland respectively were invited as well.”

“The Sanctuary Knights?”

“Currently they are known as the strongest mutant organization in the world. They are a group of individuals gathered from throughout Europe and their prowess is known to surpass that of Suzaku…”

‘So there are people like that huh… And they’ve already taken down 2 BOSSes as well.’

“Did you know about them Sakamoto?”

“Yea… I’ve heard some rumours. They seem to be a really famous party.”

“The Japanese Government doesn’t have a lot of details but we were able to found out that they’re a group of around 10 people…”

Mr. Hagino too out 2 pictures and laid them in front of me. They were pictures of a young girl and a young boy.

“It’s these two. The girl’s name is Freya Cruz. She’s only 18 but she was able to defeat the BOSS in Angola. She’s known to have a one of a kind ability.”

Looking at the picture she was beautiful girl with long golden hair. Still looking at it she felt really delicate…

“The boy is Leo Garcia. He’s the leader of The Sanctuary Knights and is known as the world’s strongest man. He’s known to have defeated the BOSS in Greenland.”

He looked solidly built and had grey hair.

 ‘He really does look strong.’

“That’s as much as we know. All of the remaining members of The Sanctuary Knights are known to be really powerful, each of which is deemed to be as strong as Wan Xin Yi…”

After Mr. Hagino stopped talking Prime Minister Tada took up the baton.

“The main reason why they have decided to invite people this time around is more or less to bring The Sanctuary Knights to the United Kingdom. Apparently The Sanctuary Knights already refused them once because they are currently taking care of a subjugation in Canada.”

‘So are they thinking that since The Sanctuary Knights refused, maybe if they invite other people and they come that that will ruin The Sanctuary Knights’ image a bit? I’m not quite sure whether they have something else up their sleeves…’

“We know that you Mr. Gojo have already defeated 4 of the BOSSes. However that hasn’t been made public. As far as the world is concerned, The Sanctuary Knights who have already defeated two of the BOSSes have more achievements than you.”

Prime Minister Tada took a single breath then look at me.

“What will you do? Even if you decide to participate in the subjugation there is no doubt that the main point of focus will be The Sanctuary Knights. If you wish to refuse then we the government will pass on your decision…”

It seemed like the Prime Minister was trying to be considerate of me, however I had already made up my mind.

“Of course I’ll go!”

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