I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 58

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro


‘We’re fighting that with just these people!?’

No matter how you looked at it it was impossible… While thinking what to do Wan suddenly called out to me.

“Gojo! I know that you’re strong. Please lend us your strength I want to limit our casualties as much as possible. I’ll take care of that big one, I’m trusting you to take care of the others!”

It appears that Wan knew about my strength. And I couldn’t just stand still now that she had asked me for help…

“Okay. I’ll do what I can.”

Wan smiled at my answer, and afterwards headed towards the enormous tiger. The huge swarm of monsters was forming a black fog in front of our eyes. I could see the anxiety on everyone’s faces.

I headed forward and took the vanguard.

“Hey! Newbie, don’t go that forward!!”

One of the old guys that had talked to me before was yelling at me, however I just ignored him.



I believed in Gojo’s Strength. If he fought with everything he had, we might have even been able to get through this troublesome situation without a lot of casualties.

Was the thing I thought, however he went out all alone.

No matter how strong he may be, going against that pack alone is just suicide! Just as I was about to call out to stop him I saw something unbelievable.


Over a thousand magic beasts were flying in the air.

‘What the!? What happened…?’

Every monster that got close to Gojo would immediately be sent flying back from the place where it had come from!

The monsters that had been sent flying back would then collide with the monsters that were charging towards us! Seeing that thing unfold with thousands of monsters at once was really unbelievable.

I couldn’t figure out what exactly had happened… While I was pondering, something suddenly fell from from the sky in front of me.

The thing that fell was struggling, but it finally managed to get up. When it got up I realized that the thing that had fallen was the enormous tiger that was leading the pack just a moment ago.

It was looking towards me with an expression of shock that didn’t lose to mine one bit.


When the monsters got close I stopped time.

The world stopped, and the charging monsters stopped with it. Being a Monk I couldn’t go around randomly using magic. It wouldn’t fit my image after all…

I began punching and kicking the monsters one after another. After mastering the Martial Arts skill and becoming a Martial God I know knew exactly how to use my body and exactly how to punch in order to cause the most amount of damage.

Even though I hadn’t had any martial arts experience up until now, my body knew how to move on its own.

The fists and kicks I was delivering could one shot monsters below the Middle Rank, without even needing to be covered in Magic Steel.

I ran here and there, punching and kicking the monsters in the process! After clearing a number of monsters I stumbled upon the enormous tiger that Wan said she’d take care of.

‘I could just kill it here, but I guess it’s gonna be fine if I leave it to her…’

Still I was a bit worried so I decided to kick it with all I had just to be sure!! With that it would definitely be pretty tired afterwards.

After taking a bit breather I resumed time.


Suzaku’s members were dumbfounded when they saw that the flock of monsters that were just there had disappeared.

No one knew what had happened, however they noticed that there were still a lot of monsters coming from the other directions!

Even though the monster numbers had dwindled there were still a lot, so they couldn’t let down their guards! All of them prepared themselves and faced the incoming monster wave.


The monsters that were flying in the air began to fall down and slam in the ground one after another! All of the ones that fell were already dead.

“Did… did Gojo do this…?”

I still couldn’t comprehend what had happened, however now wasn’t the time to be thinking about that! In front of my eyes was the tiger that we had presumed was the BOSS.

I lowered my hips, rid myself of any unnecessary thoughts and began molding my Aura!  It began stretching, reaching up the tips of my tonfas. I took a big leap forward, and thrust my tonfas at the already exhausted tiger’s head with everything I had!!


After letting out a painful shriek it went into a frenzy! While strongly holding onto my tonfas in order not the thrown off, I let go of my right hand and concentrated my Aura on it! I didn’t miss the moment when the tiger’s movements became dull, and hit the tonfas with everything I had burying them even further inside the tiger’s head!!

Letting out a painful cry the tiger fell on the ground!!

After falling down it didn’t get up any more…

“I did it…”

I could see Vice Leader Ryu running towards me. It appears that they had taken care of the other monsters.

“Wan! Are you okay!?”

“Yea I’m fine! But don’t mind me, go and check if there are any wounded.”

‘The problem now is whether this tiger is really the BOSS or not…’

While thinking that I noticed that Gojo was standing near me.

“Gojo! Do you have a minute? Can you come and look at this.”


After being called out by Wan I went over there and saw that the enormous tiger had been defeated splendidly.

“Gojo what do you think?Is it the BOSS!?”

“Why are you asking me?”

Wan looked at me with a serious look on her face.

“I heard that the BOSS in Japan was defeated… Apparently it was taken down by a Magician that was working with the Self-Defense Forces. You’re probably one of the Self-Defense Force members that participated at that time aren’t you?”

The Suzaku members that had just now gathered in the surrounding were all looking at me.

“Well… you could call it that…”

She was wrong, but it would take a while to explain so I didn’t bother.

“Then that must mean that you’ve seen what a real BOSS looks like. So? Is this tiger the BOSS?”

“I don’t think so. The one that I saw was way stronger and had a way more menacing air around it.”

“So it’s really…”

Wan looked like she was pretty disappointed, but she probably also knew from the start that that thing wasn’t the BOSS…

“Hey Gojo! So you were one of the Self-Defense Forces that defeated the BOSS! Dude that’s amazing!!”

“That makes you our senior then! I’m sorry for acting the way I did before.”

The two strongly built men, Zhang and Li came up to me to apologize.

‘They’re probably nice people on the inside… But still those faces of theirs…’

“Wan! Two people have gone missing. We lost sight of them after the battle had already ended!!”

Hearing the information from Vice Leader Ryu, Wan immediately gave her orders.

“We’re going to find them! Get ready!!

Wan and the other members headed off to search for their missing companions. It was at the moment…

The sky shone with seven colors.

All of the people there, were immediately entranced by the sight of what looked like an aurora.

“What… is that…!?”

Wan said with an anxious voice.

Right in the middle of that light display, a ray of light could be seen slowly descending towards us. It was covered in blue flames, and while leisurely flapping its wings, it was looking towards us.

“So the reason the monsters were running was that thing…”

I knew exactly what that thing was called. That’s because I had seen in numerous times in mangas and anime! A great number of people called it a…


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  1. Oh no… the tiger wasn’t the true Boss after all. This Phoenix sounds like trouble.
    I wonder if fire extinguishers work on it…

  2. Haha, there it is a legendary creature, can’t wait to see what other legendary creatures the author will include!

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