I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 61

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

Halted World

[Wan Xin Yi]

‘If we continue running this way, we’ll just get whittled down one by one. Before we lose any more members we need to think of a way to defeat the thing that’s assaulting us…’

“Gojo can’t you feel its presence?” I asked

“Not at all…”

Hearing Gojo’s responce I felt that staying in this place wasn’t an option.

“We’ll continue retreating while keeping caution! Don’t break the formation!!”

“Wan!!” yelled Ryu startling me.

“What happened!?”

“Another person disappeared!!”


I stopped time.

Or rather I had to, cause there was no other way to find out what was actually going on. I looked around the surroundings however, I didn’t find anything.

If something really had attacked us then it should have left some kind of footprints at the very least. However I couldn’t find any traces whatsoever.

After not being able to find out anything about the predator I resumed time…

“Wan! Let’s move to a more open place! It’s almost impossible to figure out anything here!!”

“That’s true. Everyone, we’re moving!”

We moved from the hard to see forest area to a rocky area with a better view. After we got there, I suddenly noticed something.

The fingers on my right had were shining slightly… The light coming out was the same one that was let off by Wan’s Aura.

Currently it was very dim however it meant that I was gradually starting to get the hang of it.  

‘If I just get the knack of it due to having Imitation I’ll probably be able to master Chi Control in a short amount of time.’

While thinking that I felt that something suddenly bumped into me…

“What the!?”

While looking through my body to see if something had happened, I noticed that half of my left arm was missing.


I immediately stopped time.

‘What in the world happened!?’ 

Half of my arm had disappeared without me noticing at all. And the thing that sent shivers down my spine wasn’t that half of my arm had disappeared but rather that it was basically ripped off!!

How freaking high was my Defense stat!? It was a point where even if I was shot with a rifle at close-range, I would still come out unscathed!

And even so, half of my left arm had been ripped off just like that. I look around the surroundings once again, but I still couldn’t find anything… Since my Barrier hadn’t activated, that meant that I was attacked from close-range!

The one monster that could do that was no other than the BOSS!! I couldn’t think of anything else capable of doing it.

I hurriedly restored my arm. And since it was a process that occurred within my body, I could do it while time was stopped and it would still keep its effect even after I resumed it afterwards.

After my arm was completely back to normal I resumed time. Afterwards I immediately used God Eyes to see what had happened. After all I could use God Eyes to see a few seconds in the past.

‘I can use this to look at the me from a few second ago… With this I’ll be able to tell what actually happened.’

While thinking that I was carefully looking, however the only thing I saw was how my arm instantly disappeared. An enemy that I couldn’t find even after stopping time and using God Eyes… What in the world was going on!?


Damn it! The members of Suzaku felt like family to me! And that family was now being hunted down one by one. The ones that had disappeared up until now were probably all dead.

If this was all the work of the real BOSS then we had no choice but to defeat it right here!! I was definitely going to take revenge for my companions!

I tightly gripped my metal tonfas…


Another member suddenly disappeared… The one that disappeared was Zhang, one of the guys that had talked to me before.

“That bastard! Where the fuck are you!? You coward! Show yourself!”

Li was letting out enraged shouts one after the other.

This was bad… If it continued we would just end up with more victims. I always had the choice of just taking everyone and running however if we missed the BOSS here, who knows if we would ever encounter it again.

Maybe it’s because we have so many people here right now that it decided to attack us. We couldn’t just let it go! We had to defeat it here!!

Suzaku’s members formed a circle formation, and after making sure that they had no blind spots they took their stances. However, since we couldn’t see the enemy even though we tried to completely remove our blind spots we were in fact just riddled with them…

“Come at me!! I’ll be your opponent!!!”

Wan made the Aura throughout her whole body run wild. It seems like she was trying to make herself the bait.

It was at that moment that I felt an eerie feeling and felt shivers run down my spine. It was just a slight feeling.

However I still stopped time 3 times in a row! I hadn’t planned the timing, it just happened. I looked around the surroundings and then it suddenly appeared in my sight.

It was right beside Wan! It stopped while it had been leaping.

It was around 8 to 9 meters tall…

“This thing was right next to us!?”

Its streamlined body was reflecting the sun’s rays giving off a really creepy feeling.

It looked like a lion whose whole body was made up of metal…

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    1. And he is an idiot. Instead of stopping time and chucking them through his teleport back to base, he keeps letting them die.

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