Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 15

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

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Knight of Flames

“Since we’re already here, let’s team up and compete!”

Ryuushin proposed a contest for the highest number of subjugated demons. We were supposed to have a lesson on hunting demons, but everyone in the class already had some experience battling them. 

That’s a given. There’s no way their level would be that high if that’s not the case. Also, the demons living in Steel Forest have ranks equal to or less than C-rank, so there’s no doubt that even if not all of us will fight, it’s a sure win.

“That’s interesting. Let’s do it.”

“I won’t lose!”

Leaffa and Merdie agreed to his suggestion.

“What about the teams?”

Luna looked a little worried. Even though she’s above level, Luna is a Surgeon. It would be hard for her to fight alone in this forest.

“Luna, you join me.”

“Okay, please take care of me.”

Luke and Luna decided to be partners.

“I’ll be with Ryuka.”

“Alright, Merdie, do you want to go with me?”

“Sure thing!”

“Both of us will go together.”

So we split into two-man teams.

Luke and Luna.

Ryuushin with Ryuka.

Leaffa and Merdie.

Mai and Mei.

Then the rest is— 

“Of course, I’ll team up with Master!”

“Yeah, take care of me.”

“I think everybody will not encounter any problem, but still, please be careful not to be injured, alright?”

We decided a competition by ourselves, but Tina didn’t stop us.

“If you encounter an emergency, please blow this whistle.”

Afterward, Tina gave everyone a whistle and a bracelet. The whistle is probably the magical tool that alerts Tina when and where it’s blown.

“What is this bangle?”

“It is a talisman that records the number and rank of monsters that you have defeated.”

Defeating monsters in this forest doesn’t automatically raise a person’s level. Thus, she probably thought it would be better to let everyone contest and practice how to defeat monsters efficiently.

Maybe, Tina already considered letting us compete even if Ryuushin didn’t give his suggestion because she had already prepared the magic tools.

“The time limit is until noon. Alright, you may start now!”

At Tina’s signal, the five groups ran in different directions.


“Well, Master, how do you plan to defeat the monsters efficiently? Sorry, but I can’t use my brainwashing magic if there are no demons possessing some kind of intelligence.”

Youko started to talk to me when we reached a far enough place where we couldn’t see Tina.

“Hmm, we can search for intelligent monsters and have Youko brainwash them, but it seems to be inefficient.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“This time, I’ll do it.”

I raised my right hand and summoned a few balls of mana. I infused fire magic into the orbs. Approximately 20 pcs of fireballs remained suspended in the air. Using them as the core, I continued to form armor. Gradually, a rider and a horse emerged, and we saw the appearance of a Knight of Flames. 

Lastly, I made it a spear coated with lightning magic and wind magic to enhance its attack power and piercing ability.

Finally, I completed around 20 flaming knights by mashing up the balls, which were formed with my deluxe magic that consumes less than 10 points of mana each.

Fire Lance!”

The flaming knights rushed into the forest the moment I invoked the spell.

“Master, what was that just now?”

“Hm? It’s just a [Fire Lance].”

“No, it’s different! Absolutely different! If I go with my magical knowledge, it should be advanced-level magic called [Flame Knight]! And you released 20 of them…”

“They’re holding fire lances, so it’s fine to call them [Fire Lance].”

“Eh? Wait, is your magical strength still okay? Isn’t it bad if you use a lot of high-level magic? D, do you want to get some of my mana?”

Youko seemed to be worried that my magic power would run out. However, my stats are not affected, since they’re already locked thanks to Evil God’s curse.

Of course, when I made about 20 [Fire Lances], which Youko called [Flame Knights], my mana remained fixed at 10.

“Don’t worry, I’m fine.”

“Mu, alright, if Master says so.”

“By the way, can you materialize those tails?”

“Materialize? I can if I want to but… Here?”

“Yes, if you can, then do it here, please.”


Nine tails appeared behind Yoko. They were big and looked very soft. I picked one tail and stroked it.


Youko shrieked. It seems like they are sensitive.

“Master! If you want to touch it, then say so! You startled me!”

“Sorry. So it’s alright if I ask?”

“If Master insists, then…”

“Yeah, I insist. Please? That magic is easy to activate, but it’s a little exhausting mentally since I have to operate them remotely. Youko’s tail is so fluffy; can I use it to relax?”

“It can’t be helped if you say it like that.”

Youko went beside the large nearby tree and sat down with her back leaning on the trunk.

“Alright, come here. I’ll let you experience satisfaction from the first-rate softness of this tail. I’m sure it will relieve your mood.”

Youko’s tail was shaped like a cushion beside her. Is it really fine to sit on that? My heart raced as I drew closer to Youko.

“Please sit down slowly.”

“Got it.”

I slowly placed my body on Yoko’s tail.

S, soft.

“Hn, Kuu..”

Youko’s coquettish voice floated.

“Are you okay? Heavy?”

“I, I’m fine… But Master, your finger…”

When I sat down, I unconsciously moved my fingers that were buried in her tail.

“Oh, my bad. It’s so fuzzy I can’t help myself.”

“I, it’s good. Since Master gives his all in invoking magic, I too can endure. So go on, don’t worry and enjoy my tail.”

F, feels heavenly.

To tell the truth, the [Flame Knight] searches for demons and destroys the—all in full auto-mode. Additionally, if one can’t win on its own, it can call for help from the other [Flame Knights], and they’ll work together to defeat the enemy. There’s no need for me to control them.

I feel a bit bad for Youko, but I decided to concentrate on reveling in her tail.


I didn’t pay any attention to Youko’s weird voice and just kept on stroking and fluffing her tail.


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