I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 67

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Treasure Hunting

Russia ・ Tuva Republic ・ Toora-Khem

Inside one of the lustrous forests, right next to one of the flowing rivers there was a piece of darkish blue rising out of the ground. Inside there the second Dungeon had formed.

“So this is the second Dungeon…”

I set foot inside the Dungeon and immediately upon entering I opened up my 3D Map, revealing the whole Dungeon’s structure. Up until now whenever I would enter a Dungeon the 3D Map would gradually update itself as I went further. However now after getting the title of Cavern King upon entering a new Dungeon I would get its complete layout.

Furthermore I could also see where all of their monster were and how they were moving. With this in hand conquering any Dungeon would be a piece of cake.

Still one of the downsides was that I couldn’t see the type of the monsters or their levels. I had to manually check if there was a BOSS a not.

I proceeded inside the Dungeon. After walking for a bit I heard footsteps behind me. So I immediately turned to look back.

“A Troll huh…”

A Troll that was boasting 7-8 meters of height was coming towards me. Judging just by its size it wouldn’t lose to some of the Giants back in America… Behind it a pack of Orcs was slowly starting to form as well.

I was afraid of getting assaulted from behind while fighting them, so I decided to first leave the Dungeon. When I got to the entrance I began gathering magic in my hands.

“Summon! Gigas, come forth!!”

From the magic circle on the ground a Giant way bigger than the Troll, standing at a whooping 30 meters appeared!

Gigas raised its fist high up and slammed it at the Troll! Was it perhaps because it was seeing a being bigger than itself for the first time or not, but the Troll didn’t move an inch.

Gigas slammed his fist at the frozen Troll, sending him flying. The Troll flew in the air, landing on top of the group of Orcs behind him and crushing a number of them!

“Gigas! Take care of the rest. But make sure not to enter the Dungeon afterwards.”

As if answering me Gigas let out a loud roar that shook the air.

I proceeded to summon the Phoenix, who I now knew had no time limit to his Summon, and with its flames brightening up the interior of the Dungeon I proceeded onwards.

I didn’t summon the Chimera because due to it having a limit to its summoning time I wanted to save it just in case something happened. After walking for a bit for a hole in front of me two Orcs began crawling out!  I proceeded to cut them down with the Mithril Sword that I was wielding. However this time the sword I was using was just a tad bit different!

“Blazing Slash!!“

The sword I was wielding was immediately covered in scorching flames, and upon cutting the Orcs, the sword’s flames covered their prey’s body completely. This was the [Class Skill] Magic Sword of the Magic Knight which I had wanted to try out for a long time now.

My plan for this Dungeon was to raise the rank of this Magic Sword skill, while at the same time looking for items.

Upon opening up my 3D Map, the Dungeon’s 20 floors appeared in front of my eyes. And not only was it bigger than the first Dungeon, as probably a testament to its size, the items were way more bountiful as well.

19th Floor–––

“I covered a lot of floors didn’t I…”

To be honest collecting all of the items until getting here took my way more time than I had imagined. The items I had gather up until know were these…

Elixir SR x2

Potion C x6

High Potion U x3

Mana Potion C x4

Miracle Drug R x2

Platinum 3.7kg

Gold 2.4kg

Silver 4.3kg

Copper 5.1kg

Brass 4.8kg

Lightning Magic Stone U

Light Magic Stone U

Earth Magic Stone U

Darkness Magic Stone U

White Magic Stone U

Beast’s Fang U

Earth Dragon’s Scale R

Flight Feathers C

Broken Armor C

Being able to see hidden items was really amazing… Because of it I was able to get Gold, Silver and even Platinum.

‘I’m not sure about their market price, but doesn’t this make me rich? I’ve made up my mind! I’m gonna sell it all when the world becomes peaceful again. I might finally be able to escape from my life of poverty.’

And I had also found the item Miracle Drug… It says that it’s supposed to extend my lifespan a bit, but considering I already had the Immortality skill I didn’t need it.

With this the last hidden item on the 19th would be my last item for this dungeon.

After breaking one of the walls made of dirt, behind it inside a hole, as if just having been left there was the last item. It was a single sword. However it wasn’t just your average sword!  It was unbelievably huge. Its length was over 2 meters.

It didn’t have any kind of decorations or engraving on it. It was just a huge reddish brown sword. I immediately tried appraising it.

Adamantium Great Sword SR

An old Great Sword made from a really hard metal.

