I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 65

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Siberia’s Three Great Dungeons


After The Calamity numerous Dungeons formed in Russia. From those Dungeons numerous monster began coming out leading the country on the path to destruction. However a later notice from Russia’s Government stated, they were able discover numerous unknown resources as well as items within those Dungeons.

Afterwards they focused most of their effort on managing and mining out the unknown resources from those Dungeons, however due to an abnormal amount of monsters appearing in 3 of Siberia’s Dungeons, the Russian army suffered numerous casualties.

Thus the Russian Government decided to give up the management of those 3 specific Dungeons.

Which now leads to the present…


I blew off a Goblin’s head with my Aura covered sword!  Even though I had cut down over hundreds of Goblins and Orcs my Mithril blade hadn’t chipped at all…

It appears that covering a weapon with Aura really did boost its sharpness as well as its durability.

Two days had passed since I had come to Russia. The monsters that appeared in this region were mostly human type ones. Goblin and Orcs I was hunting these monsters for the last 2 days.

I was currently in Russia’s Irkutsk Province in a town called Kirensk. I had decided to come here after hearing about Russia’s situation from Shimizu.

And as the rumors had it, the number of monster coming out of the Dungeons was astonishing. They weren’t that strong individually, but they were definitely numerous…

“Summon!! Come out Chimera!!!”

Light came out of the magic circle and from it a lion shining with a metallic lustre came out.

“Go and clean out the area!”

In the next instant Chimera disappeared. And in the same way it had disappeared it suddenly reappeared again in the following moment, however this time its claws and fangs were covered in blood. It hadn’t taken it even 3 seconds to take care of all of the Goblin and Orcs in the vicinity.

And with its help I managed to earn a lot of EXP. After all if a summoned magic beast defeated an enemy, the EXP gain from that enemy would go to the summoner. I still didn’t know whether any of that EXP went to the summoned monster though.

And with the EXP that I had just gotten I finally managed to max out the Knight Class Slate. The best thing was that this was already the 7th one since I had come to Russia!

Knight Lv99

[Class Skills]

Swordsmanship Rank C SS

Magic Acquired: Strength Increase (I) x17

With this I had used all of the Knight class slated that I had. I hadn’t managed to get Swordsmanship to SSS but SS was probably enough as well…

“Well then…”

The enormous cave in front of me had its mouth wide open and the only thing that my eyes could see from the inside was pure darkness. I was standing in front of one of the 3 great Dungeons. More precisely the one situated in the gap between the mountains of Kirensk.

According to Shimizu the BOSS should be in one of these three Dungeons.

It wasn’t sure in exactly which one, so I had to go through them destroying them one by one… I took out a Class Slate from my space region.

‘If I’m conquering Dungeons then there’s no better Class that this!’

While thinking that I tapped on the Class Slate.

Explorer Lv99

[Class Skills]

Mapping Rank C

After all the Explorer’s Class Skill Mapping was irreplaceable inside Dungeons. I needed to raise it up as much as possible!

Just as I entered along with the Chimera I suddenly felt a slight chill run down my back.

‘It seems like there’s quite a considerable number of monsters crawling in the back…’

It would be fine to just leave the Chimera take care of them, however I had another idea. I put out my hand…

“Summon!! Phoenix!!!”

A bird covered in blue flames appeared out of the magic circle and immediately rid the surroundings of its armor of darkness.

“Don’t explode you hear. The whole Dungeons might collapse after all. I just want you to burn down the monsters with your flames!”

The Phoenix let out a high pitched cry as if it was responding to me, and then proceeded to fly towards the inside of the cave. It was flying low and with tremendous speed, facing the Goblins that were starting to show themselves out of the darkness! The Goblin tried throwing rocks or hitting the Phoenix with their clubs, but due to the Phoenix not having a solid body, all of those attacks just passed right through it.

The Phoenix spread out its wings and passed through the Goblin’s bodies. Suddenly the Goblins that had been touched by the Phoenix started burning with blue flames, continuously burning down until nothing but ash was left!

Afterwards the Phoenix headed towards the other monsters that were even deeper inside the cave. Cries of pain and agony could be constantly heard coming from deep within the darkness… When I began walking I could see numerous corpses on the ground burnt by those blue flames.

Due to the numerous burning corpses the inside of the cave had now gotten pretty bright.

‘These two sure are helpful… The Giants are way too huge so the places where I can use them are limited after all.’

Using the Explorer Class Skill Mapping I opened a 3D Map on top of my hand.  According to some rumors that I had heard before, apparently there were numerous items hidden throughout Russia’s Dungeons.

And by using Mapping which even shows me the routes and treasure locations up until the lowest level, there’s no way I would miss any single one.

Of course my most important task was to of course defeat the BOSS, however if I managed to stumble upon a really amazing item on my way there that would be great as well. I had really high hopes for these Dungeons!

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