I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 66

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Cavern King

Dungeon 7th Floor

In Kirensk’s Dungeon the only monsters that appeared until now were Goblins and your occasional Orcs. While using Mapping I noticed that on top of the map there was a place marked with red so I decided to head towards it. In a deep part within the cavern there was a small tunnel that led to a something that looked like a wooden box.

After opening in, inside the box there was something that looked like a small flask. After appraising it…

“A potion!”

It turned out to be that famous healing drug… 

‘So they really exist.’

 I had completely no use for it, however depending on the person it might have some value.

While exploring I had let the Chimera and the Phoenix take care of all of the monsters. Due to that I was able to max out the Explorer Class Slates one after another!

This Dungeon had a total of 15 floors and I was currently on the 13th. Up until now I had gathered these items.

Fire Magic Stone U x2

Water Magic Stone U

Darkness Magic Stone U

Unicorn’s Horn R

Potion C x3

High Potion U x2

Mana Potion C x2

Beast Man’s Fur U

Mithril Short Sword R

Scroll (Wind) R

Holy Water R

I had gathered a lot… The Magic Stones and the Unicorn’s Horn seemed like something that could be used as materials for either Forging or Alchemy so I took good care of them.

And the C on side probably meant Common, while the U stands for Uncommon. They each had their own rarities attached to them.

I descended down to the 14th floor and found myself in an open area. It was riddled with stones and gave me the feel of being in a castle’s plaza.

From the nearby walls Goblins started slowly appearing. They were directly being born out the walls so it looked kind of disgusting. The ones on this floor were a tad bit bigger than the ones I had fought up until now. So I decided to appraised them.

Hob Goblin

Knight Lv282

‘Hob Goblins huh… From what I gather there’s more than a hundred. Phoenix take care of them!!’

The Phoenix flew up to the ceiling and after igniting the flames throughout its whole body descended downwards like an arrow and collided with the ground!

Upon colliding with the ground flames burst forth in a circle like waves.  The Hob Goblins who were touched by the flames were screaming while being burned by the inextinguishable flames.

A part of the flames flew towards the sky and once again formed into the Phoenix. It stood in the air high and mighty watching as the Hob Goblins were burned down to nothingness.

“It sure is amazing…”

The flames coming towards me stopped a few meters in front of me. I appeared that the Phoenix was able to control them at will… I noticed that there were around 10 Hob Goblins who were charging towards me while still being burnt by the flames.

The body of the Chimera right next me slightly shook. And with it the bodies of the Hob Goblins were immediately torn to shreds!

‘They really are reliable… I think even leaving the BOSS of the Dungeon up to them won’t be a problem at all.’ 

While thinking that I turned to look towards the Chimera who was beginning to turn into beads of light and disappeared in the next moment.

“Oh… it’s up!”

There was a limit to the Summoning… which in turn meant that the Phoenix would be disappearing soon as well. However even though time passed the Phoenix didn’t disappear.

‘Why…? Could it be because I tamed it in a different way? I tamed the Chimera after beating it, while on the other hand the Phoenix willingly became my companion! Or it might just be the Phoenix that doesn’t have a time limit. Which means that the other Summoning restriction which doesn’t allow me to re-summon a monster until the next day after it has disappeared might not apply to the Phoenix as well!’ 

In order to try it out I undid the Phoenix’ summoning.

Afterwards I tried pouring magic into my hands and executing Summoning Magic but…

“Ah… a failure! It won’t come out.”

It appears that only the time limit restriction didn’t apply to it. The Phoenix was really reassuring but now I couldn’t re-summon it for another day…

I didn’t have a choice so I decided to go down to the 15th floor by myself.


Upon reaching it even though the surroundings were pitch black I immediately noticed its presence.

“Fire Dragon!!”

The Dragon formed from Fire Magic set fire to the whole room!  After the place had lightened up a bit I noticed that there was a single Goblin in the back. I decided to use Appraisal on it…

Goblin King

Knight Lv1102

“Goblin King huh…”

There was no mistaking it that this wasn’t the BOSS.

 ‘I guess this Dungeon’s a miss…’


It raised a high pitched roar of intimidation and took up its huge weapon which looked like a Chinese Chef’s knife.

I reached out to take out my Mithril Sword from my space region region… but upon pulling it out I immediately put it back in.


The Goblin King who tried to take a step towards me suddenly realized that his legs wouldn’t follow. He proceeded to lose his balance and fell on the ground. Upon touching the ground its whole body split into pieces covering the whole ground in a pool of blood.

I hadn’t stopped time, it was just that it hadn’t been able to follow my moves at all.

“He’s no match for me.”

There wasn’t even any need to Tame it. Still the good thing that came out of it was that after defeating the Goblin King I had maxed out.

I originally had a total of 9 Explorer Class Slates, and now this one had been the last one. I checked my [Class Skills]…

Explorer Lv99

[Class Skills]

Mapping Rank C → SSS Title: Cavern King

Magic Acquired: Cold and Heat Resistance (I) x7 Appraisal (I) x7

Detection (I) x6

‘This time’s title is Cavern King huh… My 3D Map also got an upgrade. The hidden items that were hidden up until now are now displayed as well! There’s even a red dot in the back of this floor!’ 

After going to check it out I found myself in front of a lavish metal box. I opened it and appraised what was inside…

<Elixir> SR

Completely restores HP and MP

Can also heal the user’s injuries and diseases.

‘So this is an Elixir!’ 

Upon seeing it my spirits rose.

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  1. Suzaku-chan is amazing after all, I knew it!!! wow an elixir! too bad it useless on our MC… the guy got god-tier healing magic, Infinity amount of mana, and I dont even think he can get diseases with his absurd amount of luck, and even then healing magic would surely cover that up too, no I think he already did in the past too… well the rest of the world will fight each other for it then.

    Thank for the chapter!

    1. His SSR Skills, also known as “God Skills” (Necromancer at the beginning), prevent him from getting affected by any kind of disease, poison, radiation or parasite. Then his “Ultra Healing” which heals him fully, unless his body is damaged more than 90% or more, using only HP and MP. He has unlimited MP, and can use almost God-tier healing magic, for his HP.

      Also, his “Immortality” God Skill that prevents aging, and he’s practically immortal.

  2. Aw he killed the gob king.
    Why not catch ’em all and be the very best like no one ever was.

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