“Adamantium huh…’ I tried picking it up. Upon laying my hands on it I could immediately feel its weight. It felt like it weighted around half a ton.

It’s not like it was a weight that I couldn’t pick up, but I would still change its weight with Gravity Manipulation whenever I wanted.

‘When swinging it I’ll make it lighter, and if I increase its weight by a 100 times at the moment of impact, it’ll probably make for a really good weapon.’

It looked kind of unrefined, however it was a perfect weapon for me.

With my new great sword in one hand I proceeded down to the 20th floor…

When I got there, there was only a single monster waiting for me. It felt like I was in a pretty wide place so I had the Phoenix go up to the ceiling and illuminate the space.

It was then that I saw a shadow of something that was around 10 meters in height. “A Troll?” Is what I thought at first, but upon looking at it closer it appeared to be a Cyclops. I tried using Appraisal on it.


Knight Lv2102

“A Cyclops huh… Guess this one isn’t the BOSS as well.”

However it level was pretty high! It was the perfect opponent to try the Adamantium Great Sword on.

I began filling the great sword with my Aura. The Aura began flowing through the whole blade of the great sword, coating it in a dim light. The Cyclops let out a loud roar and proceeded to charge at me with its huge hammer!!

I lifted up the great sword above my head, and after clearing my mind I swung it down with everything I had!

There was a flash, and after the flash a short moment of silence passed. After the silence the Cyclops’ body was split in half.

A huge amount of blood began gushing out of the dead Cyclops’ body, however that wasn’t the most shocking thing… Behind the Cyclops on the wall of the dungeon there was a huge slash mark that went several tens of meters deep.

“This is the first weapon that didn’t break after I used it with all my strength…”

I used teleportation to get back to the entrance of the Dungeon. Due to defeating Cyclops I had maxed out the Magic Knight so I looked at my stats.

Magic Knight Lv99

[Class Skills]

Magic Sword Rank F D

Magic Acquired: Lightning Magic (I) x1 Dark Magic (I) x2

Light Magic (I) x1

“I guess that’s it for today…”

I decided to leave the last Dungeon for tomorrow. If there really was a BOSS in one of these 3 Dungeon then there was no doubt that I’d meet it tomorrow…

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  1. ‘I’m not sure about their market price, but doesn’t this make me rich? I’ve made up my mind! I’m gonna sell it all when the world becomes peaceful again. I might finally be able to escape from my life of poverty.’

    I mean after everyone awakens their abilities and grows strong enough then it will be considered normal for dungeons to spawn and be monsters everywhere roaming where humans aren’t as they would be strong enough to fend off the attacks 🤷‍♂️

  2. here it is! the unbreakable sword! here it is! the combo greatsword that weight half a tone + Gravity manipulation!

    Also question to those who know, how many class slate are left, like I know that there like 2~3 of hero and demon king but more accurately how many are left?

    Thank for the chapter!

    1. Class Slate: Hero SSR x 3
      Class Slate: Demon King SSR x 3
      Class Slate: Great Sage SSR x 2
      Class Slate: Alchemist SSR x 4
      Class Slate: Knight R x 8
      Class Slate: Magician R x 10
      Class Slate: Priest R x 7
      Class Slate: Fighter R x 10
      Class Slate: Hunter R x 5
      Class Slate: Magic Knight SR x 4
      Class Slate: Monk SR x 6
      Class Slate: Sage SR x 6
      Class Slate: Beast Master R x 10
      Class Slate: Paladin SR x 6
      Class Slate: Archer R x 9
      Class Slate: Thief R x 8
      Class Slate: Blacksmith R x 9
      Class Slate: Assassin SR x 4
      Class Slate: Great Magician SR x 5
      Class Slate: Explorer R x 9
      (from chapter 15 after final gacha)

      He used up his Explorer, Knight, Archer, Blacksmith, Beast Master, Fighter, Magician, Priest “R” classes.
      He used a number of Monk, Sage, Great Magician, Alchemist class scrolls, but I’m not sure if the story specified whether he’s maxed all slates for all of those.
      I can’t remember if he unlocked and maxed his Great Sage slates, but I think he did.
      I don’t think he’s used his Hero, Demon King, Hunter, Paladin, Thief and Assassin slates yet.

      1. Thank! but are you sure he use Alchemist? cause I am sure he would have mentioned that he use his first SSR slate? and I don’t remember it same for Great Sage,… Other than Great Magician (which I am not sure either) he max out every Class Slate he used so far. Again Thank you!

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