Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 11

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

First Battle

The day of our match with the Year 7 students finally arrived.

We are in the academy’s arena.

Leaffa, the first one in the lineup, was all shook up on stage.

No wonder.

In a battle that featured one-on-one matches, she defeated all five members of the opposing team with a single attack—and they were seventh-graders, to boot.

So why did this happen?

Let’s go back in time to just before the match started. As per the agreement, we were entangled with the seventh-year students.

“Why do these freshmen possess a classroom at the First Wall?”

“Ah, most probably it’s just because of your parents’ connections, so before you experience heartache, obediently back off.”

“Hey, isn’t this one pretty cute? I’ll play with you, no need to surrender.”

“Hehe, yeah, right, let’s have some fun.”

They continued to run their mouths.

I peeked at their magical powers using my magic, but all of them have less mana than I expected.

Among our class, Luna has the least amount of magical powers, but even if you combine these guys’ magic, it will only amount to half of Luna’s.

To be honest, I don’t feel we’ll lose.

So, I ignored them and strode towards the arena’s waiting room. They probably thought we’re running away, and their laughter echoed behind us.

Nobody was bothered about them. We already know that not one of those seventh-years is stronger than Tina’s stone statues that we were completely beating up until yesterday.

“You look pretty complacent,” said Ryuushin.

“Yeap, I was worried when I heard we’d be up against seniors, but after fighting Teacher Tina’s statues, I can’t find a reason why we’ll lose against that bunch,” Merdie replied.

“But we can’t be too careless. No matter what, they’re still seventh-year seniors, and they probably have special magic.”

“Yes. It’s just like what Halt said. We shouldn’t be negligent. Alright, I will defeat the first one!”

“Okay, go for it, Leaffa.”

The light-hearted way I talked with Leaffa is quite nostalgic.

The battle commenced, and Leaffa got up the stage.

“Oh, lucky! So you’re the first one. I’ll cherish you, so regards!”

The opponent grinned lecherously at Leaffa.

The referee signaled the start of the competition.

Leaffa immediately created her magical bow, but the other guy just stood there doing nothing.

“Shoot. I’ll let you know how useless that would be.”

He was really looking down on Leaffa by giving her a head start. Gathering enough mana takes up a lot of time, all while guarding against the opponents’ attacks, but that arrogant senior just stood there idling the time away.

 Leaffa, on the other hand, managed to accumulate an enormous amount of magic in her arrow.

“Wait, what!? What’s up with that magic!?”

The concentrated magical power at the tip of Leaffa’s arrow is already visible to ordinary students aside from me, and the air around started to tremble.

The other party finally noticed and started rushing. In order to stop the activation of Leaffa’s magic, the student raised his arm and formed an [Earth Spear] made from Earth Magic, and he released it toward her.

Unfortunately, it was too late.

Wind Arrow!”

Leaffa lifted her finger. The bowstring was released, and the wind arrow flew in a high-speed projectile toward Leaffa’s challenger.


The arrow dispelled the earth magic, and keeping its speed, it blew off the Year 7 student.

In order to prevent the arrow from killing the person, Leaffa modified its tip into a blunt one that doesn’t have a high piercing capacity, but it blasts its target away at the moment of contact.

Leaffa’s attack did not disperse after blowing up her rival. 

A semi-transparent magic defense wall was set up around the arena to protect the spectators. However, the wall also burst, and the remaining four students were also blown away.

The five people struck the wall and remained unconscious, but their arms and legs were jerking. Obviously, they didn’t die.


Dead silence enveloped the whole stadium.

Many curious students and instructors came to watch the seventh-year seniors’ match against the rumored first-year students who had a classroom at the First Wall. Everyone was dumbfounded with how the events unfolded—the magical wall was destroyed. Moreover, five people were blown away by the magical attack.

Leaffa did try to accumulate a bit more magic, but she never expected that she would pierce the defense barrier. Thus, she stood there, flustered.

“When my students were fighting with the stone statues, I put up defensive barriers with all I had. You can’t expect the magic wall put up by those instructors around there to stop my students’ attacks.”

Tina suddenly spoke proudly from somewhere.

“U, Unacceptable!! Attacking from outside the stadium, that’s foul play!!”

A 50-year-old-looking professor with thinning hair rushed toward Tina. It was the class adviser of the loser bunch.

“Yes, it is foul play if the attack was from outside the arena, but not the other way around. First off, we did not consider personal magic would be able to break the barrier.”

The instructor-referee also came to stop the balding professor.

“More importantly, what do you plan to do now? If all the members cannot fight, then Tina’s class wins.”

The fallen students were carried out on stretchers. It may take time until they recover with healing magic.

“Sir Umpire, the students who fell were just cheering in that place! They are not in our lineup!”

“Eh, but if I’m not mistaken…”

The referee confirmed the master list of team members.

All of the guys who were brought out a while ago are included in the list. However──

“Edgar, come!”

Edgar, a student with a well-built body, approached sleepily to the teacher with the receding hairline.

“What’s up? I thought I wouldn’t have a turn?”

“Change of plans. Use all you have to beat them up.”

“Eh, wait, Edgar isn’t—”

“My class is fine. Let us continue.”

Tina expressed her desire to resume despite the referee’s attempt to stop the match.

“Hahaha, I don’t know what you’re misunderstanding, but you better be prepared.”

After spitting out those words, Baldy took Edgar and strode back toward their team’s position.

“Leaffa, it will not be suitable for you to fight Edgar. So, could you please abstain from the next round?”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

Leaffa listened obediently to Tina. She seemed to reflect on her going overboard.

“Leaffa, thank you for doing your best, your magical attack was splendid.”

“T, Thank you very much!”

Leaffa was over the moon from being praised by the legendary Hero among their race.

“The next one up is Ryuushin, please.”

“Alrighty! Is it okay for me to give it my all?”

“Of course. Give your best shot so you can also blow up that Thin-Haired Professor while you’re at it.”

I haven’t seen Tina this extreme toward others before. Maybe, she’s really infuriated with Sir Baldy.

Ryuushin went up the arena stage. Edgar went up lazily as well.

The remaining four students of their class began to chant spells, and Edgar’s whole body was shrouded in various Auras.

They seemed to be using Auxiliary Magic to strengthen Edgar from outside the arena. Upon closer inspection, I can also see magic overflowing from the professor, albeit inconspicuously to those around him.

“Is that okay?”

“Attacks from the outside are forbidden, but apparently, support is okay.”

“Hmmm… But the involvement of a teacher is definitely a taboo, right?”

“Halt-sama, good work noticing. Of course, we cannot just let this be.”

“Will you stop the match?”

“No, we’ll do the same. Luna.”

“Ye, yes!”

“Please use your auxiliary magic to support Ryuushin, and remember to pour all you have in doing so.”

“I understand!”


Alright, I’ll go ahead and say it.

We won—by a landslide.

Ryuushin, who received Luna’s full supportive magic, transformed his arm into a dragon and placed his full magical force on it. Edgar was thrown with great force, smashing the rehabilitated magic wall in the process. Furthermore, the four students and Teacher Baldy, who were standing behind Edgar, were also blown away.

Needless to say, those who were driven away did not get up afterward and were taken to the medical office.

 Thus, our class won our first battle ever, and we successfully defended our classroom.



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