I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 63

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Martial God

The Chimera turned towards me and charged like crazy. However due to taking a significant amount of damage its movements had clearly dulled down. I could now easily follow it with my eyes.

Even though it was slowed down it was still way faster than me. However if I used God Eyes I’d be able to see a bit in the future so in the end it didn’t matter at all!

I barely dodged its charge and shot three punches into its abdomen!! After being hit the Chimera crunched itself and began spewing blood…

It was trying to get up and escape, but there was no way I would let it do that. I immediately stopped time again and went in front of it. I resumed time and after concentrating my Aura on my fist I punched the Chimera in the nose with everything I had!!

The Chimera was dumbfounded by what had happened. I of course didn’t miss the slight opportunity and immediately transferred my Aura to my left leg and swung it at the Chimera’s front right leg!

After the hit pieces of Mithril could be seen scattering around the surroundings.

When I was preparing for the next blow, something came flying at me from my blind spot. I immediately covered my left fist with Aura and turned to block it!!

What I saw was the Chimera’s snake like tail.

After failing its attack the tail turned and flew in the opposite direction. When I followed it with my eyes I saw that Wan was actually coming from that direction. After being blocked by me the tail changed its direction and was no heading straight for Wan!!

I had been focused way too much on my fight with the Chimera so I hadn’t been able to look at my surroundings. That’s why I didn’t feel Wan getting closer. I tried to stop time but it was already too late…


[Wan’s View]

Me and all of Suzaku’s members weren’t able to take our eyes off of that battle. Gojo was fighting one on one against that Silver Lion.

Their fight was so fast that even we weren’t able to follow it with our eyes at all.

But the thing that shocked me the most was the amount of Aura covering Gojo’s body. I could clearly see it letting off its white light from throughout his whole body. To be honest that amount was probably double to what I could produce.

I was completely taken in by the strength that Gojo was displaying. It was precisely that strength that I was striving towards. The type of strength that made me think ‘I want to be like that as well!’

Just like a Martial God, it felt like each of his strikes had the power of the owner’s ideals behind it.

However I just couldn’t let Gojo fight that battle alone. After all his opponent was the BOSS!  

‘We have to help him somehow…’

Thinking that I noticed that the beast had turned its back towards us and was currently continuing to fight with Gojo.

‘This is my chance.’

Is what I though. The monster was currently focusing its whole attention on Gojo, so if I played my cards right I’d be able to strike it once.

And even if I did fail I would at least be able to draw the monster’s attention which would put Gojo in an advantageous situation.

Deciding to go ahead with my plan I took a step forward.


[Gojo’s View]

After being hit by the Chimera’s tail, Wan’s both hands, while still tightly clutching on those tonfas, fell to the ground.

I immediately stopped time, picked up Wan and took her far away from there. I wanted to cast Healing Magic on her, but I couldn’t do that when time was stopped.

And if I wasn’t careful when I resuming time there was the chance that the Chimera would run away. I carried Wan close to Ryu.

Ryu was a Monk as well so he would probably be able to use Healing Magic. Since Ryu was here he would at least be able to heal Wan’s wounds a bit is what I thought.

After leaving Wan in order to settle my business with the Chimera I went back…


[Wan’s View]


I had no idea what had happened!…

I just knew that my arms felt hot… After looking down I noticed that my hands were missing.

‘What in the world…’

 It didn’t feel real at all.

“Wan!? Your hands…!”

When I turned I noticed that Ryu had been standing right behind me. I could have sworn that I was close to the lion just now…?

“Don’t move! I’ll heal you right away.”

Ryu began casting Healing Magic on me. The blood that was flowing like a river from my hands, slowly began slowing down.

“How is Gojo…”

“You should worry about yourself first! He’s doing fine.”

I was currently lying on the ground not being able to move at all, however from behind Ryu’s frame I could vaguely see Gojo. He was wildly letting off his Aura at the lion like monster that was currently floating in mid-air.


[Gojo’s View]

I grabbed a hold of the Chimera’s snake like tail. Afterwards I slammed it to the ground and after raising my leg right over it I resumed time once more.

After resuming time I covered my leg with Aura and stepped on the tail with all of my force!!!


After being stepped on, the tail currently couldn’t even be described as even something remotely close to what it had been before. The Chimera desperately tried to run away. I used teleportation to move right in front of it.

As long as I could see it, there’s no way it could leave me behind!

I put all of my force into my leg and kicked the jaw of the Chimera that was standing right in front of me!! After turning once in the air it once again fell face flat on the ground. I raised my Aura, covering my whole body, to its utmost level!

“Ora ora ora ora!!!”

I rained down hundreds of fist strikes on the Chimera’s body!  It was blow off leaving behind only blood and broken metal pieces!!

Flying through the air and colliding with numerous trees in its path it finally stopped after colliding with a rock at the mountain’s slope!! The surroundings was covered with the broken of pieces of metal.


The Chimera’s body was immediately enveloped by the light coming off from the magic circle beneath it. In the next moment I could clearly see Chimera’s name on list that was being displayed on top of my hand…

“It’s finally over…”

My fatigue finally got to me, enveloping my whole body.

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