I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 59

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


‘Its wing span looks to be around 5-6 meters…’

It really was an astonishing bird. However the most unique thing about it was that it didn’t have a body.

Or rather its whole frame was made up of those bluish white flames. After trying to appraise it this popped up…


Spirit Type Lv2981

HP 2140/2140

MP 8320/8320

Strength 1418

Defense 1265

Magic Defense 2547

Agility 6486

Dexterity 1080

Wisdom 18652

Luck 3284

A Spirit Type… it was a type of monster that I hadn’t seen up until now… While I was wondering what to do a number of people behind me took up stances as if preparing to attack it.

Even though they were all members of Suzaku, that didn’t mean all of them could use Aura. To those kind of members they apparently gave weapons made from Magic Steel.

The members each prepared their Magic Steel Spears, Bows, Short Swords and threw them at the Phoenix!

However not a single weapon managed to hit it, rather they all passed right through it. It was just as I had thought. Since it didn’t have a proper body, physical attacks wouldn’t work against it.

I could just use magic but it just felt kind of wrong using it here… While pondering what to do the Phoenix that was flying above us spread its wings wide and let out a loud scream as if trying to intimidate us!

‘Did it get angry because we threw spears at it?’

The Phoenix slowly started flapping its wings. From those wings, small blue flames started appearing on after another and began shooting towards us. The blue flames turned into rays of light and shot down with enormous speed!!

Upon touching the ground they exploded, enveloping the surroundings in flames!!Suzaku’s members suddenly grew frantic and started running around.

“Me and Ryu will take care of it! The others get back!!”

After shouting Wan and Ryu took their stances and focused their gazes towards the Phoenix that was descending at high speed!

‘No matter how strong she may be, physical attacks won’t work on it…’

Thinking that I decided to try and help out, however at that moment I saw Wan’s tonfas bringing down the Phoenix!!

Ryu, even though not as strong as Wan, also had his whole body and weapons covered in Aura. And the strikes he was letting off with his spear also worked on the Phoenix!

‘It’s seems like this Aura really does have the same properties as magic.’

There was a huge difference in levels, but it still worked to some degree.

Every time the Phoenix tried to get up, Wan would smack it down again with her tonfas, and after falling to the ground Ryu would proceed to hit it with his spear!

“Can they really do it?”

Just as I thought that the Phoenix exploded!! Wan and Ryu were knocked back by the explosion.

While we were trying to figure out what had just happened, the Phoenix once again took the skies, and from its wings once again started shooting out blue balls of flames towards us! The whole surroundings and Suzaku’s members were engulfed in the explosions!!

“Did it go mad with rage? I guess I can’t have it go wild any longer…”

I put up my right hand and focused power into it.

Gravity Press!!

In the next instant the Phoenix slammed into the ground! Even though it might not have a body, gravity still works on flames.

It was letting out cries of pain as it was trying to get up, however I had already decided that I would finish it.

I put both of my hands in front of my chest, and focused my power as if shrinking the surrounding space!

“Gravity Cube!!!”

Due to the intense gravity, the space around the Phoenix started distorting. While trying to let out it’s last words it’s flames completely disappeared.


A magic circle appeared beneath where the Phoenix had just been, and light shot towards the sky… I put out my right hand and looked at the tame list…

“Huh!? It failed!? How…”

‘Strange, why did it fail?’

At that moment, a small flick of light flew towards the sky… That small light then began to expand and once again turned into that blue Phoenix!!

“What the…!?”

I once again tried using Appraisal on it. After all I hadn’t checked it’s [Skills] last time…

Under the [Unique Skills] there were several listings. One of them caught my attention so I used Appraisal on it.

<Undying> UR

The owner isn’t able to die.

“What? It can’t die!?”

If I can’t defeat it, then that means that I also can’t Tame it.

‘What should I do…’

Currently I had no way to beat it, nor to capture it.

Look at the Phoenix high up in the skies, it felt like it was sneering at me.

Wan and Ryu were slowly walking towards me. It looks like they were able to avoid fatal wounds due to being covered by their Aura.

There were also a number of wounded amongst Suzaku’s members but none had died.

“Gojo… what happened with the bird?”

Wan while casting Healing Magic on herself asked me. It appears that she had taken considerable damage.

“It ran away. And chasing after it will be hard…”

“I see…”

With only the slight strength she had left Wan forced out those two words.

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  1. Can’t believe he actually waited till people got injured before he decided to do anything. “Using magic seems wrong here.” Ugh. Im hating too much on the mc i know, but cmon!

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