Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 14

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Comrades’ Level

One week after the match with the seventh-grade class, we went to the Steel Forest, which was managed by Ifrus Academy of Magic. It is where C-rank (Level 30-50) demons lived.

The Steel Forest is mainly used for training and raising the level of senior students.

At present, freshmen were not allowed to enter here. However, because of our victorious performance against the seniors during the competition, add the fact that the students in my class, excluding me, already surpassed the suitable level for first-years, the school head gave us permission to use this forest. 

The day before our trip to the Steel Forest, everyone in the class exchanged information about their level and occupation. I did say exchange, but the reality was like this:

Name: Luke

Race: Human

Occupation: Sage Apprentice (Level 125)


Name: Luna

Race: Human

Occupation: Auxiliary Enchanter (Level 52)


Name: Leaffa

Race: High Elf

Occupation: Magic Archer (Level 80)


Name: Merdie

Race: Beastman

Occupation: Magic Warrior (Level 60)


Name: Ryuushin

Race: Dragonoid

Occupation: Magic Warrior (Level 105)


Name: Ryuka

Race: Dragonoid

Occupation: Priestess (Level 62)


Name: Youko

Race: Demon [Nine-Tailed Fox]

Occupation: Slave [of Halt] (Level 99)


Name: Mai

Race: Spirit (Level 60)


Name: Mei

Race: Spirit (Level 60)


… Yeah, peculiar, isn’t it?

First off, Luke already surpassed Level 120 and is a Tertiary Job Apprentice. Well, nothing wrong with that. Luke’s the grandson of a Sage and a wielder of [Ultimate Magic], so it’s not actually something that was shocking.

Nah, I was flabbergasted, of course.

Luna is a Surgeon, which is a Secondary Job. 

Wait. So during the day of the entrance ceremony, I helped Luna shake off that bratty noble called Nard. Now that I think about it, wasn’t it completely unnecessary? With Luna’s level, she could have beaten him easily.

Leaffa, Merdie, and Ryuka also surpassed Level 60. Ryuushin’s at Level 105…

Youko also had a ‘coming out’ session with them. She revealed that she was a demon, and in order to appeal to them and make them believe that she won’t harm them, we explained that she is currently in a contract with me.

This was discussed with Tina and Youko beforehand.

However, it was also the first time that I heard that Youko’s at Level 99. Apparently, she can only manipulate and brainwash those who are below her level, so only Tina, Luke, and Ryuushin can resist her.

Maybe it’s indeed a good thing I formed a contract with Youko before she got out of hand.

The last thing I was amazed about was Mai and Mei’s race—they were both Spirits. Spirits who take the human form and enter the academy are even rarer than Dragonoids.

Mai is a Spirit that controls fire, and Mei controls water. Apparently, Spirits do not have Occupations, and they become stronger as their Race Level increases.

Everyone aside from me was above level 50.

Only I remain at Level 1…

I’ve already been on demon-hunting trips with Tina, but my level never went up because of the curse.

This certainly is embarrassing, but since everyone already opened up, it would be unfair if I don’t show mine.

I didn’t tell Tina about the truth regarding my status, but I think it’s time for my big reveal.

I’ll just explain everything, including the curse, to Tina later. I also plan to apologize for keeping mum about it.

With this resolve, I tried to show everyone my Status Board.

“Ah, it’s fine if we don’t see Halt’s status… So I say, but nah, I don’t really wanna know.”


Luke suddenly said he doesn’t have any interest in knowing my level.

“Frankly, I thought I was the strongest in this academy with the exception of Grandpa. But there’s Teacher Tina, who’s stronger than him, and then there’s Halt, who’s stronger than her. If I confirm this, my confidence will take a major hit. It’ll be in shambles.”

Ah, so it wasn’t because he was not interested in my status.

But, you’re misunderstanding it big time, you know? I’m Level 1.

“I also do not wish to see your status, Halt. For someone, who is not even a Hero, to surpass the legendary, revered Heroine Tina-sama, that’s.”

Leaffa said that, but since I reincarnated and came to this world, technically I’m already considered as a Hero, aren’t I?

“I don’t need to know, either. I came to this academy to become stronger, but as they said, ‘aim too high and destroy yourself’, so for the meantime Teacher and Luke will be my goal.”

Ryuushin also refused to look at my Status Board. Everyone else also has the same opinion.

If I still insist on showing them, I’ll just come off as a braggart after all that was said.

Thus, I softly shut the Status Board.


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  1. I think it’s kinda forced, the part where they want to know his status, usually you would be very curious about it, seeing as how he’s stronger than the current strongest existence they’ve known, and yet they said they’re “afraid” to know?

    Well, all in all it’s still ok though, thanks for the translation

    1. In a way they are right though.
      They are afraid to see his status because they think it is probably so high it would break their common sense and make them despair.
      However, him being so much stronger than everyone else, despite being level one could end up breaking them even worse than that.

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