I Became Peerless After I Threw my whole paycheck at a Real-life Gacha

I Became Peerless After I Threw my Whole Paycheck at a Real-Life Gacha Chapter 57

Translator: Jiro

Editor: Totoro

The Mutant Organization

Paektu Mountain ・ Jilin Province

31 members of Suzaku were standing at the foot of Paektu Mountain. Within China this area was known to have a high cluster of Magic Particles, and was also speculated that the BOSS might be somewhere here.

Up until now there were several investigations, however they were still to find any traces. And due to the high cluster of Magic Particles strong monsters would usually appear, which would lead to the investigations having a number of casualties each time.

In this time’s expedition group however in the far back there was Gojo…


“Hey newbie! You’re not exhausted now are you!?”

“I heard you came from Japan. Don’t tell me you feel like going back already?”

Were some of the things the male members of the group were saying to me. Both of their frames looked bigger than mine… And they also looked to be in their thirties.

“I’m fine. I’m built strong you see.”

“With that body of yours? Really… Don’t worry, if the monsters attack we’ll take care of them. You just hide somewhere and try not to get yourself killed!”

I used Appraisal on the old men that were cheerfully laughing amongst themselves.

Zhang Jing

Fighter Lv48

HP 382/382

MP 18/18

Strength 310

Defense 255

Magic Defense 43

Agility 412

Dexterity 58

Wisdom 29

Luck 33

[Class Skills]

Martial Arts Rank C


Agility Increase (II)

Li Haoyu

Knight Lv64

HP 506/506

MP 8/8

Strength 466

Defense 302

Magic Defense 60

Agility 145

Dexterity 85

Wisdom 42

Luck 38

[Class Skills]

Swordsmanship Rank D


Strength Increase (III)

‘A Fighter and a Knight… For just having only one skill their stats are relatively high…’

Since coming to China I had appraised a lot of people, but all of them had a better stat growth than me, who was using the Class Slates in order to change Classes.

I guess Class Slates gave me just the bare minimum of stats growth and magic attainable by that specific Class…

Well the Class Slates themselves could be classified as a kind of doping, so it was fine…

‘Well then… 10… 20… 30 huh?’

There were a number of reactions on my Hostility Detection signifying that monsters were getting closer.

It was the perfect opportunity to test out the strength of this so called Mutant Organization.

From all four directions rabbit and monkey like monsters suddenly jumped at us! Suzaku’s members without panicking, skilfully formed a circle formation and prepared to receive the monster’s attack. Each person had entrusted his back to his team mates and there were no gaps in their formation, allowing them to cover all four directions.

They showed no unnecessary movements.

Since this was my first time here they put me in the middle of the circle so as to protect me.

All of the monsters attacked at once! The old men that had called out to me before, we working in sync with each other attacking the monsters one after another. The Knight Li would split one of the monkey monsters with his greatsword, drawing the attention of the other monsters towards him. While the Fighter Jing would get in close and strike them with a barrage of attacks, sending them to their graves!!

‘I see… So they weren’t all talk.’

The most one however was Wan Xin Yi. Using the least amount of movement necessary and skilfully wielding her metal tonfas, she was killing monster after monster.

The most surprising thing was that her tonfas were made from ordinary metal, not mithril. Even so she still managed to kill most monsters with just one strike!!

When I looked closely I noticed that the Aura coming off of her, wasn’t just covering her whole body, but it also covered her tonfas as well.

Due to that the regular metal tonfas, were able to cause damage way higher than any other weapon made with mithril, and were also almost indestructible.

I tried copying it with the Imitation but I failed. It was probably because it required a huge amount of skill in order to be able to use it.

The group killed the numerous monsters in just plain minutes.

‘The Mutant Organization Suzaku… It’s no surprise that their name is famous around the world.’

“Is anyone hurt? Check yourselves for any damages!!”

Wan ordered the group, while the Vice Leader Ryu followed up. I felt like this really was a good team. However a certain accident happened right after…

“What’s going on…?”

The ground began shaking slightly and slight sounds could be heard from the distance. At first everyone thought that it had been an earthquake, however we were wrong. The sounds gradually became louder and we at last noticed that something was drawing closer.

One person opened his mouth…

“It’s a monster stampede!!!”

Several tens of thousands of monsters were running towards us! It appears that they called a huge moving cluster of monsters a monster stampede.

The way they were coming towards us almost felt like they were running away from something…

“We cannot deal with these numbers. We’re retreating!!”

Wan ordered everyone.


A member of the group was looking at the monsters using a binoculars.

“There’s a huge tiger amongst them! Maybe that one’s the BOSS!!”


Wan immediately snatched the binoculars from that member and looked towards that tiger.

“It’s true that this is the first time I’ve seen that one…”

After thinking for a bit Wan gave a new order.

“If that thing really is the BOSS, then we have no other choice but to stop it here!! I’ll be one that will take care of it. I’m entrusting the other monsters to you! Open the way for me!!”

The group became engulfed in a kind tension that they hadn’t felt up until now.

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    1. I disagree. This is a novel and not a game. It’s not all just about the protagonist power-tripping. That kind of story isn’t interesting enough for me and there are hundreds of such stories out there, so there is really no need for this one to follow suit.
      Also, it’s not as if he had trouble gaining experience points so far.

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