I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 62

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Silver Ruler

When I first saw it, I was astonished by the lion’s beautiful mane and its seemingly flexible body that was giving off a metallic shine.

Looking closely I could see that not only its body but its fur, skin and even eyes were all made up of metal. I immediately tried to appraise it…


Magic Beast Lv3882

■ ■ ■

■ ■ ■

‘There’s no mistaking it. This is the BOSS!’ 

After appraising it even further I found out that the metal its body was made of was actually High Purity Mithril. Next I decided to appraise its fangs and claws. A notice popped up saying they were made from Orichalcum.

‘That’s why it was able to rip through my body so easily…’

If I were to resume time now, I would definitely lose sight of it. So I decided to just finish it while time was still stopped!! I equipped the Mithril Knuckles that I had on both of my hands and punched the lion’s body with everything I had!!

After landing a number of punches, my knuckles turned to pieces. It seems like there really was a huge difference between High and Low Purity Mithril. Since I had no other choice I continued hitting it with my bare fists. I still couldn’t believe how hard the lion’s body was.

After landing hundreds of blows, my hands were covered in blood. If I waited for just a bit they would recover due to Ultra Recovery, but that didn’t change the fact that it still hurt like hell.

Due to time being stopped the force from the punches just kept piling up one on top of the other… Even though I was punching it bare handed it should still have an effect at the end. I decided to change it up and give it a couple of kicks as well, but after a few blows my shoes turned to tatters as well.

Thinking that this was enough I decided to resume time.


From my side I heard a loud crashing sound! It was so loud that I felt like my eardrums would explode.

Turning around I saw a single monster flying through the air, crashing into all sorts of things one after the other, leaving behind itself only a cloud of dust…

What had happened!? Turning around I faced towards Gojo.

“Gojo, did you do something!?”

“Just don’t move from there.”

After saying that Gojo disappeared.


It wasn’t working as much as I thought it would. Even though it was flying and crashing into things it was taking almost no damage.

Then I suddenly saw the lion trying to ready its body once more. 

‘Not good! It’s trying to move!’ 

I immediately stopped time.

However the lion wasn’t there any more… After looking around I found that it had moved a couple of hundred meters behind me. 

‘No way!?

He moved there in just an instant!?’ 

It wasn’t like it was flying through the air, rather it had travelled close to a kilometre with just one step!

That’s probably the reason I couldn’t find any traces before. I once again moved close to the lion, but this time instead of a couple of hundred I punched it a couple of thousand times!!

Blood was running down from my hands and feet, however they were immediately recovered with Ultra Recovery so I just kept hitting.

I once again resumed time.

As if being shot from a cannon, the lion flew and slammed into the nearby rocky area! 

‘Did I damage it?’ 

I thought that maybe that would slow down its movements, but it suddenly got up and disappeared again.

It was so fast that I couldn’t follow it with my eyes, and due to some kind of Stealth skill I couldn’t even feel it as well.

I once again stopped time and continued hitting it. I repeated that process 4 times, but in the end I still couldn’t cause it any significant damage.

“It’s way too tough…”

My heart was about to break before the lion’s body. 

‘If I only had a weapon that could pierce its body…’ 

Right after saying that I could feel my hands getting hotter.

At first I thought that it was due to punching it so much that it even bleed, but I was wrong.

In reality, light was gathering at my hands. And it wasn’t just my hands, it was gathering around my whole body! There’s no mistaking it, this was Aura! The Imitation skill had finally done its thing!

Just as the lion was trying to move again I stopped time.

‘But still what should I do? I cannot use magic while time’s stopped. I can’t even use Aura in this condition. Just what should I…’

It was at that moment that I suddenly thought of something. 

‘It’s moving by kicking the ground. Which means that there’s no way it’s gonna be able to move in mid-air! In that case…’

I kicked the lion’s stomach with everything I had! And then once again, and again I continued kicking it with everything I had!

After which I once again resumed time.

The lion flew high into the sky! And I used teleportation following right behind it!!


I couldn’t see neither Gojo nor the monster anywhere… However I could still hear the loud crashing noises! Ryu and the other were the same. They were looking around everywhere trying to figure out what was going on.

Gojo was currently fighting alone against the monster. And he wasn’t fighting against your everyday monster, he was fighting against the BOSS!

I wanted to fight as well, even though Gojo had told me not to move, I couldn’t just sit here!! I had to take revenge for my men with my own hands…


The monster flew with astonishing speed! Since it was in mid-air currently the only thing it could do was flap its legs.

I teleported to the direction the lion was heading and then created an air scaffold with Wind Magic which I used to charge towards the lion.

It was flying with its defenseless back towards me. I concentrated my Aura on my leg and hit the lion’s back with everything I had!! Upon being hit its body bent like a boomerang and afterwards it was shot down in the opposite direction!!


I could hear it let out a quiet roar. 


I once again teleported to the direction it was flying to. Once again I created an air scaffold but this time I concentrated the Aura on my fist!

Upon hitting it, the lion’s metal skin broke and it even began shedding blood! It was immediately shot in the opposite direction while letting out painful cries!! I once again teleported to it and this time I grabbed both of my hands, concentrated my aura on my fists and slammed down on the lions body sending it flying down!!

The lion’s face twisted from the strong hit. It continued flying down, in the end colliding with the ground!

I flew down as well. After landing near, I looked at the place where the lion had fallen. It was trying to get up, but it was evident that it had taken a serious amount of damage… After all, attacks with Aura affected not only the exterior but the interior of the body as well.

I was completely shocked by the power of Chi Control…

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