I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 68

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

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The Dungeon’s Ruler

Russia ・ Altai Krai ・ Barnaul

Due to the last Dungeon spawning in the middle of Barnaul city it was the city with the most numerous casualties after The Calamity. Upon setting foot in the Dungeon I immediately realized that I was completely different from the other two before it.

The monsters that came out of it weren’t neither Goblin nor Orcs, but rather Gremlins and Grendels.

Each monster’s level was relatively high, however with the Phoenix by my side, and my Magic Sword in hand I proceeded smoothly. Because the Adamantium Great Sword was hard to use in this tight cave I had opted for my Mithril Sword.

This Dungeon also had 20 Floors, however the more I progressed through the floors the Magic Particles in the air became higher. And accompanying that, the monsters became stronger as well!

16th Floor–––

I had gathered a lot of items coming this deep, and due to killing a lot of monsters in the process ad well I managed to max out my second Magic Knight Class Slate as well. The [Class Skill]’s rank went up to B and I proceeded to take out another Magic Knight Class Slate and tapped on it.

‘The Magic Sword skill has similar attacking potential as Martial Arts, so I might as well level it up as much as I can while I still have the opportunity.’

The items I had gathered up until now were these.

Wind Magic Stone U

Healing Magic Stone U x2

Summoning Magic Stone U

Strengthening Magic Stone U

Magic Beast’s Fur C

Seed of Silence U

Old Ring C

Potion C x3

High Potion U x2

Elixir SR

Miracle Drug R

Earth Dragon’s Bones U

Bat’s Wings Cx2

Golden Needle U

Sun Stone SR

‘Still what in the world are these Magic Stones? They appear to contain some kind of magic power, but I have no clue on how to use them…’

I continued going down the floors until I reached the last floor.

It was an open area with a Magic Particle density that almost made me choke. The monster waiting for me there had a horn growing out of its head so for I moment I though that it was an Ogre. However I was wrong…

Up until know I had met 3 BOSSES, and the feeling I was getting now was the same those three. The light given off by the Phoenix revealed its appearance. It had a bulky body, around 5 meters in height. It looked like some kind of ominous demon.

I tried using Appraisal on it.


Fairy Type Lv3986

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

“No mistaking it, that’s the BOSS!!”

I immediately took out the Great Sword from my space region. The Phoenix also faced the Spriggan and began accelerating flying towards it!

The Spriggan seeing that raised its enormous metal rod about its head.

‘Physical attacks don’t work on the Phoenix!’

Is what I thought but…

With just one hit from the metal rod the Phoenix was knocked back, his flames disappearing like mist itself.

“It repelled the flames?”

After looking closely I noticed that the Spriggan’s metal rod and body was covered by a thin layer of something that looked like magic power.

‘Is this something similar to Aura? I don’t know what other skills it might have as well, just to be certain I should first…’

“Summon!! Come out Chimera!!!”

After coming out of the magic circle the silver lion immediately focused on its prey. And in the next moment, it disappeared.

In an instant numerous would appeared throughout the Spriggan’s body! It appears that it wasn’t able to react to the lion’s speed at all.

China and Russia’s BOSS ranks were both A, so I thought that maybe they would be equally strong, but could the Chimera actually be stronger?

However the Chimera’s attacks couldn’t cause any mortal wounds to the Spriggan. And the wounds inflicted on Spriggan also healed at a really fast pace.

‘Does it also have a high level Regeneration Skill!?’

In the next moment the Chimera bit onto the Spriggan’s left arm!! Its teeth were embedded deep into the Spriggan’s arm, however it wasn’t able to tear it off.

The Spriggan threw away its metal rod and grabbed a hold of the Chimera. It proceeded to slam it onto the ground and then brought down its foot on it!!

The ground broke, and the Chimera turned into specks of light, slowly disappearing…

‘It seems like this BOSS’ power and defense are off the charts. It’s hard to imagine that the Orichalcum claws and fangs were only able to inflict such minor wounds…’

On the side the Phoenix was revived from the small amount of flames that had been left! Upon its revival it once again charged towards its foe but…

“Wait! I’ll take care of it.”

I covered my Great Sword in my Aura, kicked the ground and flew towards the Spriggan. I brought the sword above my head and the proceeded to bring it down with all of my strength!!  The Spriggan also raised its metal rod in order to block!

Upon which our weapons collided!! With a loud boom, the earth split and the surrounding stones were covered in cracks as well.

‘It withstood one of my attacks!? Is that metal rod made of Adamantium as well…?’

Thinking that I saw the Spriggan building up power trying to reply with an attack of its own!  I was blasted off into the air and after rolling once I landed on the ground.

“It’s really is strong…”

I stopped time.

‘If I get close to it and stab it in the heart with my sword it’s supposed to die.’ I circled around it and thrust my sword into its back!

“Wh!? The blade’s stuck…”

It had pierced through like 5 cm, however it was way too tough so it couldn’t go in any deeper. I gave up on that and decided to try and slice off its head. I took out the sword and swung it horizontally!!

‘…So it did stop halfway.’

Still I was able to cut it a bit. If I continued slicing it like this while having stopped time I would probably be able to kill it eventually.

‘But that’s gonna be such a waste. It’s not like I meet powerful enemies this often, isn’t this like the perfect opportunity to see how strong I’ve gotten?’

I felt the urge to clash against this enemy with everything I had learn up until now.

I resumed time and stood in front of the Spriggan. The Spriggan was first shocked by the wounds it had suffered without even realizing but then immediately looked towards me with a mad look.

I once again covered my Great Sword with Aura. I brought the Great Sword in front of my body, took a firm stance and began concentrating my magic power.

“Combination Magic Blazing Thunder!!”

The blade of the Great Sword was immediately covered in flames. The Thunder, Flames and Aura proceeded to mesh in with one another, turning into a huge golden flame.

I jumped high into the air, lunging myself at the Spriggan once again and lifting up my Great Sword!

Combination Magic Sword


The Spriggan raised its metal rod as well, blocking the attack!!

Upon colliding the Great Sword let off a loud sound, and in the next instant split the metal rod that the Spriggan was holding in two. And without stopping it proceeded to slice the Spriggan as well as the Dungeon!!!

The raging flames coming out of the Great Swords covered the surroundings, burning everything in its reach! The power of this strike was enough to make all of the above floors crumble under its force.


After yelling that out, the rocks and rubble falling from above, flooding the whole area.

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  1. Tame is cool and all but… I liked when he was killing boss to get their unique skill… like why would he feel like taming monster when he got Suzaku-chan? I mean Suzaku-chan the best one by miles… but I guess that fine I mean he already OP, an unique skill more won’t change anything and not like the tamed boss are that useful other than Suzaku-chan, I mean look at how Chimera get wasted in a second, the big difference between all them is that Suzaku-chan can’t die and don’t have time limit making it incredible in the summoning part because it can literally stay up forever because of his unique skill, the only one other than Suzaku-chan that can be useful is Titan because he league apart compare to other and even then he just too big to be useful… well okay I need to stop spreading the teaching the Suzaku-chan religion…

    Thank for the chapter!

    1. When he tamed the titan, he did get the unique skill tho, so I’m assuming that he is still getting the unique skill which means he isn’t losing anything by taming them.

  2. Lol destroyed the dungeon. Also I dislike hes finding life extending stuff since that means a woman will pop up soon

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