Level 1 Strongest Sage

Level 1 Strongest Sage ~Volume 2 – Chapter 8

Translator: Kyat Kyat

Editor: Pierrot

Purpose in This World

“Immediately after the Demon King is vanquished, the Heroes return to their own world. That’s why many of them don’t attach any importance to the things and persons in this world, since they can’t bring these back with them. I thought he would also be the same, so it was unexpected that he reciprocated my feelings.”

Tina smiled broadly as she recalled the past.

“So that guy became your sweetheart?”

“Yes, after many twists and turns, I finally succeeded in making us mutually in love. Since then, we embarked on adventures together, and those days are still the best memories I have until now. But that period of happiness came to an end when the Heroes conquered the Demon King.”

Sadness seeped into Tina’s voice.

“Couldn’t the Hero choose to remain in this world?”

“He tried several methods. Unfortunately, none of them worked.”

Apparently, it’s mandatory for them to return as soon as the Demon King is defeated.

Tina took off the pendant and placed it on the table.

“He made this protective amulet and infused it with his special magic. This pendant is the last thing he left before he vanished, and it is my one and only treasure.”

Though the spell can only be used once, the pendant’s owner is guaranteed absolute protection. Such an invaluable magical tool, laden with Tina’s special thoughts, was wasted—and enormous guilt gnawed on me as I think about it.

“Now, this is the true reason why I love Halt-sama. I believe Halt-sama is the reincarnation of that Hero.”


No, that can’t be!

I—as Halt—am the reincarnation of Saijō Haruto, and I—as Haruto—never came to this world as a Hero.

“On a certain day ten years ago, I felt the magical power of that person come into this world again, and a newborn child possessed it.”

“Was that me?”

“That’s right. Even if I’m like this, my magic detection ability is excellent, and I will never be mistaken when it comes to his magic. That’s why I searched for that baby, and when I finally tracked him down, I found out he is the son of the Count. I negotiated with his parents to allow me to be his attendant.”

I’m worried about how to tell Tina that I’m another person. But I get this feeling that now is the right time to do so.

“Tina, I’m really sorry but I—“

“Am not that Hero. Is that it?”

“You knew…”

“Yes. 5 years ago, I immediately felt that someone else reincarnated in Halt-sama’s body. I wished that it was finally the person that I had been waiting for… However… You are that someone else, right?”

“Yeah, you got it right. I’m a reincarnated person. Unfortunately, I do not have any recollection of coming to this world before, much less embarking in adventures together with Tina.”

“I see… Yes… Yes, that’s true. If it was that person, at the moment of reincarnation, he would have said something to me.”


“There’s no need for your apology, Halt-sama. To tell you the truth, I felt depressed at first. 

“Why was it not him? I thought. 

“However, as I looked at how Halt-sama is striving so hard every day, I couldn’t help but see a shadow of him overlapping with your image as you trained with all your might.”

Then I was hugged by Tina. The scent enveloping me smells so nice.

“I was constantly watching you, Halt-sama. Before, I wished he was the one who reincarnated. But now, I’m looking at you properly, Halt-sama.”

“You’re fine with me?”

“Halt-sama, I like you as you are.”

Because of Tina’s words, I made my resolve.

“Tina. I’ll become stronger. I’ll surpass that true Hero. I’ll protect this world and Tina. I may have broken your [Absolute Protection] pendant, but I’ll become an [Absolute Protection] shield that will never be shattered and guard everyone.”


“That’s why, Tina, would you like to be with me from now on?”

“Ye, yes! We’ll always be together!”

I finally have a purpose in this world.

I will be stronger—even more powerful than those reborn Heroes who have cheat-skills! 

 Just like the Hero Tina loved, I will become mighty, and I’ll protect Tina and this world.

Though I am cursed and can’t raise my level, I can do tons of things.

I’ll have the power to become a world-renowned Sage.

I’ll aim to become the strongest Level-1 Sage.

And with that, I want to be Tina’s hero!


When I woke up, Tina wasn’t there beside me.

“Good morning, Halt-sama.”

I just thought about Tina, and she already opened the door and stepped into the bedroom.

“Breakfast is ready.”

“Yeah, I’ll go now.”

 “Is it okay, Halt-sama?”


Tina drew her face to me.

I felt something super soft touch my lips.


I stared at Tina—her cheeks were blushing.

“I might be an incompetent person, but please take care of me from now on, my Hero.”

Leaving those words, Tina rushed out of the room.


I kissed Tina.

Her lips were very soft.

Her close-up face was really lovely.

Even her shy demeanor is cute.

I renewed my resolve to become Tina’s protector.



  1. Imaginary plot twist: The heroes’ memories get wiped when they return to their world, and her ‘beloved’ was Haruto.

  2. Keep in mind that it was noted in a previous chapter that although he is 10 his body is the same as that of a 15 or 16 year old. With the reasoning that humans develop faster.

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